Chapter 45

Everyone was talking and bouncing back to their seats.

A few children who were crying because they were separated from their parents were also pulled to their seats by the tutors and coaxed with toys.

“If you change your mind, I can help you with your homework later.”

Xiao Pang pier before leaving with his arms on his hips as he hummed.

Ye Xun’s grape like black eyes narrowed as he silently left him an ass.

Xiao Pang’s little bun face suddenly get angry.

“You don’t have a father, I still want you to copy my homework but if you don’t want it then forget it!”

And as they spoke, Ye Xun’s non dormant phone in his small schoolbag suddenly flashed countless comments.

[What’s happening? I finally got into my little baby’s room again? Flowers!]

[Nima, search the room name two hundred time and I finally heard the little baby’s voice again!]

[What the hell happened to this platform yesterday? I called customer service and they told me that there was no problem and suggested that I browse other hosts’ shows, which pissed me off I didn’t hear the baby’s voice all night?]

[Front of the line, you’re not alone. I swiped my own attention list dozens of times last night and almost thought I had Alzheimer’s and forgot to bookmark the baby’s room.]

[What’s wrong with this platform? Where is the promised ‘pay attention and don’t get lost’? it’s a lie!]

[The next time I do this, I’m going to complain about this shitty platform! I was afraid last night that my little baby would be sad and couldn’t sleep so I worried all night.]

[Those who swear wait first. Don’t say rude words in the baby’s room. Pay attention to the wording.]

[Sad that I didn’t see the cute back of the little baby doing morning exercises.]

[Yeah, did you hear that? There’s a little kid who’s bullying our pretty girl’s little baby!]

[Online question, what should I do when I witness my cloud-raised baby being bulled. I’m a little cranky right now! What is this little kid saying? You’ve got dad!]

[Disastrous, a little young even extorted my cloud of chicken which I can report? Where is the customer service!]

A series of comments flew by!

And soon, the voice of the young female teacher rang out.

“Do you still remember the homework assigned by the teacher yesterday? Which little one will be brave enough to share his father’s heroic deeds with the class?]

In a flash, the phone screen blew up.

In an instant the mobile phone screen burst.

[I have amnesia? Just now in front of the school the child’s mother said the homework is to do craft?]

[Same question, I also remember it was handmade, nothing was mentioned about dad.]

[Emma, my temper is coming up again. Why does the kindergarten teacher have such homework? Don’t you know that there is a family without father? Deliberately poke my baby’s heart!?]

[Speechless. No wonder the little guy asked him mom yesterday if his dad was a bad guy…ah, it’s all the pot of this homework!]

[So this little guy didn’t tell him mom about this assignment yesterday? Does anyone know what happened before last night?]

[Hey, dad’s heroic deeds. How can he answer oh, I’m so anxious I’m dying!]

[Just because he knows he doesn’t have a dad and yesterday he was bullied by a group of sand sculpture parents, so this little guy doesn’t even dare to tell his mom that the assignment is to share his dad’s business with his classmates, right? He is afraid his mother would be sad!]

[Woo, woo, what will he say in the stage later? I’m nervous!]

[Please beg the teacher to be a person, don’t order my cloud cub’s name later.]

At the same time, Li Jun who had just arrived at the conference room to prepare for the meeting reached out to touch the Bluetooth headset in his ear when his steps froze.

Taking out the phone he glance on the screen.

A quick scan of these text comments made his heart pound like never before.

Kindergarten homework was about sharing dad’s heroic deed, not craft work?


Liu Zhen who was following behind, also stopped uncertainly.

Li Yun frowned and waved his hand.

“The meeting is postponed for an hour.”

Liu Zhen look suspicious.


Li Yun then turned and walked into the nearest small conference room and close the door.

He sat at the round table and stared motionlessly at the black screen.

The signal of the live broadcast was not good, and the voices of the children were intermittent.

Even if the volume was turned up to the loudest, it was a little hard to hear.

Li Yun pinched the phone, he took off his jacket and the back of his blue shirt was soaked with sweat.

His brows was furrowed and his thin lips were pursed.

His ten fingers of both hands, as if they had nowhere to rest were finally clasped together.

“My dad….is a police officer.”

No, this is not Ye Xun.

“My dad…always likes to laugh…”

This is not him either.

Li Yun quickly stood up in the conference room and opened the window next to him in an attempt to get better signal.

But not long after opening the window, he quickly and annoyingly closed it again!

It’s because of the poor signal in the kindergarten, and nothing he does on his side would help.

He was clearly aware of it.

“Next, whose turn is it? Is there anyone else coming up to share?”

The teacher’s voice, obviously was louder.

However, Li Yun was just like the pop-ups flashing on his phone screen and the at the moment he hates to tell this teacher to shut up.

But it was not what he wanted.

The next moment the children in the classroom chattering sound was heard intermittently from the Bluetooth headset.

“Teacher, there’s still him who didn’t say anything!”

“Ye…student…teacher, let him go up and talk.”

“He sits in the last row so the teacher …..missed him.”

Li Yun’s hands couldn’t help but clench.

Yet, there was a silence in the headphones.

On the phone screen the length of the live stream was changing by the minute and it was clear that the network was not interrupted.

That child….was silent?

This kid doesn’t know how to describe his dad.

Because the boy has never met his father.

Li Yun’s face suddenly lose it’s blood and he rushed out of the conference room, his long legs even knocking over the chair next to him.

“Liu Zhen, tell the driver to go to the parking lot now.”

He said as he ripped off his tie and headed for the elevator.

“Boss where are you going?”

Liu Zhen was also greatly discouraged.

“Go to kindergarten.”

Li Yun growled out lowly.

In the Bluetooth headset, there was still a terrible silence.

Damn, he should never have believed the bullshit of some psychologist or parenting expert.

He should have just showed up in front of that kid and told him that he was his dad!

Tell him that he has a father!

He, the father didn’t want him!

Damn it!

He pressed the elevator button fiercely, annoyed as if he was a trapped animal.

However there was a soft and cute voice sounded, it was low like the sound of nature’s wind. It rings out from the Bluetooth when the elevator door was opened.

“My dad..I’ve never met him…”

Li Yun trembled.

Liu Zhen turned his head to look at him blankly.

“I used to thinks that it must be the fairy grandfather who sent me to my mother and forgot to give me a father…”

The elevator door opened but Li Yun’s body froze, unable to move.

“But….mom said, I have a dad, he still a good guys just accidentally forgot about me….”

Li Yun slowly closed his black eyes, his chest vibrated and took a deep breath.

Liu Zhen inexplicably felt cold behind his neck.

“I watched TV yesterday and said that someone was struck with thunder….then I suddenly thought, was my father also injured?”

“The thunder will soon pass, and maybe one day he will step on a thunder cloud and come to me and my mom…like a rainbow.”

The soft voice was so gentle like a breeze that suddenly blew in the man’s Bluetooth headset.

The iron blue on Li Yun’s face suddenly faded like a tide.

When he opened his black eyes again, there was unstoppable tenderness that trembled inside.

“Boss…the elevator is here.”

Li Yun put his hand on the Bluetooth headset and motioned him not to speak.

Liu Zhen blinked.

And the next moment, he heard the man’s voice in a good mood.

“Let’s have the meeting and go to the kindergarten after school at four.”

“Also, tell Zhang Chen to keep an eye on Ye Susu’s store.”

Li Yun’s eyebrows unfurrowed.

That woman didn’t seem that bad.

At least she taught her child well.

Li Yun pursed his thin lips.

“In the future, her monthly losses will be made up from my private account.”

Liu Zhen scratched his head.

A change of heart?

It’s strange that the boss has always said one thing.


Li Yun took off his headphones as he glances at the phone barrage which made his thin lips untraceably curled up.

[So admirable, why isn’t such sensible child not from my family?]

[I really want to steal him.]

[This godmother so glad that the child was raised into a good kid.]

[Alas, I was satisfied with watching the baby but now I still want to see the child’s father appear. How can I break it? How can this live broadcast become a series? I also looked forward to the day when the child’s father appears of the “thunder cloud!”]

[No! What cloud! This father must cheer up and earn a villa for his son before coming, otherwide this marriage I will not agree!]

[This cloud should at least be made of gold, otherwise it can afford such a well-behaved baby?]

Li Yun put away his phone and walked into the conference room in a good mood.

Before he sat down, he scanned the executives.

“Everyone, let’s set a small goal in the first quarter. Let’s make a billion first.”

As a meet and greet for my son.

He pulled the corner of his mouth and gave a gentle smile.

The executives, however all had a chill in the back of their heads.

Near noon, Ye Susu who was supposed to be preparing meals was rubbing her hands nervously.

“Lady boss, why didn’t you open the store yesterday?”

The trio who came early to occupy the ‘couch’ seat snuck out at 11:00 while their immediate boss was away.

“Yeah, I was sad. I thought I could eat the boss’s dish last night, so regretful….”

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but echo the same sentiment.

As they said this, they both felt their mouths salivating and couldn’t help but think of the taste of fish porridge and egg soup at lunch yesterday.

When they ate it yesterday, they all tasted it was good and the owner’s hand was very good not losing at all to the next few store but not to the point of shocking and unforgettable.

After all, most of their attention was on the lady boss’s moe face and moe voice.

But last night after they came to the store and saw the close door they went to the pickled cabbage and fish restaurant, they immediately felt a huge gap.

The usual picked vegetables and fish that taste delicious make them feel a little uncomfortable when it entered they mouth. A gust MSG and spices break out in the mouth even overshadowing the delicacy of the fish itself.

When they chewed carefully, they thought the fish was not fresh. Originally the three e\people had to grab a pot of fish at speed but in the end, there was less than half left.

And when they walked out of the pickled fish store, thinking of the fish porridge, shrimp and eff soup at lunch they actually felt instantly hungry again.

Unfortunately, Meow Meow Private Kitchen was not open all night.

“Hey, after thinking about it all night plus all morning it’s finally noon.”

The trio of people men, sucked their noses.

At these words, the other two nodded sadly.

Ye Susu went around the store again and scratched her head with some nervousness.

“I am close at night.”

“To take care of the little cub at home.”

She don’t know if the little cub was able to get flower from the homework they did last night.

There was no news so far, so she really was meowanxious right now.

“Little, little…cub?”

The trio froze in unison, looking at Ye Susu all over the youthful girl in front of them.

Finally Xiao Xhen was the first to wake up.

“Oh, is the lady raising a small…dog well?”

The young man with acne also said.

“It’s could be a little cat…”

Ye Susu tilted her hear and just wanted to say no, but a pleasant voice ring to her ears.

[Ding, yesterday’s task 2 cub’s homework completed!]

[Cub have been awarded small red flower.]

[Reward: Raising Cub Value 1]


Ye Susu clenched her fists, waved it down and slapped the three small paper balls on the cashier’s desk to the ground with gusto.

And another kicked to the corner.

Looking up, her soft little face reflected the sunlight outside the window as she smiled sweetly at the trio.

“My cub, got a commendation from his teacher so I’ll give you a 20% discount today.”

The trio seemed like hit by a thunder.

“Homework? Teacher?”

“No, it’s not true, it must be the teacher who taught the dog to pee at fixed place, right?”

“Maybe teaching kittens to bury their poop?”

The lady boss, moe boss….is married with a child? No!

All three clicked and heard the sound of their hearts breaking.

And Ye Susu’s second sentence which flashed through their numbed brains gave them an even heavier blow.

“Always feel like I hear something incredible.”

“Grilled fish? Learn it now?”

“Wait a minute, isn’t today the host route of Meng Niang but the hose of funny sand carving style?”

The three heads came together heavily in a shattering discussion.

Ye Susu however, stood by the bookshelf right before she walked into the kitchen and drew out the cookbook.

Turning her head to look at the three, she tsked and shocked her head.

“Mortal male are so strange….”

“Thanks to the ancestor the cub’s father has not yet been found.”

And she was grinning again as she went to prompt for today’s task rang in her ears.


The Author has something to say: Susu: I have never gotten a small red flower meow meow!



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