TMBAM 19.1


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 Chapter 19(1)

Everyone in this circle was smart. The next day, Mrs. Kin who talked to Gu Xueyi at the party took the initiative to call and wanted to ask Gu Xueyi to take a flower art class.

Gu Xueyi politely declined.

After that there were other what Mrs. Wang while Mrs. Zhang called to invite the appointment/

This was probably a sought after that the original owner never experienced.

But Gu Xueyi never lacked so she refused all of them.

She wants to settle the important matters of the Yan family than these. The Yan family was her platform to adapt to this world was her temporary shelter, the money she spends also comes from the Yan family.

Gu Xueyi changed her clothes and headed downstairs.

Downstairs Yan Wenbo sat on the sofa and was staring down at his palm, when he heard the footsteps, he immediately put away his hands quietly.

Gu Xueyi however had already seen what was in his hand.

It’s that badge.

In fact, it was not something remarkable. It was given by Gu Xueyi when she bought ice cream at an ice cream shop near the hotel after the dinner banquet yesterday.

The stuff was cheap but Gu Xueyi found the craftmanship of this era very interesting and kept it.

“No class today?”’

Gu Xueyi asked.


“I’m going out for a trip.”

Gu Xueyi said.

Yan Wenbo opened his mouth.

Why are you telling me that for?

The words came to his lips but he could he not say it.

This kind of greeting was like “tadaima” to your family every time you return home in a Japanese drama.

It was strange and unfamiliar but with a strong atmosphere of life that never existed in the Yan family before it suddenly burst into his sight.

By the time Yan Wenbo came back to his senses Gu Xueyi’s figure had already disappeared.

When Gu Xueyi got in the car, she called Chen Yujin.

Chen Yujin was sitting in the conference room at this time, chairing a high level meeting.

Yesterday’s banquet played its proper role and the banquet should of course be matched accordingly to bring out the best results.

At this time Chen Yujin’s assistant knocked on the door and handed out a phone.

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Jian is calling.”

Chen Yujin picked it up and put it to his ear, Jian Changming’s voice came out.

“If it’s convenient for Mr. Chen, let’s go to Baoxin in the afternoon.”

Jian Changming did not finish his words when a phone suddenly rang again.

Everyone in the meeting room looked at each other and finally locked their eyes unanimously on Chen Yujin’s body.

It was Chen Yujin’s personal phone that was ringing.

And the one handed over the assistant just was the phone that Chen Yujin uses for official business.

Chen Yujin promised Jian Changming at the other end of the call then took out his private phone, as soon as it was connected Gu Xueyi’s voice came out at the other end.

“I’m going to the Yan’s.”


Chen Yujin: “….”

He was holding a phone in his left hand and another phone in his right hand, when he accidentally hit the speaker.

Hearing the clear voice, the whole meeting room was instantly quiet.

That’s….Madam Yan, right?

Madam Yan has Mr. Chen’s personal phone number?

Where they know that Chen Yujin deal with official business numbers were reserved fore the people who would call that he must answer.

Those were insignificant, couldn’t even get his number.

And when Gu Xueyi asked for his number, since her identity was special but he could bear to deal with Yan Chao’s wife so in order to cut off the phone conveniently and hang up the call from the business number he left the private number.

Chen Yujin was used to receiving Gu Xueyi’s phone call these days so she didn’t feel anything wrong and picked it up smoothly.

The atmosphere was subtle for a moment, but that subtlety soon dissipated.

What everyone thinks more was that Mr. Chen was indeed one of President Yan’s right-hand assistants, he doesn’t even neglect Madam Yan.

Chen Yujin ordered his secretary to pick up Gu Xueyi and then continued the meeting.

After the meeting, Chen Yujin met Gu Xueyi at the company’s coffee shop.

“Let’s talk about Baoxin.”

Gu Xueyi came straight to the point.

Chen Yujin’s movement paused.

“Why is madam interested in this?”

He had to admit, compared to the past he doesn’t know what had happened to her but she had to change a lot.

She’s gotten really smart.

But she was still two worlds apart with Baoxin.

Gu Xueyi replied rather briefly and forcefully.

“I don’t want the Yan family to go bankrupt, I can’t live a poor life.”

Chen Yujin: “…”

It’s really…irrefutable.

The previous Gu Xueyi had all her ambitions written on her face but her mouth never mentioned all the benefits that the Yan’s brought her and she even always had to package herself as a victim to protest against the cold temperament of Mr. Yan. It was extremely disgusting.

And now Gu Xueyi, greatly and openly from her mouth…it doesn’t make people feel a little baf.

“Madam can rest assure that the Yan will not collapse because of Baoxin.”

“I have never believe only what I see with my eyes.”

Chen Yujin’s gaze twitched.

He thought so too.

Chen Yujin suddenly thought of the book “The Human Chair” that he saw that day when he came to the door of the Yan’s house. The current Gu Xueyi however always has something in common with him.

“It is your legal right to inspect the properties of the Yans.”

Chen Yujin said.

Gu Xueyi smiled faintly, stood up and asked.

“Is there any recommended food in the cafeteria of the Yan building?”

Neither of them mentioned Baoxin again because Gu Xueyi had already gotten the answer she wanted from Chen Yujin’s words.

Chen Yujin guided Gu Xueyi towards the cafeteria.

“You can try the squirrel cinnamon fish. It you eat spicy, you can also try boiled pork slices again. For soup you can try Buddha jumping wall…”

The employee of the Yan building watched Gu Xueyi and Chen Yujin go in the out side by side. Only then did they have a sense of reality that the Yan Chao has a wife.

When Gu Xueyi sat down to eat in the staff cafeteria, the hot search was talking about her and even various gossip forums were talking about her in a way that they could not wait to pick out her ancestors for 28 generations.

[Let’s talk about how good Gu Xueyi is?]

[Jiang Er gave her this is very impressive. Who is Jiang Er? He has a really bad temper, if he doesn’t give face he won’t give it. It’s hard for the heavenly king Lao Tzu to come. He is a businessman in a suit and a hooligan when he takes off his suit. Two years ago a businessman surname Lin made separatist remark at a trace fair, he rolled up his sleeve and beat people off the stage….]

[? Maybe it’s treating men and women differently?]

[Let’s pull it down, last time in Fengguo a local female reporter ran after his car and asked him if Jiang’s squeezing the living space of local enterprises in Fengguo was a black hearted capitalist style. Jiang Er stepped on the accelerator and stopped the female reporter’s car.]


[People who have confirmation their eyes, and SKR are cruel.]

[And Jiang Er and Yan Chao are really not very good at dealing with each other. Just watch Jiang Jing firth with Wenbo, Jiang Er’s ability to attend the banquet host by the Yan is almost equivalent to the fact that the prime ministers of YF and two countries suddenly sleep in a bed…]

[? The amazing analogy of JOJO upstairs?]

[Thanks to popular science I gradually understand the awesome point of this party…]

[To be reasonable, Gu Xueyi is really straight man chop 90% probability.]

[Clapped upstairs. Walking next to Gu Xueyi seems to be the secretary of Yan Chao, Chen Yujin. His resume is very awesome, there are no surprise he’s also good looking.]

[So Gu Xueyi is actually not all miserable, right…..? Surrounded by handsome men, rich and powerful, where is the tragedy?]

[Whether Gu Xueyi is miserable or not does not affect Jiang Meng who is disgusting stinking stupid. Menacing.]

[Don’t you think the most powerful person is President Yan? How did Gu Xueyi changed after she married him? It was totally different in front of the media before!]

[To narrate it in a quiet voice, in fact the scandal between Yan an Jiang Meng may be just unilateral. Yan is a workaholic, really workaholic. If you are interested you can search his news. You will find that he runs all over the world and works anytime and anywhere. And Yan is really… how to say, I went to do chores at a meeting a few years ago. I was lucky to meet him once, really very…gentleman like a jade. He really doesn’t look much like someone who can do this kind of thing.]

[The first time I ate rich melons in the front row. How could I eat more melons? Gu Xueyi was so lucky!]

[No, you look at her face and you think this is all her ability.]

[Crap, why doesn’t she go model? I want to see her walk the red carpet.]


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