Chapter 12

Over the weekend, Cha Cha and Ning An take photos together.

Ning An’s learning ability was very strong, after Cha Cha told her some techniques she could already master them once or twice to make the shooting process more smooth.

Ning An also pointed out that she could hang a painting on the back of the wall and put potted plants on the side for decoration. Having money to earn, doesn’t feel bullied and she also found fun in the shooting process so she was very interested.

Cha Cha listened to her advice and the end result was good.

However, painting and potted plants have always been very monotonous so they tried other things such as clocks, different painting, potted plants and so on.

With Ning An’s help, the progress was sensational and the dress she had thought would take another weekend to shoot took two days to complete.

There was a self-study class on Sunday night, Cha Cha asked Ning An to ask for leave and screen the photos taken at her home.

Other people’s eyes were different from their own. Cha Cha thinks it looks good but Ning An thinks otherwise, but they were also times that when Cha Cha thinks it looks good Ning An would agree.

The would also have some arguments over this, but in the end Cha Cha listened to Ning An’s opinion.

Ning An has the heroine aura and her words were like holy writ.

Cha Cha archives and classifies the selected photos and publishes a group first, she then changed her clothes and asked Ning An to go out for dinner.

After two days together, Ning An felt that Chen Cha was actually quite nice although she had bullied her before.

She was now also not afraid of Chen Cha because the Chen Cha she was with gave her a reasonable, generous and nice impression.

When the meal was brought to the table Ning An asked.

“Chen Cha why do you have to let me take pictures, your friends should be happy to help you.”

Cha Cha straightened her napkin and said slowly.

“Maybe it’s….. I prefer to bully you. After all, your wage are salary and you’re more obedient to beat up.”

Ning An: “….”

Well she retraced that idea that Chen Cha was reasonable, generous and nice person.

Although Chen Cha was friendly and responsible to take a taxi to send her after dinner to her doorstep she still had to retract her previous thoughts.

After Cha Cha went back, she didn’t pay attention to the things on weibo instead she happily lay in the bathtub. After taking a bath she lay in bed and happily began to watch TV drama, when she was sleeping she turned off the computer and closed her eyes to sleep.

The next afternoon Cha Cha opened her weibo and got 99+ messages.

In this life, you are the only one for me: wow wow wow! I take back what I said before, the blogger body is too good, right?

No one loves you more than me: so the blogger is really white ah, I also deliberately zoomed in so the point that I can see the tiny hair. The skin is very good! Blogger how do you maintain it?

Stranger road can return slowly: oh just a little progress in photography skills. I will watch you to see if you will swell, young man.



The comments changed from a cruising her to praising her, and the fans drifted up by thousands.

Cha Cha saw a lot of comments from the people who criticize her and silently sneered in her heart.

The Jinze’s Law1, was the strongest in the universe.

But through this test, it was also clear that she does have to have contact with the heroine for the world’s third luck to play the effect.

Perhaps because it was also way to rubbed the heroine’s halo.

Generally speaking the big V who reposted her wiebo has already pass, but the now it could rise to thousands which was quite reasonable. Therefore it could also be reasonable but the Ning An’s heroine hall brought the wave of traffic.

After that, Cha Cha as usual post on her weibo and her fans were steadily rising, ever day it would maintain about five hundred.

Besides weibo, Cha Cha didn’t do anything else because she was really busy studying as there were endless papers and endless questions.

Although she learned it once, the years was different and the material was slightly different.

In order to get good grade, she intends to overcome some unexpected factor so she has also worked hard on her studies.

Everyone feels that Chen Cha has changed, she obviously does not love to read but lately she had been working like crazy.

And they don’t get into trouble anymore, not to mention they were friendly with her classmates every day.

School flower, what’s the matter with you? What about your arrogance? What about your sharp language?

Even the teachers of the senior class throughout the year have learned that recently Cha Cha’s character seems to be much better.

Chen Cha’s grader were good but only good as they were not the focus of the class.

But the class teacher saw that she had a good learning attitude recently and thought she could look forward to it but she just thought it in her heart and wouldn’t to anyone about it.

The Qingming Festival came just before the midterm exams and there were two days of holidays before the exam because of this.

“Chen Cha, it happens to have two days off let’s go to the beach and take pictures along with it.

Luo Junming mentioned this matter with Cha Cha while eating lunch.


Cha Cha shook her head as it was pity that she could go with him as she said.

“My father called yesterday and asked me to come home for dinner.”

Actually, no one called her but she plans to go back and spill the beans to ask Chen Guosheng for money.

The holiday season was a good time to ask for money in name only so how could she miss it?

“Ah, that’s such a pity.”

Luo Junming was really feeling very pity.

The plastic sisters immediately introduced themselves and said they wanted to go.

Luo Junming said he suddenly remembered something and couldn’t go.

Plastic sister duo: “….”

Damn Chen Cha.

If Chen Cha knew that they were scolding her inwardly again she would have scolded them back.

She’s not the one who reject them so why scold her?

The logic was out of nowhere.

The first day of holiday, Cha Cha deliberately went to the mall to buys five scarves the prices was not expensive. Only close to four thousand for women and close to five thousand or men.

She bought two men’s scarves and three of women.

She then put one around herself and carry the rest and take a taxi home.

She had just arrived home when she saw Chen Guosheng hugging Chen Jiamu while talking and she he saw her return both their faces stiffened for a moment.

Cha Cha pretended not to see their initial reaction and put on a sweet smile as she said.

“Dad, Jiamy happy Qingming Festival, this is a gift~”

She handed two men’s scarves to the two men.

Chen Guosheng did not put down Chen Jiamu but sat and took the scarf, smiling he said.

“You just came here and bring gift, you child. I thought you were in class, I wanted to call you at noon and ask if you were free today.”

“School’s out.”

Cha Cha sat down beside him and watched him take out his scarf and look at it, laughing he said.

“We’re all the same, parent child style, heh, heh.”

“Very considerate.”

Chen Guosheng squeezed out a gratifying smile.

Cha Cha responded with a big smile.

Chen Guosheng saw that she bought gifts, had a warm attitude and didn’t mean ill he didn’t return the gift and said.

“I’ll give you some pocket money later and since its holiday go out with your friends to relax.”

“Okay dad.”

After that, Cha Cha gave the other scarves to Wei Siyun and Wang Qihui. Both of them were elders so it was not good to return the gift, they both took out money and gave her pocket money.

In the evening, Cha Cha was in her room looking at the text messages and was in a good mood.

Spent more than 10,000 recovered more than 200,000 not in vain she purposely went to the mall trip.


Jinze’s Law1 Zhenxiang’s Law , a popular word on the Internet, is also called “Jinze ‘s Law “, which is used to describe the behavior of someone who has completely different opinions before and after and slaps his face. Because many people often violate the flag they set, it becomes a law . This stalk is derived from the word true fragrance .


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