Chapter 29

After Jiang Mian crossed over she has never checked her assets, and anyway, there was no shortage of money so she has not paid attention to this aspect.

Shen Shiqing’s sudden operation of adding Guan Xin was really disgusting for her, her first thought was that after Shen Shiqing withdrew the capital she would asked her billionaire tyrant father to invest.

She knew the play would be a big hit later and he wouldn’t lose money as long as he invested but before looking for her billionaire tyrant father she checked her assets on a whim.

This check revealed that she had two black cards with no limits, one from her billionaire tyrant father and the other one was from her film emperor father.

There was also an ordinary bank card given by her crime police officer father—as a police officer his salary could only be considered medium to high, not all comparable to her billionaire tyrant father and film emperor father but much better than her Taoist father.

Jian Mian checked the balance of the card given by her police officer father and the total was 350000 yuan—although Jiang Mian would not be short in money her police officer father would still send most of his salary to his baby daughter’s card.

In addition to these, Jiang Mian has a number of idle cards, each containing as mush as a million dollars and as a little as a few hundred thousand.

These idle cards alone have tens of millions of dollars in them, and if she wants to invest, how much she needs to swipe a sum of money out directly with her black card was already enough.

Jiang Mian after checking was silent.

No wonder the original owner was generous and has no concept of money.

In her eyes money was really just a paper, if there was any difference probably slightly more than the color of the paper, and how it looked better.

Jiang Mian guessed that the original owner noticed that Lin Feifei flattered her and became her best friend in order to make some money from her. And three roommates in the bedroom too.

But the original owner does not mind, anyway, she doesn’t need money. These people were happy to hold her and she was comfortable with it, she enjoys their compliments and gives each other some money as a reward.

In short there was no need to look for her billionaire tyrant father she could do it herself.

Director Zhang was silent for two seconds before he spoke.

“Xiao Jiang, you can’t joke about such things.”

Jiang Mian: “Director Zhang, do you think I look like I’m joking?”

Director Zhang frowned. Through Jiang Mian behavior he knew that Jiang Mian’s family was rich and was a daughter of a rich family.

But no matter how rich she was, Jiang Mian was still a student. At most her family would give her some pocket money, millions of yuan would be over the top so how could she afford to invest in a play.

He said.

“This is not a small sum of money, President Shen invested a total of 200 million in this play. Now half of the play has been shot and the capital was also halved.”

The implication was that if Jiang Mian wants to invest, she should invest at least 100 million.”

“It’s just one hundred million.”

Jiang Mian said lightly.

“I’ll invest.”

Director Zhang: “…”

“Can you really come up with a hundred million?”

Director Zhang stood up from his seat, suspecting that what this girl spat out her mouth was not a hundred million, but a yuan.

Not to mention a hundred million, even if it was a one hundred million or ten hundred million—Jiang Mian believes that as long as she asks for it from her billionaire tyrant father, he would give it without hesitation.

Jiang Mian: “If you don’t believe me, I’ll call the bank manager right now.”

“Does your parents know?”

Seeing that she said it with conviction, Director Zhang had to believe it.

But a new problem popped up, this kind of big deal—if the girl embezzles public funds from her family without telling her parents she would be in trouble when they found out.

Director Zhang had to confirm that this money taken out by Jiang Mian was safe.

Jiang Mian: “…”

You can’t spend money these days.

“You can rest assured.”

Jiang Mian reassured Director Zhang.

“Since I have invested, in my place anything can go wrong but the money will never go wrong.”

Director Zhang looked at the glowing cheeks of the young girl, suddenly there was an illusion that he seemed to have found treasure. She could casually take out one hundred million, then this girl’s family background was not simple.

No wonder she has a mysterious relationship with Qin Jingrun.

Jiang Mian said.

“But me being the investor, don’t tell anyone Director Zhang. I have to keep a low profile. I look good and my acting skills are okay, now if I changed into an investor, as you know many will not only get jealous of me.”

Director Zhang: “…”

Don’t you blush when you compliment yourself like that?

He nodded with tears and laughter, and seeing that there was nothing more Jiang Mian was ready to leave when Director Zhang suddenly remembered.

“Wait, that cellphone endorsement I’ll push the responsible person’s WeChat to you, talk about the contract yourselves.”

“Okay, I’m off then. Good night director Zhang.”

When she returned to her room, Xie Siyuan’s nutritious dinner was already served. It looked very exquisite and appetizing to look at.

It’s just—

“Isn’t the serving size a bit much?”

Xie Siyuan said naturally.

“This is normal meal size.”

Jiang Mian smoothly took picture of the food with her hand doing a peace sign, then send it on her weibo.

[Just finish working, let’s have dinner~]

Thanks to her film emperor father, she has more than 900000 fans. It was estimated that she would break one million tonight. As soon as her wiebo was sent out, immediately after were comments rushing in.

[First first, I’ve got it!]

[Wow, it looks appetizing but why only show your hands but not your face?]

[The hand is so beautiful, I want to touch it!]

[Strongly request to show your face, we want to see the beauty of the lady in full bloom!]

[How come you only ate so little, do you have enough to eat? Jiang Mian, are you already tired from working all day? Don’t starve yourself, it’s better to look fat.]

Jiang Mian noticed that the ID of this comment was the familiar [little baby]. She click on [little baby] and found that just a few seconds ago the other party forwarded her weibo and commented: I hope the little fairy can eat more and be fat to be more lovely and beautiful.

Jiang Mian: “…”

It was normal for artist to eat less, in order to maintain their figure especially female artist who rely on their face to earn. Once fat, the figure goes out of shape and their face becomes ugly by then the audience won’t pay for them.

Entertainment news often explodes that a certain artist was fat and netizens commenting on the photos of artist getting fat, how mean they could be.

Furthermore, Jiang Mian looked at her dinner portion, it was not much at all it was more than enough to eat.

This was probably the worries of the loyal fans, Jiang Mian thought for a few seconds and still didn’t post.

She brushed on wiebo again, then ate while waiting for a reply from the spokesperson on her phone—she had just applied to add the person in her WeChat.

Xie Siyuan who brought up the dinner left.

The rooms assigned by the crew to the staff have specifications. Of course, the rooms of the leading stars, directors and other bigwigs were the best. They live on the eight-floor followed by the supporting actors.

The people brought by the artist live on the same floor as the staff and Xie Siyuan and Tang Anan live on the fifth floor.

After he returned to his room, he then realized that the top boss also known as Qin Jingrun had send him a WeChat five minutes ago.

[Why did Mian Mian eat so little?]

When he delivered Jiang Mian’s meal, he forgot to take his phone with him.

Xie Siyuan was worried about the boss deducting his wage and immediately replied.

[Brother Qin, its quite a lot. Everything according to the standard of giving Jiang Mian five pounds of weight gain!]

Finally, he hurriedly sent Jiang Mian’s weight changes over the period of time. Caressing the old father’s heart who was worried that his baby daughter would be hungry if she didn’t eat enough.

From the shooting to now, after Xie Siyuan’s scientific feeding Jiang Mian has managed to gain two pounds.

–Jiang Mian herself doesn’t even know about it.

This time Qin Jingrun got a reply and looked carefully at the photos posted by Jiang Mian on Weibo not long ago and was barely satisfied.

Qin Jingrun used to hardly use Weibo but after Jiang Mian opened a Weibo account, this doting father couldn’t help but go into the his baby daughter’s weibo and read the comments—to see if anyone scolded Jiang Mian.

Random praise and comments on his weibo about his baby daughter would only lead to Jiang Mian’s weibo to fall so after thinking and thinking he went ahead and changed the weibo trumpet registered by Lin Xi a few months ago into [little baby] and if had nothing to do he would go and visit his baby daughter’s weibo.

The reason why he didn’t tell Jiang Mian was because he was afraid, she would get angry if she knew.

What Jiang Mian dislikes the most was that the four dads pay attention to her privacy which would make her have no sense of secret and security. Otherwise, the original owner would not want to live alone and drive away many nannies.

The film emperor father made up his mind, [little baby] this ID must be coveted tightly in front of his baby daughter and could not let his baby daughter know that he was the one operating behind the ID.

Hmm…He wants to be the most loyal fan of his baby daughter!



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