Chapter 65

Under the dim light, Tang Yichuan leaned carelessly in the sofa, his long legs stretched forward slightly, one hand on his thigh, one hand resting on the armrest of the sofa, slightly squinting a pair of phoenix eyes, high nose, cool lips, firm chin ……

He’s so good looking, charming and dangerous ……

Zhang Xiaojiao’s heart panicked and hastily withdrew her eyes, not daring to look at Tang Yichuan one more time.

But that little action of hers could not be concealed from Tang Yichuan, he playfully hooked his lips and said to Zhang Xiaojiao,

“Still not going to get the wine?”

Zhang Xiaojiao where dare to say no, hurriedly nodded, and quickly turned around and went out to get the wine.

Tang Yichuan tsked, thinking that the money to take it ran fast, it is true that women are looking at the money.

Xu Yanwen swept him a faint glance, taking in the mocking expression on his face, and knew that he was still holding a grudge over what happened back then.

Not long after, Zhang Xiaojiao brought back two bottles of Hennessy, all the way carefully, so expensive wine, she held in her arms are nervous, afraid to break, she can not afford to pay.

Tang Yichuan said carelessly,

“Open it.”

Zhang Xiaojiao then opened the wine as he said, and poured wine into the empty glass.

Tang Yichuan still leaned lazily on the sofa as if he had no bones, and said to Zhang Xiaojiao,

“You accompany Brother Xu to have a drink.”

Coming here to work was inevitable, Zhang Xiaojiao was also mentally prepared early in the morning. Sister Qin also said when she trained them that guests should try to meet any requirements.

It’s nothing to drink with them. It’s also money to sell two more bottles of wine when they are happy. Since they come here to work for money, don’t think of themselves as a daughter, Making money is the most important thing.

Zhang Xiaojiao was ready to drink with her. She stretched out her hand to carry the wine glass. She heard Xu Yanwen say faintly.

“What are you doing to embarrass the little girl of others? I can’t drink by myself if I want to drink. It’s the same with you.”

After saying the words, Xu Yanwen reached out to pick up the wine glass and sent it directly to Tang Yichuan, looking at him with a clear gaze.

Tang Yichuan looked at the wine glass stretched out in front of him. How can he say that Xu Yanwen was the boss of their group. He dared to choke with others, but he never dared to talk to Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanwen asked him to drink.

He dared not say no, so he had to sit up and take the wine glass and touch Xu Yanwen’s wine glass.

Seeing this, Zhou Chenguang also hurriedly came over and said with a ha-ha-ha, “Come, come, come, let’s all have a drink to celebrate that old Tang has aged another year.”

“You’re old Tang!” Tang Yichuan glanced at him and said, “I’m one year younger than you!”

Zhou Chenguang smiled heatedly, put the wine glass up, and said, “Drink!”

In this way, the atmosphere is lively, several people have raised their glasses, guessing dice paddle, so lively.

The last few people drank three bottles of Hennessy. When they left, even if Xu Yanwen drank the least, he felt a little superior.

Tang Yichuan helped him to stand up and took a look at the obedient Zhang Xiaojiao next to him. The face looked good. At first, he thought that he was like the man, with a nose, eyes and mouth. After he really left the man, he found that he was not like him. At least he had no similar character and temper.

“Take it.”

He pulled out a stack of mao grandpa from his wallet and shoved it directly into Zhang Xiaojiao’s hand.

There was too much money. Zhang Xiaojiao was surprised. She didn’t know where to put her hand holding the money. She raised her eyes and looked at him foolishly.

Tang Yichuan hissed, pulled the corners of his mouth and said.

“Silly, aren’t you very short of money? I don’t know if I want it for you?”

Zhou Chenguang drank wine, listened to the side and laughed, and raised his chin to Zhang Xiaojiao and said,

“This is a tip for you, quickly say thank you to your boss Tang.”

Zhang Xiaojiao Fang woke up like a dream and thanked her gratefully.

Tang Yichuan deflated his mouth for a moment, lifted his long legs and went outside.

Zhang Xiaojiao held the money in his hand, looking at his departing back, suddenly felt that he was not so dangerous and scary, but a very good man.

With money to pay for her mother’s hospital bills, Zhang Xiaojiao’s eyes sore, she had thought she was very unlucky, but every time in the most difficult times can meet good people, she felt lucky again.

I hope every good man can be rewarded!



After Xu Yanwen said goodbye to Tang Yichuan and the others, he got in the car and asked the driver to take him back to Ningxuan Ya Yuan.

Sitting on the car, Xu Yanwen was a little dizzy, closed his eyes to recuperate, dazed like seeing Xue Jiayue frowning at him, and woke up at once.

The phone rang at this time, and he hurriedly pulled it out of his suit pocket, but it turned out to be just a notification text message, not what he thought.

A little disappointed, Xu Yanwen did not even click on the text message, and directly tucked the phone back into his suit pocket.

When he returned to Ning Xuan Ya Yuan, Xu Yanwen did not let the driver take him upstairs, he took the elevator up by himself.

When he arrived at the door, Xu Yanwen stood at the door and did not open the door, he was suddenly a little timid, afraid to open the door, the house was cold, only he was alone.

The night was already quiet, as if he could hear the sound of heartbeat. Xu Yanwen took out a cigarette box from his suit pocket, took out a cigarette in his mouth, lit it with a lighter, took a deep breath, and then slowly spit out the cigarette ring.

He finished smoking a cigarette at the door before opening the code door and entering the house.

At the door of the house, Xu Yanwen looked up and saw Xue Jiayue’s shoes neatly placed on the shoe rack. On the shelf next to her, there was her bag. It turned out that Xue Jiayue had already gone home.

As if a big stone had fallen to the ground, Xu Yanwen suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

He hurriedly changed his shoes at the door, walked quickly to the door of Xue Jiayue’s room, reached out and put his hand on the door handle, and gently twisted it.

Unfortunately, it can’t be opened. Xue Jiayue locked it inside.

Xu Yanwen put his hand on the door handle and lowered his eyes. His deep eyes fell on the door handle. He couldn’t help laughing at himself. What was he doing?

It’s really easy to be impulsive after drinking wine. My brain is not clear enough!

Xu Yanwen silently took his hand back and turned around to go back to his room.


In the room, Xue Jiayue slept soundly. She also dreamed of her parents. It was a sunny summer. Her father took her swimming by the river and caught a lot of fish, shrimp and crabs. Her mother smiled and said to take it back to braised pork. Xue Jiayue was very happy and clapped her hands. The family had a very happy time, and laughter echoed in the air.

Xue Jiayue woke up with a smile on her face, woke up and sneezed two times in a row, her body was a jolt, a chill came up from the bottom of her feet, she fell asleep at night and kicked the covers.

A little dizzy, Xue Jiayue reached for her phone, picked it up and looked at the time, it was almost seven in the morning, she should get up and go to work.

Xue Jiayue touched her forehead. She didn’t have a fever. She just caught a cold when she was quilt last night, but it’s nothing. She caught a cold. Drink some hot water and she’ll be well soon.

With this in mind, Xue Jiayue got up and finished washing up, and took a cup to get hot water to drink.

Xu Yanwen heard her sneezing and came out of the room, saw her holding a cup of water and asked with concern,

“Did you catch a cold?”

A hand reached over, Xue Jiayue head dizzy, head subconsciously tilted to the side, avoiding Xu Yanwen’s hand.

Xu Yanwen’s hand stiffened in mid-air for a moment and froze as he looked at Xue Jiayue, his gaze becoming profound.

Xue Jiayue also felt a bit embarrassed and was ready to walk away with her cup.

Before taking two steps, Xu Yanwen’s concerned voice came from behind him.

“Don’t go to work if you have a cold, rest well at home.”

“Then how is it okay?”

Xue Jiayue shook her head and said,

“This is not good, I just went to work for a few days, I have already taken leave to delay going to work in front, and today I took leave again, the leaders and colleagues will have a bad impression of me.”

Xu Yanwen really wanted to tell her that he was the owner of X.W studio and he granted her leave.

But this will certainly not work, Xue Jiayue if he knows that he is the boss of X.W studio, it is possible that he will not go to work in the studio again.

Xu Yanwen swallowed the words at the edge of his mouth and said in addition.

“So you really have no problem going to work like this?”

Xue Jiayue felt more comfortable after drinking hot water and said,

“It’s nothing, just a slight cold, I’ll drink more hot water later, I feel better now.”

Hearing her say so, Xu Yanwen also can’t force her, nodded a little and said softly,

“Then you have to take good care of yourself when you go to the studio, if you feel uncomfortable, you must remember to ask for leave, don’t resist hard.”

This is still treating her like a child, Xue Jiayue heart amused, said.

“Do not worry, I am not a child, I know how to take care of myself.”

Hearing her say that she is not a child, Xu Yanwen inevitably remembered that day, that night, Xue Jiayue also said to him that she has grown up, not a child, do not want him to care about her, he was quite angry.

But now that he heard her say that again, he suddenly felt as if he should face up to what she said, perhaps as she said, she is really grown up, she has her own ideas, her own friends, her own circle, is no longer the little girl who would run after him when he was a child, following him and calling Xu brother Xu brother.

“Jiayue, I want to talk to you.” Xu Yanwen said.

Xue Jiayue’s heart thumped, thinking what Xu Yanwen wanted to talk to her about? Could it be about divorce? If it was about divorce, I wonder what he would ask for? Should she also defend her rights?


The author has something to say: Xu Yanwen: Let’s talk.

Xue Jiayue: Talk about what?

Xu Yanwen: Harmony between men and women, physical and mental health.


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