Chapter 46

When the police came to the door, Gao Meiling was cooking at home. She was divorce and single, her children were awarded to her ex-husband, and she lives alone in a large luxurious house but the whole room was permeated with gloom.

Opening the door, she saw the police outside the door and made her froze.

The two police were also stunned, at first when they saw that the instigator lived in such a luxurious place they thought that behind the door should be a well-bred rich wife. But the woman standing at the door at the moment was too thin, because she was too thin her cheekbones were more prominent making her cheeks more sunken and the whole face was full of aggressive mean.

After the police officer flashed his ID and stated his opinion, he took out Sheng Qiao’s photo and asked if she recognized her.

How could she not have recognized, she was the one who turned everything to dust.

Because of her, she was fired from the company and branded notorious. Everyone avoided her in the circle of agents, and even her friends alienated her.

She was like a rat that couldn’t see the light, earing the old money squeezed from Sheng Qiao over the years, unable to find a new job and not wanting to start a new social life.

The entertainment news was reporting Sheng Qiao’s news every day, leaving herself. She seems to be getting more and more popular.

She counted the number of fans Sheng Qiao had every day and for every one that rose, her hatred for Sheng Qiao increased by one. The more popular she was the more she hates. She has been waiting for a chance to pull her back to hell from the heights and let her fall to the fan broken bones and never to live again.

But she was still planning, she haven’t even started acting yet so how could the police come to her now?

It was not until the police took out the photos of the car tire and the dead cat that Gao Meiling knew what was going on.

It took nearly half an hour of questioning before the police finally left, Gao Meiling locked the door pulled the curtains and could not wait to dial a phone number in her phone.

It took three calls before there was someone on the other end, an impatient voice.

“What are you trying to do again?”

Gao Meiling said in a cold voice.

“That incident with Sheng Qiao, did you do it?”

“What is it? Crap don’t slander me.”

“Yue Shuyan! I told you not to act rashly! What’s the use of these little ticks? It’s like tickling for her!”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while and then suddenly became violent.

“What the fuck do you care what I do! Listen to you? I just want to kill her! You’re no fucking use, if you hadn’t exposed the video of the hotel and asked me to send a weibo I wouldn’t have been hidden by the company, I can’t even receive an event now!”

“Blame it on your fans, if not for her sneaking a video Sheng Qiao will never be cleared. I’m telling you Yue Shuyan it’s easy for you to be found out, do you think you don’t have to go to jail? Do you think the police can’t investigate you? How easy is to die. If you die a hundred time, it’s not cheap for her? You want revenge, don’t kill her but destroy her.”

“Destroy? How? You fucking ruin it, I’ve waited so long. You fucking ruin it!”

“It takes timing. I’m warning you, you don’t mess around and startle the snake. And send any death threats, it will only make her vigilant and my plan now can only be put on hold!”

No one spoke on the other end of the phone for a while, only after a few minutes did an unfamiliar laughter came out.

“Yo, so there’s a better over here.”

Gao Meiling said alertly.

“Who is talking? Yue Shuyan, who are you with?”

“Brother Lu.”

“Lu….is the son of Director Lu Pingzhong? The one who was scolded by Sheng Qiao for plagiarism in Starlight Junior?”

Gao Meiling finally reacted and it turned out that Yue Shuyan had reapproached him.

Two arrogant and domineering boys who share common hatred. No wonder the means of revenge were so direct but they were not smart.

Gao Meiling gave a laugh.

“Young Master Lu, how can you learn from him? It’s not worth carrying the crime f murder for the sake of a mere Sheng Qiao.”

“This kid is full of bad ideas, this morning there are police who came by my house. The good things is that there is nothing left to investigate from me. Sister Gao, I’ve heard a lot about you, you just said you were bidding your time, why don’t we talk?”



The following week, Sheng Qiao didn’t receive any express. Everything was normal and no one knocked at the door in the middle of night to kill.

Everything seems to be back to normal.

It was soon the day of the recording of “Starlight Junior” again. Bei Mingfan drove his own car to pick her up and before he left he also had his car serviced at the repair in front of his own neighborhood to make sure it was safe.

Then Fang Bai and Ding Jian escorted her to the car left and right, and never left her when she arrived at the show recording site. The two bodyguards called by Bei Mingfan was in the garage and guarded the car.

Fortunately the audience had to go through security inspection when entering the site and neither liquid nor knives were allowed. Fang Bai also lurked in the audience and squatted on the row of chairs behind Sheng Qiao, vigilant at any time.

After recording the nerve wracking program, the bodyguard reported that no one was near the car. Several people sent Sheng Qiao home. The next morning Sheng Qiao received a call from the police station and said that the investigation result had come out.

It was the other party who voluntary surrendered.

It’s a guy in his twenties with tattoos all over his body, he said he was not a fan of anyone and just hate Sheng Qiao and that he despised the female star so he wanted to scare her. The black cat was a dead cat he picked up on the roadside, he didn’t kill he just disposed of the body.

Finally the police authorities sanctioned him with ten day jail sentence and a fine of five hundren yuan of punitive acts.

Sheng Qiao expressed doubts about the investigation results, and the police were helpless.

“Miss Sheng Qiao this wee we investigated the suspects you provided, there is really no evidence to show that they did it, and you were not physically harmed. Since the assailant has surrendered, we will definitely deal with it impartially.”

After hanging up the phone, Fang Bai roared.

“This is the end? Just 10 days in jail? We almost got killed by him, okay?”

Ding Jiang looked up the domestic law of public security management and sighed.

“The law stipulates that there is no way. But it’s better if the other party turns himself in, saving the people who were in the edge every day.”

Sheng Qiao held the phone silently, and feels that this matter was not simple.

She called Bei Mingfan to tell him the results of the police investigation and asked him how his investigation were.

“Yue Su\huyan and Lu Li those two boys are recently abroad, the supervisor was suspended and went back home to the countryside. Gao Meiling has long stopped interacting with people in the circle, really did not find out anything.”

Sheng Qiao thought about it,

“Then re-check from the assailant who turned himself in. See what he has recently contacted, what he used to do.  I always feel that he is a topper, there are people behind.”

Bei Mingfan said.

“Okay, don’t worry.”

After a while he said,

“By the way, the variety show you took when you were still in Xingyao will be broadcasted tonight. You can promote it tonight on your Weibo.”

Sheng Qiao answered. After hanging up, she logged in the weibo. Sure enough, she saw the program group of the travel challenge sent tonight’s notice and @ her.

The show previously bullied her because of Xingyao, and now that she’s out of contract with Xingyao plus her popularity was soaring they want to please her. The preview copy was basically written around her, the poster was placed in position C and even the two minute preview has a minute and half cut from her shoots.

The show’s teaser Weibo only had a few hundred forwards but after Sheng Qiao promoted it the number grew by more than a thousand every minute. The first time the show was included in the “killer schedule”, the fans knew that show was going to be broadcasted tonight.

Our Qiao Qiao was almost killed by this variety show and now its going to air, we have to get the ratings up and not let Qiao Qiao’s hard work go to waste.

So Sheng Qiao fans worked hard to promote the show and soon put the entry of “Sheng Qiao killing variety show broadcast” on the hot search. Netizens now have a good impression of Sheng Qiao so they went ahead and click and watched the trailer on the official site. Sheng Qiao was scared and screamed seeing the female ghost in red at the haunted house, but the sound was muted leaving only a string of “beep—”

Everyone was curious, was it because she was scared that she swears so much that she was muted?

By eight o’clock the show was online.

The number of viewers this time soared like a rocket, despite the fact that it was always ranked at the bottom of the ratings among the other variety show. As soon as the scene opens, it was the image of a plane landing.

There was a figure of a person dragging a suitcase walking in the airport, the subtitles captioned: After a long flight of fourteen hours, the guests of this period finally arrived. Let’s look forward who she is.

Pops up was soon lively:

[It’s the rainbow fart fairy.]

[It’s our little fairy Qiao Qiao!]

[A fairy who comes on a rainbow bridge!]


This scene was made up by the program team looking for a double, Ding Jian and Fang Bai were also watching with their ipad. Fang Bai said angrily.

“Shameless, really shameless. At that time they hated Sister Qiao to death and now they actually use this way to please us. I will never forgive them! Hump!”

The scene cuts to a dimly lit room where Sheng Qiao was woken up, revealing a sleepy little face and the time was typed on the caption: [5:00AM]

The fans were distressed.

[She slept for less than two hours! My heart aches for my baby!]

[No wonder she was so tired after filming the show back home.]

[But she didn’t even lose her temper, she’s so gentle]

[Whoever wakes me up at that time, I’ll blow his head off]

[Just woke up, her talking voice is so soft and delicate ah I want to kiss her.]

[No kissing my wife!]

[Who gave you the face above commenter, that’s my wife!]

[Go away! You men! This is my husband!]


The program’s footage basically revolves around Sheng Qiao, especially after the separate task. Most of the air time was given to Sheng Qiao so her partner was also shown a lot of times.

In fact, the routine of this variety show was very vulgar. It has long been ignored by ordinary guests but Sheng Qiao’s performance was really unexpected, even though she was very tired she works hard and complete the task.

She was just….giving a positive and full energy.

Then all the way to the amusement park when Pei Yu asked to exchange the task cards with her, a harmonious pop-up finally cursed up.

[Crap this internet celebrity is sick, she is also afraid of heights who she also wants to exchange with Qiao Qiao.]

[Our Qiao Qiao is afraid of ghost ah! Ahhhh really too much]

[The female ghost in red falling from the sky in preview makes me feel terrible. How scared Qiao Qiao should be to see it with her own eyes]

[Internet celebrity Weibo guide: Pei Yu little angel, no thanks]

[Angel, she’s paralyze, god’s shit, ugly and rotten]

[She also said she was the most beautiful witch, what a farce.]

[It maybe a fowl in mahjong.]

[Hahaha, it’s burnt]



Fang Bai relayed the pop-up comments in real time to Sheng Qiao, while the latter was still shopping on Taobao with her phone. After listening to Fang Bai’s words she frowned and reproached the support group and @ the management:

[Tell everyone in the various fans group not to go to Pei Yu’s weibo and message attack. It’s just a variety show, it’s all for the effect of the program. Be rational. Xiao Wang keep an eye on it, if someone deliberately bring rhythm to scold Pei Yu it will be marked black.]

Several administrations responded.

The show continued and came the audience’s most anticipated haunted house segment. Before in the cohabitation live Sheng Qiao fear of ghost was revealed a little giving the audience small clues, now seeing her in the haunted house with her head down and a nervous look confirmed her fear at this point.

It turned out that Sheng Qiao who was upright and straightforward was not afraid of hardship and fatigue but she was afraid of ghost.

Hahahaha, what a contrast ah!

When the long legged PD shouted the words “is that the task scroll” many of the audience who were also afraid of ghost raised their hands to cover their eyes but they couldn’t help themselves and peeked through their fingers.

The follow up video behind her recorded the whole process of the female ghost falling from the sky.

The audience was so frightened that they lost their voices and screamed but Sheng Qiao in the video was frozen as if she had been stunned. They all have the same thoughts in their hearts: scared too silly?

Then they saw Sheng Qiao push the female ghost away and run wildly with the swift thunderbolt like movement she stole the bell while running and with almost crying voice she shouted loudly and forcefully.

“Prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendliness…”

The audience who were brushing the twenty four words of true protection on the pop-up screen, paused.

Who was it that shouts out their pop-ups?


Upon reaction, all the viewers watching the scene all laughed out loud at the same time with a pig squeal.

Fang Bai and Ding Jiang on the sidelines watching were also laughing and was already out of breath.

The segment quickly exploded on the internet.

This night was destined to be a night full of socialist atmosphere.

This night, the core socialist values echoed in the minds of every netizen.

This night, the number of Sheng Qiao’s weibo follower soared by five million.

As they all know, there was a female star and her name was Sheng Qiao. When she was afraif of ghost she would recite the core socialist value and her word was good.

Netizen shouted: Xiao Qiao just because you have the party in mind at all time, the central government will also support you! Got the duck!

It didn’t take long for the party media to repost this post.

–Little comrade’s awareness is very high and is praiseworthy, cheers.



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