ECM 54.2


Chapter 54(2)

They came early and packed things up early, they were gathering together to get familiar with each other and chat when suddenly they saw a handsome man come in and were stunned in a moment.

Xu Zhaixing followed in and greeted with a smile.

“Hello, I’m Xu Zhaixing.”

All girls rushed out to their feet.

The girl with long curly hair and stylish who seemed to have an outgoing personality was called Zhou Yue, the girl who was soft and dressed plainly but has beautiful features was called Bai Feifei and the girl with short hair was called Xin Hui.

Seems like these people were quite nice to get along with.

When they introduced themselves to each other, Xu Yan was helping her make the bed. Zhou Yue secretly glanced at Xu Zhaixing for several times and asked excitedly in a low voice.

“Zhaixing your brother is so handsome! Does he have a girlfriend?”

Xu Zhaixing felt the situation was not good.


Zhou Yue: “Then what do you think about me being your sister-in-law?”

Xu Zhaixing: ” ….”

Sister, your being overzealous, right?

Zhou Yue of course was joking but she likes handsome men, and Xu Yan was the kind of young, successful and well-educated high-quality man which has a fatal attraction for girls who like mature men.

After making the bed, Xu Yan helped Xu Zhaixing put things back. Thinking of the phone call and earnest instruction of his third aunt for half an hour last night he said to Xu Zhaixing.

“Try the bed if you can sleep or nor, if you’re not used to it I will let You Tao to send your bedroom covers.”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly waived her hand.

“No need the trouble, it’s just a week I’ll just lie down and go over.”

Zhou Yue asked,

“What week? Zhaixing you do not want to live in the dormitory ah?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded.

“Well, I have more things to do so I found a house outside. You are welcome to come and play with me at any time.”

Several people were a little regretful but they didn’t say anything. There was a class meeting in the afternoon, Xu Yan basically took care of everything and leave the school after saying a few words to Xu Zhaixing.

Once he left, the atmosphere in the dormitory was more relaxed. Xu Zhaixing did not experience the dormitory life in her last life, at that time she had a low self-esteem and didn’t even make friends. Now she finally has a roommate and was living in a dormitory, she was very happy.

The four chatted for a while, through chatting Xu Zhaixing found that Zhou Yue was from a good family similar to her, she was outgoing and dared to say anything. Xin Hui has a bright personality but shy and a bit boyish. Bai Feifei was the most attractive of the three but she was introvert and shy, she seems to be from an average family background and has a little timid inferiority complex.

After chatting, the four went to dinner together arm in arm. The atmosphere was so happy that Xu Zhaixing didn’t want to live outside.

The first dinner of room 203 was in the Chinese restaurant in the life square. Zhou Yue also asked for a bottle of beer and poured a glass for each person. They were having a good time when someone suddenly shouted from the side.

“Schoolmate, we meet again. What a coincidence.”

Xu Zhaixing looked up and saw that it was the handsome senior from the reception just now.

Her roommates were all looking at her, and it was hard to say anything so she just smiled.


Qi Ze and his friend sat at the next table, he directly pulled a stool and sat down next to her.

“My name is Qi Ze a junior in broadcasting department. What’s the name of this junior sister? What major?”

Xu Zhaixing put a piece of sweet and sour pork into her mouth and said slowly.

“Senior asked so many questions, I’m going to misunderstand again oh.”

Qi Ze choked hearing this from her, but still smiled without losing his poise.

“I was the one who said something wrong before, I apologize to junior sister. As an apology this meal is on me.”

After saying that and without waiting for Xu Zhaixing to say anything, he directly asked the boss to bill him Xu Zhaixing’s table.

After paying, he smiled with a gentleman’s face.

“Can you tell me your name now?”

Xu Zhaixing: Are you playing an idol drama?

Asking for her name after paying the meal in a student restaurant was very similar to taking the heroine to buy clothes from high end store.

Zhou Yue in the side couldn’t help watching the gossip, she leaned over and whispered.

“Quite handsome ah, tell him.”

In front of so many people and on their first day of school, Xu Zhaixing didn’t want to embarrassed him directly and made the scene ugly. She said in a low voice.

“My name is Xu Zhaixing. You asked me my name, I hope you won’t do anything to make people misunderstand you next.”

Qi Ze didn’t seem to mind her tone at all and smiled very gently.

“Junior Sister Zhaixing, I’ll remember it.”

He got up and sat back down to his table, and Xu Zhaixing continued to eat her own sweet and sour pork. Zhou Yue gossiped and poked her waist.

“It’s only the first day of school but there are already seniors hitting on you, awesome. How did you meet?”

Xu Zhaixng did not raise her head.

“You like him? Go for it.”

“Forget it.”

Zhou Ye retracted her gossipy self.

“I still like you brother, do you agree that I should chase your brother?”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Today the peach blossoms of the Xu family were really blooming.

After dinner, the four went shopping to experience the supermarket life and small commodity street. The campus was full of new students, everywhere they could see the laugher, Xu Zhaixing felt how to be young once again.

After shopping, they went to buy milk tea. The milk tea store was crowded so after ordering the four of them were standing at the door while chatting and waiting.

Zhou Yue was talking about the class meeting in the afternoon and wanted to run for class president and told the three to vote for her when she suddenly heard someone next to her say.

“I asked, the freshman’s name is Xu Zhaixing, it seems that she’s from the media department.”

The four who were chewing the pearls turned back in unison to look over.

The girl with the phone sneered.

“This year’s freshmen are really capable, they haven’t even started going to school yet, they’ve already learned to seduced seniors, so cheap.”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

She looked at her roommates and pointed at herself.

“Are they cursing me?”

Zhou Yue: “Isn’t it obvious?”

Xin Hui who was on the dense side doesn’t know what happened, asked.

“Zhaixing, do you know them? Why are they scolding you?”

Bai Feifei who had been silently drinking tea, whispered.

“Is it because of that senior just now?”

After cursing, the girl sighed and patted the girl wearing the dress on the shoulder.

“Bei Bei, don’t be sad. Qi Ze is just trying something fresh, he’s like that, once he had enough his heart will go back to you. It’s more important for you to feel at ease for the preparation of your interview.”

The girl named Bei Bei smiled bitterly and looked at her milk tea.

“The interview is over, so it should be fine. It’s just that after I go over there, I’ll have even less time at school…..”

The two girls looked at each other and were a little angry. One of them said,

“Just call out the freshman and give her a good beating so she won’t dare to think about other people’s boyfriend anymore!”

Just as she finished speaking she heard an eerie voice behind them laughing as it said.

“How do you want to beat me?”

The three girls were so frightened that they almost spilled their milk tea and turned their head in horror.

Xu Zhaixing stood behind with her hands clasped as she stared at them with a smile. The girl with the phone was the first to react and said as if she was out of breath.

“Are you Xu Zhaixing?”

Xu Zhaixing smiled very kindly.

“Didn’t let you, did you?”

The group of three were embarrassed being caught gossiping behind her back, but no matter how embarrassed they were, they couldn’t lose their momentum. The girl who said beat Xu Zhaixing up said with a sneer.

“Little sister, you are still a freshman so you don’t know anything, I’ll give you some advice don’t hit on other people’s boyfriend. It’s better to keep yourself clean.”

Xu Zhaixng sighed despondently.

“Hey, I’m young and don’t know what to do, and I don’t want to listen to some advice, so what to do?”

The female student stomp her foot,

“What do you mean?”

Xu Zhaixing shrugged her shoulder innocently.

“Whatever you think it means.”

The female student froze by her white lotus temperament.

As she froze, the girl named, Bei Bei suddenly stood up and scolded in a trembling voice.

“That’s enough.”

Everyone around them looked over at once.

Bei Bei looks at Xu Zhaixing with tears in her eyes.

“Junior sister, since you like Qi Ze I hope you can treat this relationship well and take good care of him. Qi Ze has a bad stomach, remember not to give him spicy when eating with him. He likes to drink sugar free drinks and eat orange flavored gum. He always forgets to eat when he goes to the internet café to play games with his roommates, you remember to remind him on time. I’m okay, I wish you guys’ happiness.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Sorry, I guess the paragraph is not enough.

I lost.

Then Bei Bei ran away crying.

A group of people around the store were left to stare at Xu Zhaixing with the same righteous indignation as the mistress.

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Wah wah wah I was wrong I shouldn’t pretend to be a white lotus to tease them, who would have thought that I was actually effective acting like a white lotus.

She threw a pleading look at her three roommates.

Zhou Yue: “Although we sympathize there is no way to help you.”

Xin Hui: “We can help you fight, but there’s nothing we can do about this.”

Bai Feifei: “…Zhaixing, you’d better not use this kind of provocation in the future.”

The group of four quickly fled with their milk tea in the eyes of the people.

After going back to the dormitory and rested for a while, Zhou Yue shouted.

“Zhaixing! I found it! That one called Bei Bei is a senior in the broadcasting department and she is Qi Ze’s ex-girlfriend, the post said that she and Qi Ze were on and off. And no matter how many girlfriends Qi Ze change into he will eventually come backs to her.”

Zhou Yue was speechless.

“No wonder, she’s difficult to deal with.”

Xu Zhaixing lay on the bed breathless.

“It’s none of my business, I’m just a little shrimp who got hurt by mistake.”

Xin Hui angrily said.

“Scum! Luckily you didn’t like him, you should have not told him your name when we were eating just now!”

Bai Feifei who finished watering the plans she brought on the balcony came in and asked softly.

“Zhaixing, what do you think now?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Regret, I regret it too much now. Shouldn’t deliberately stimulate them, should have just smashed the milk tea on their heads.”

Bei Feifei covered her mouth, smiled and said.

“It’s no use regretting now, you’d better find them to make it clear. I think Bei Bei has a lot of tricks, it’s not good for you to go on like this.”

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand.

“I don’t have time for these dogs and cats, my time is precious.”

Recently there were many investment dramas that came to Chenxing, Xu Yan sent her more than a dozen emails to read them carefully and picked out the ones she liked and then he would went them over again.

And she recently had a new variety show ideas that were still in preliminary planning. She has to work to make money while studying so she doesn’t have time to take are of those irrelevant people.

After living in the school for a week, Xu Zhaixing moved out of the dormitory.

In fact she didn’t want move out, but it was too inconvenient to get from school to the company. Moreover, the dormitory had to checked if they were in and there was also electricity cut off which seriously interfered with her work schedule. She invited her roommate to have a meal together and officially move out.

The fact that she won’t continue living in the dorm was determined from the beginning but only her roommates and counselor knew about it. Within a few days of moving out a rumor suddenly spread through the department, that Xu Zhaixing was living with a senior outside.

Xu Zhaixing received this news when he just arrived at the downstairs of Chenxing, Zhou Yue was so angry on the phone shouted as she reported.

“Who the hell knows that Qi Ze is also living off-campus ah? The person who spread the rumor is too vicious, obviously to ruin your reputation!”

Bei Feifei took the phone and said.

“Zhaixing, I suspect Xia Beibei did it, Xin Hui is checking the IP. If it’s her what are you going to do?”

While walking inside, Xu Zhaixing said.

“What else can I do? Get her killed of course.”

The elevator across the hallway slowly close, she took two jogging steps.

“Stop the elevator!”

Someone held it in time.

She ran quickly at the same time Bai Feifei’s angry voice came from the receiver.

“We found out it Zhaixing, it’s really Xia Beibei! The IP is located at her dorm!”

Xu Zhaixing scurried into the elevator and before she could speak she saw Xia Beibei standing inside the elevator wearing a red dress, the gentle smile on her face froze when she saw her.

Xu Zhaixing paused for a few seconds, before she smiled slyly.

“Yo, if it isn’t Miss Xia. What a coincidence.”

Bai Feifei’s now frightened voice came from the phone.

“Don’t be impulsive Zhaixing, it’s illegal to murder!”



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