Chapter 57

Jian Ruixi was relieved, it seems that it was President Fu who should be blamed in the child’s mood but she also did not fall on the stone after all Fu Shiyuan was so cooperative with her.

Of course she won’t sell her teammates and has to say good words, Jian Ruixi explains wit her son in her arms.

“No way, you are always calm. Dad and mommy really want to know your real moo so that we can better understand your preferences.”

It’s already Jian Ruixi’s speciality to coax Jayce to be happy, after a while the mother and son recovered their intimacy.

The little guy was very happy to hear his mommy’s compliment  mood. be blamed in the chil’dst it was President Fu who should be blamed in the cchilds’a little pricked.

 his wife’about his handsome dance.

“Mommy didn’t know you could dance. It’s so surprising, you have to dance at home to show mommy in the future.”

The little guys was obviously very happy but still modestly said.

“Only learned it for six months so dance is not very good…”

While President Fu looked at the heartless mother and son with sad eyes—after all, his son followed his mother. It seems that he has a tendency to be silly and sweet tendencies with his mother.

Although he thought so, his eyes were somewhat soft.

The car didn’t go to Madam Fu’s villa but went directly to the Fu family’s old mansion. Fu Shiyuan didn’t come back for several months.

If he didn’t go back home to visit’s his parents the moment he came back even the noble and elegant Old Madam Fu would be angry and would accuse her son was unfilial son and drive him out of the house.

Moreover today, was not only Fu Shiyuan’s return from a long absence but also the first day of Jayce’s summer vacation so “double happiness” was coming.

Not only Old Master and Old Madam Fu were at home but also his grandfather who prefers to live in the nursing home and play with the old guys was rare to come back.

He was waiting for the family of three to come back and reunite.

Jian Ruixi has been Madam Fu for so long, but it was the first time she has participated in such a neat family dinner. When she first entered the door she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

She even had little experience eating at the same table with Old Madam Fu, now several mountains were gathered together neatly, how could she not be afraid?

However she wasn’t in that state for too long because Jian Ruixi found that her son has many fans.

The famous fan was the Elder Fu, Old Master and Madam Fu seemed to disappear in front of him. They all became amiable grandparents as they chatted around him.

Elder Fu affectionately asked his good grandson.

“Where do you want to go this summer?”

Old Madam Fu was the first to take a stand.

“Let’s go to England, it’s the grape harvesting season. We could go to the winery to stay for a while to have a taste, you could also keep Louis company.”

Jian Ruixi was confused and was forced to eat melons. She didn’t know that he had a little partner named Louis in England.

And she thinks, Madam Fu also didn’t know nothing about it.

Fu Shiyuan saw the confusion and explained to her in her ear.

“Louis is Jayce favorite horse. He is three years old and very cute.”

Rich people having horses at pets, or have they been raised since childhood?

Jian Ruixi was impressed, compared with her rich mother in law she feels that her arrangements were too poor to handle but still has to fight over it.

“Jayce is interested in musical instruments recently, he is not only learning piano with Even but also learning drum in his company. It’s best to keep a certain practice frequency in the summer vacation…”

President Fu actually came to join the fun.

“I also want to take Jayce to see the Forbidden City, and climb the Great Wall during the summer vacation.”

His proposal was approved by the generation head Fu’s. Although the Fu family took root in the port city, they did not forget the ancestors of their hometown in Hunan Province especially Elder Fu.

The older they were the more they miss their hometown, in the past two years they insisted on going back to their hometown to worship their ancestor in person every year.

Now they couldn’t afford to travel, so they let Fu Shiyuan and Old Master Fu, the father and son to do it on his behalf.

Fu Shiyuan wanted to take Jayce to the Forbidden City in the capital to experience the traditional culture of the motherland.

Of course when it comes to the heart of Elder Fu, he decided that this must be arranged.

Jian Ruixi touched Jayce’s little head affectionately, it’s not easy for the rich young master to spend the summer vacation.

However after feeling this emotion, he still needs to be reminded.

“By the way Teacher Wang said that the class would organized a summer cap, the specific date hasn’t come out yet but in previous years they would go out for about half a month.”

Old Madam Fu nodded in understanding.

“The summer camp organized by their school is either going to Europe or the United States, if you want to then you can stay in the winery for a few days.”

Then she looked at Jian Ruixi again.

“You can go together if you’re free.”

Jian Ruixi had been longing for the winery of her rich mother in law for a long time, so she nodded excitedly.

“Thank you mom.”

She still has time if she just stays for a few days.

By the time dinner was served, Jayce’ summer vacation was clearly scheduled except for the fact that the plates were all over the world which seemed no different from no vacation at all.

But the little guy seemed doesn’t feel it was the case at all.

After the family had a harmonious meal, Elder Fu asked the driver to take him back to sanatorium he had his heart set on going back to play a few games of chess with his old buddy but Fu Shiyuan surprised everyone by getting up and holding his grandfather.

“Grandpa, we’ll send you over.”

The old man waved his hand and said slowly.

“You grandfather Yue can drive steadily.”

Grandpa Yue was a driver who has been with Elder Fu for more than 40 years but has not retired yet and was already considered as half a Fu family. The key was his seniority.

“Grandpe Yue drives steadily and is fact good. Let’s just see off today.”

Fu Shiyuan coaxed the old man, at the same time he asked Jian Ruixi to take Jayce to prepare and take the old man to the sanatorium together.

Old Madam Fu groaned.

“Why are you dragging Zonglin, the mother and son if you’re sending grandpa?”

“It just happened to be on the way, after dropping off grandpa back we will go to Annie’s side to stay.”

“To Ruixi’s?”

Old Madam Fu was stunned,

“You’re not staying home today?”

Fu Shiyuan explained.

“When Annie picked me up at the airport, she send my documents and luggage to her side.”

The reason was very good and Old Madam Fu was embarrassed to refute.

After all how could she refute? Should she blame her daughter in law for not getting her son? Madam Fu was speechless, she took a deep breath and looked at Jian Ruixi which probably meant that she was now to powerful.

She really was able to kidnapped her son.

Jian Ruixi was dumbfounded.

She does not even know when President Fu sent the luggage to her home, okay? No, she didn’t even see President Fu carrying his luggage at the airport!

But in any case, Jian Ruixi was still very happy to go back to her own house even if she was ready to stay when she went to her mother in law’s house.



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