ECM 55.1


Chapter 55(1)

The elevator was so quiet that only the whirring sound of the exhaust fan operating could be heard, Xu Zhaixing then said to Bai Feifei on the phone.

“How can I do that?”

Then hung up the phone.

The smile on Xia Beibei’s face was still frozen, and her pupils remained dilated staring at her without a moment’s hesitation. Xu Zhaixing sized her up from head to toe.

She was dressed more exquisite than usual today, the skirt was also a brand from haute couture models, she was wearing a silver high heel and her hair was slightly scattered on her shoulders emitting a gentle appearance.

Through the source of gossip that Zhou Yue has dig, Xu Zhaixing knows that Xia Beibei’s family was not rich, at least not enough for her to wear today’s get up.

After falling in love with Qi Ze, the latter bought her clothes from head to toe. Qi Ze didn’t feel bad about spending money on girls otherwise he would be unworthy for his reputation as a son of a wealthy man.

After wearing famous brands for too long and being sought after made her forget her original identity.

That’s why she was reluctant to let go.

Even if Qi Ze was a dreg and playful, she had to hold on tightly to him, after all from thrift to extravagance was easy so from extravagance to thrift shouldn’t be that difficult also. After wearing the celebrity mask for too long she didn’t want to take it off.

After measuring her up, Xu Zhaixing saw that the elevator was still not moving.

She smiled and asked Xia Beibei.

“Senior, you’re here for an interview? Then going to the 13th floor, right?”

Xia Beibei’s stiff expression reacted, she moved her lips hinting an unbelieving tone.

“You came here for the interview too? Aren’t you from the media department?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“Oh, I’m not going on the interview, I’m here for work.”

Xia Beibeing was even more surprised.

“You work here? Aren’t you just a freshman in college?”

Xu Zhaixing smiled and pressed the thirteenth floor and pressed the seventh floor for herself, although Chenxing has now taken the whole building the management office on the seventh floor was still not move to a different floor.

Xia Beibei had passed both rounds of interviews and todays she was here for the final round. She had been here twice and the staff member leading the way had enthusiastically introduced the distribution of each floor to her before so of course she knew that the seventh floor was for management.

Seeing her going to the seventh floor she thought, Xu Zhaixing shouldn’t be a secretary of an assistant to any senior manager, right?

Chenxing has been working on a live broadcast project since last year, the online popularity of a celebrity raising a pig was surprisingly popular without any problems. Hundreds of thousands of people watch the live broadcast every day, which has become one of the Chenxing’s trump cards.

Recently Chenxing launched another live talent competition, not the kind that was indecent like showing flesh but one that has raw talent for live streaming. Anyone could participate with any talents like hosting, singing, dancing and even talk show, as long as they meet the requirements.

After three rounds of interview, those who remain would sign a competition agreement with Chenxing, and then start the competition on Chenxing’s live entertainment video channel and finally the winner would be decided according to the popularity and would be directly signed as an artist of Chenxing.

Xia Beibei was from the broadcasting department and has sweet voice, compare with starting from the bottom of the TV station after graduation Chenxing’s live competition was obviously more in line with her desired future.

It’s no different for a star anchor to debut as an artist.

She secretly looked at the other contestants in the competition and she was sure that she was the one with the best face, she sang well and she has broadcasting major as her background so she had great advantage and great possibility of winning.

The only thing she didn’t expect was to run into Xu Zhaixing here.

It was said that if you don’t do anything wrong, you won’t be afraid of ghost knocking on your door, but after she did those things, she was a bit guilty when facing Xu Zhaixing. While she was thinking about it, she suddenly heard Xu Zhaixing asked in a light voice.

“Senior, you posted on the school forum, right?”

Xia Beibei was shaken, of course she knew what post she was talking about.

She gritted her teeth and tried to keep her tone as calm as possible.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Xu Zhaixing sighed like laugh,

“If you had investigated me, you would know that I have no interest in Qi Ze. He is the kind of person who after spending time on me and not getting anything back will soon move on, you actually don’t need to work on me at all.”

The elevator dings and arrives on the seventh floor.

The elevator opened and Xu Zhaixing walked out, taking two steps and blocking the door with her hand to prevent it from closing over. She looked back at Xia Beibei and smiled meaningfully.

“It’s really a very unprofitable thing to do, feuding with me.”

When she finished, she let go of her hand and continued walking forward.

The elevator door closes slowly and continues to go up, Xia Beibei didn’t know what she meant at the beginning and just thought it was her bluff. When she reaches the thirteenth floor, she relaxed herself for the interview preparation.

Until the interview started, she was in the third place giving her more time to prepare. When she walked into the interview room, she saw Xu Zhaixing sitting in the middle of the interviewer’s seat, her whole person collapsed.

How could she not know that today’s final was a direct interview by five executives of Chenxing, two of them were the chairwoman and the general manager Xu of Chenxing.

Mr. Xu.


Xu Zhaixing….Xu Zhaixing….

Xia Beibei’s eyes rolled over and she almost fainted.

At the right was the chief person in charge of the live draft, after looking at her information he looked up and said,

“Xia Beibei, you are a student in the broadcasting department, aren’t you? Please tell us your advantages and show us your performance.”

Xia Beibei was sweating cold bullets, her delicate makeup and bangs had been soaked with sweat, and her legs trembled slightly in her thin high heels which made her feel little unstable.

Her lips opened and closed several times but she couldn’t pronounce a single syllable.

The person in charge frowned, a little displeased. Before she came in, he had praised this contestant to both Chairwoman and General Manager Xu, saying that she had the potential to win.

But she was having a stage fright instead, making him want to hit himself in the face.

The person in charge turned his head and explained to Xu Zhaixing.

“Eldest Miss, this contestant’s previous performance is excellent, today she probably has a bit of stage fright.”

As soon as Xia Beibei heard the name “Eldest Miss” she knew that all her guessed were true and there was no more possibility of denying the reality.

“It’s really a very unprofitable thing to do,feuding with me.”

It’s really a very unprofitable.

Xia Beibei’s heart was mourning and tears were coming out of her eyes.

After reading the documents and materials of her previous performance, Xu Zhaixing finally looked up and asked Xia Beibei who was frightened and had a regretful eyes.

“Contestant no.3 what can you show us?”

When Xia Beibei heard Xu Zhaixing to show her performance she strongly disagree, she thought that Xu Zhaixing might going to humiliate her. She said, “I’m sorry” in panic and hurriedly turn to ran.

The contestants waiting for the interview outside couldn’t help getting nervous when they saw the beautiful girl who was full of confidence, sweating and looking flustered coming out. They thought how terrible the panel were.

But when it was their time to be interviewed, they found that it was very easy and Mr. Xu was also very friendly and did not give them any pressure.

When all the interviews were over, Xu Zhaixing followed Xu Yan and the senior management to discuss the final selected contestants. When it was Xia Beibei’s turn, the general manager was particularly regretful.

“Her performance in the first two interview was really good, I was very optimistic about her ah.”

Although Xia Beibei missed her performance today, the person in charge still couldn’t give up and tentatively asked Xu Yan and Xu Zhaixing.

“How about giving her a chance? The live competition will still depend on popularity by then if she really doesn’t want to she will be eliminated by the netizens.”

Xu Yan was watching the playback of Xie Beibei’s previous interview and nodded after watching it.

“It does have the potential to be popular and it’s rare to meet a student from the broadcasting department.”

After saying that, he looked at Xu Zhaixing and asked.

“What do you think?”

Xu Zhaixing had one thing to say.

“The previous performance was indeed good.”

Xu Yan smiled.

“Then give her a place to make money and let her make money for you?”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

And you can see that it’s about me again? Why are your eyes so poisonous.

Make money and make amends.

Sounds good ya.

Xu Zhaixing thought for a moment after all she still need to view it from the company’s perspective and could not just take into account the personal grudges, so she nodded and responded.

“That’s fine.”

So, Xia Beibei received the news that she passed as one of the finalists the next day.

She was so shocked that she dropped her phone straight away.

Ever since she left from Chenxing yesterday, her whole body has not been well. She was surrounded by great regret and panic making her unable to sleep all night, she also asked for leave during the day.

By offending the Eldest Miss of Chenxing, her dream of entering the entertainment industry was basically ruined, how could she not know the capitalist world? Xu Zhaixing’s casual words could make her unable to make a head in her life.

She even began to resent Qi Ze.

How much does she like Qi Ze? In fact, she doesn’t like him that much but he was the most qualified boy she could have now. As along as she climbed higher, she would never look back at him.

But now because of Qi Ze, her way to the top was directly blocked.

This scum! Why does he have to mess with the Eldest Miss of Chenxing!

Xia Beibie was remorseful and hateful, she had been lying on her bed crying for several hours now when she received a text message from Chenxing.

She thought she was dreaming and held her phone and looked at it again and again, still not believing it. She even called back to check and confirm that she had indeed made it through to the finals.

Xia Beibei sat on the bed for ten minutes.

Xu Zhaixing let her go?

Or…..does she just want to keep her to torture her later?

She couldn’t guess Xu Zhaixing’s mind for a moment, but in the end, she was a white lotus with full marks in cultivation and quickly realized that whether Xu Zhaixing intended to spare her or torture her all she had to do now was apologize immediately.

Xia Beibei got up quickly, opened the computer to log in to the forum. Biting her lips, she decided and did not chose to post anonymously but went to battle to show her sincerity.

Xu Zhaixing was still in the classroom at this time.

Zhou Yue who was keen on hanging out in major forums and posting sites suddenly acted like she went crazy. She grabbed Xu Zhaixing’s hand that was taking notes and shove her phone on her hand, lowering her voice she whispered.

“Crap, crap, crap, Xia Beibei posted an apology to you!!!”



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