Unspeakable 18


Chapter 18

When Tang Xiu arrived at the apartment, Gu Yansheng felt that Sheng Kanyu was almost burnt. The whole person was unconscious and was at the mercy of others.

Tang Xiu took the thermometer handed by Gu Yansheng, squinted and took look at it and sucked in a breath of cold air.

“39.8 degrees, I’m convinced. Even under the same roof you can still let your wife burn like this, he will really become a small dried fish, okay.”

Gu Yansheng felt wrongful.

“I was not paying attention, you hurry and check on him.”

Tang Xiu pulled out a pile of utensils from the medicine box and made a preliminary inspection on Shen Kanyu. Originally everything was going very fast but when listening to the heartbeat he stopped in general. Frowning he listened again and tried other places repeatedly.

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Yanshen somewhat could not look at Tang Xiu touching around Shen Kanyu’s chest like this.

Tang Xiu withdrew his hand and said.

“You help him up, move slowly and gently. It’s hard to move when you have a high fever of 39.8 degrees, although he doesn’t cry or make noise he was just bearing it. He’s your wife, not a real fish.”

Gu Yansheng helped him up according to Tang Xiu’s instruction. Shen Kanyu seemed to be hurt as he slightly curled up and his dry lips trembled. He seemed to want to bite but he didn’t even have the strength to bite so he couldn’t help but uttered a subtle groan.

Gu Yansheng blankly frowned at Tang Xiu for help.

“I’m very gently, why is he still uncomfortable?”

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes in anger.

“Put a pillow on your back ah! You just let him hang like this? Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

Gu Yansheng said “Oh,” and silently do as he said.

Tang Xiu listened to Sheng Kanyu on his back for a while. He took his stethoscope and seriously asked Gu Yansheng.

“Is there any problem with his heart?”


Gu Yansheng subconsciously replied.

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and stared at him.

Gu Yansheng swallowed.

“….I’m not sure.”

“Looking at your stupid face, you can’t understand all those technical terms so I’ll tell you directly I think Xiao Yu has heart problems. He may have myocarditis and it’s not doing well, now I don’t know what has evolved into more serious problem.”

Said Tang Xiu, taking out the injection from the medicine box.

“I’m a doctor in gastroenterology so I don’t know much about heart problems. Give him medicine that doesn’t stimulate the heart, then take him to have a look when you have time.”

Tang Xiu talked for a long time, when he turned around he found that Gu Yansheng was meticulously adjusting the position of the ice bag on Shen Kanyu. And it seemed that he didn’t hear what he was saying.

Tang Xiu sighed, he then inserted the infusion bottle, released the air in the syringe and instructed.

“You squeezed his wrist…. the left hand, the right hand still has to be used.”

Gu Yansheng took Sheng Kanyu’s left hand out of the quilt then frowned.

“His left hand seems to have a bone twisted or broken.”


Tang Xiu bent down and took a look.

“….dang, was this run over by something?”

He could only inject the needle in Shen Kanyu’s right hand and go around to the other side, holding Sheng Kanyu’s left hand he glances at Gu Yansheng as he gently rotates his fingers and coax him with a gentle tone.

“Xiao Yu, it’s brother A’Xiu let me see if the bone is broken. Don’t be afraid.”

It seems that the bone was really broken because when Tang Xiu tried to inspect his hand Shen Kanyu’s eyelashes suddenly trembled and wrinkled his eyebrows as he sobbed hoarsely.

Gu Yansheng ‘s brows also followed the frowned, wanting to pull of Tang Xiu’s hand.

“You, gently.”

Tang Xiu ignored him and continued to turn the other finger and said,

“There must be a broken bone in the ring finger, the others should be just sprained.”

Thinking of Sheng Kanyu using his injured hand to lift heavy things and even make a sumptuous dinner, Gu Yansheng sucked in a cold breath.

“Can this still be cured?”

“How should I know? I cure stomach disease, young master. I really can’t do anything about broken bones or muscles. Take him to have a look when the fever subsides.”

Tang Xiu shrugged helplessly and went aside to pack his medicine box.

When he finished cleaning up, he saw Gu Yansheng sitting by the bed. He didn’t know what he was dazing about, carrying his medicine box he walked over and slapped him on the forehead.

The force was not strong but it still made Gu Yansheng felt pain.

“What are you doing?”

Tang Xiu sneered.

“What are you doing? Beating you, come out with me.”

As soon as the two arrived in the living room, Tang Xiu began to complain about Gu Yansheng.

“Tell me, you have a face like Uncle Gu Yun so why can’t you learn a little bit of his emotional intelligence? Do you know how charmed my mother at first? Look at yourself, I don’t know what Xiao Yu likes about you, do you yourself like your coldness, blindness and deafness?”

Gu Yansheng listened sullenly, not refuting nor responding. Since childhood, whenever Tang Xiu scolded him, he would never dare to answer back, simple because he couldn’t speak at all and at the end he would only be scolded more.

In fact, he really wanted to talk back: you also look exactly like Uncle Yan Zhi, but he never scolded anyone. Why do you scold me every now and then, and even beat me.

“Don’t be silent, I won’t let you go even if you don’t. come on, what do you really want?”

Tang Xiu sat on the sofa and crossed his legs.

“Still thinking of renewing your relationship with that Su Tong in your heart?”

Gu Yansheng replied in a disciplined manner.

“He is getting married.”

Tang Xiu snickered,

“Marriage will stop you from renewing your relationship with him? I don’t know that kind of virtue you have? Just say whether you want to or not.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Don’t want to?”

Tang Xiu sneered and picked up the pillow on the sofa and threw it over.

“Don’t want to, then why do you still bully Xiao Yu like this?”

Gu Yansheng subconsciously dodge.

“How dare you dodge?”

Tang Xiu jumped up in anger and raised his hand to hit his forehead again.

Gu Yansheng helplessly stopped in place and did not dodge as he ready himself to this slap from him and let Tang Xiu finished his venting before sighing and said softly.

“I want to live a good life with Shen Kanyu.”

“You’re talking rubbish again, you did the same thing when you married Xiao Yu.”

“Some of the things he did back then were too much, and I….”

“Too much? What do you mean by too much?”

Tang Xiu directly interrupted him.

“It was not too much for you get entangled with Su Tong, but instead it was too much for him to be jealous and have a little temper, isn’t it? Gu Yansheng I tell you, if you bite your teeth and tell me you don’t know what marriage life is I have nothing to say about that and how you bully Xiao Yu but now that you are married. I don’t care what difficulties you have, if you marry him, he’s already your wife and what’s a wife? Is to be held in the heart to love and spoil like a baby! He has given you a child, a cute and smart little girl. Can ordinary people give birth to such a lovely and clever little girl? What’s wrong with a little temper, if he wants the moon in the sky you have to pick it for him!”

Gu Yansheng opened his mouth, but was speechless.

Tang Xiu yelled again.

“Did you hear?!”

Gu Yansheng hurriedly nodded his head.

Seeing that he had scolded him enough, he satisfyingly tones down his tone.

“When he just got an injection, I don’t know if you heard it. Xiao Yu called his mother a few times, he was homesick. You know? He would be homesick if he was wronged. Do you understand? Who is not a little baby in the hands of his parents? He wants to come to you to suffer.”


Gu Yansheng just opened his mouth to say a word when Tang Xiu glared at him again, he choked and asked.

“Can I talk?”

Tang Xiu raised his hand.


“Actually, he made a lot of trouble, I don’t think it’s a big deal but that time…he put Su Tong in a barrel, I told you about, right?”

Gu Yansheng remembered that memory, and still felt a chill at the bottom of his heart. He was silent for a while before he spoke again.

“That time… I really didn’t expect him to be like this. He almost killed Su Tong, if Su Tong hadn’t been tolerant and chose to calm things down and he was pregnant with a child he would have not escaped legal sanctions.”

Tang Xiu propped his chin, and dropped his eyelashes to listen to him without making a sound.

Gu Yansheng felt his mouth dry and had a hard time talking. He picked up the glass on the table and drank. He said slowly in a deep voice.

“I didn’t expect that his obsession with me was so deep that he could hurt others and it was life threatening. I was thinking, it’s better to let him die completely or wait for him to change.”

Tang Xiu raised his eyebrows.

“You chose to wait for him to change his ways?”

“Hmm. After Tian Tian was born, he told me that he would change. It’s also true that he hasn’t done anything excessive for so long so I thought that maybe I could really live a good life with him.”

Tang Xiu grabbed the focus, sat straight and stared at Gu Yansheng’s eyes as he said clearly.

“That is to say, you do not like him until now. You just think that this marriage is a responsibility, so you can leave if you don’t like it, right?”

Gu Yansheng thought about it and nodded gently.


Tang Xiu rubbed his temples and gave a toothache-like tsk.

“I also received an invitation from Su Tong. You honestly tell me, have you always hated the fact that Xiao Yu beat mandarin ducks and forced you to marry him? Even if you don’t say it, you still have an obsession in Su Tong in your heart so until you receive his invitation, you feel like dying only then you are willing to say words like live a good life with Xiao Yu without a burden?”

Gu Yansheng was silent for a while before he nodded again and said with some difficulty.

“I think, this matter should really just let it pass by.”

Tang Xiu was angry again and wanted to hit him again but he couldn’t bear to see him waiting to be beaten with his eyebrows and eyes down.

Gu Yansheng liking Su Tong, he was the one who knows this best. Usually, it was difficult for him to open his mouth and call out to his brother but after he found out that he likes Su Tong, this kid’s mouth was as sweet as honey.

Obviously at that time he was already living abroad, but he would call to overseas and every once in a while talk a lot about Su Tong.

“Brother, I really like him, don’t tell my parents, they said I can’t like anyone else until I graduate.”

“Your father and mother are really toxic. Are dad and Uncle Gu really blood brothers? So pedantic, were they swapped?”

“Brother, you have chased so many girls, can you tell me how to chase Su Tong?”

“You talk to me, what do you mean I chase so many girls? They chase me, thank you.”

“Brother! He said he likes me too, and I get so excited just thinking about being with him in the future that I can’t sleep, like I can stop eating, have you ever felt that way?

“No, it’s only for little kids.”



Tang Xiu felt that he has nothing more to say,

“You are both unlucky, one was beaten with a stick and the other one had a single love for ten years but it didn’t bloom. But you should also be glad, even though you are clumsy and look stupid in taking care of people, Xiao Yu still can bear with you. If it was the noble Su Tong you would have been kicked out into the Pacific Ocean to feed sharks.”

Gu Yansheng: “…”

He picked up his medical kit.

“Then you two have a good life ah, do not bully Xiao Yu. If you know your mistake, change it. It’s better for Xiao Yu. I’ll go back to bed and remember to invite me to dinner when I’m free.”

Gu Yansheng didn’t understand why Tang Xiu didn’t slap him and was stunned for a few second before he stood up and said “Oh” sound.

“I’ll send you.”

Tang Xiu turned back and slapped him.

“Send me, what a fart. You have no conscience you dog man, go back to your wife. In case tomorrow morning if the fever has not gone down, remember to call me.”

For some reason, Gu Yansheng felt at ease with this slap as he rubbed the beaten place twice and smiled gently at Tang Xiu.

“Got it.”

When he smiled, Tang Xiu seemed to know why Sheng Kanyu has not given up on Gu Yansheng for so many years.

The little bastard really look good with a smile, the face of a big star that look so much like Gu Yu, who’s beauty could not be covered and who usually has a straight face and when he raised his lips to you it’s like an iceberg directly into a bowl of hot sweet soup and couldn’t control on liking him.

Not to mention, Xiao Yu who look silly and seems like he don’t know anything.



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