Chapter 176

Instead Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen’s CP fan noticed her post and message her privately.

[Aunty do you like dog food too? Let me add you to our group! There are 2g of resources to give away ah!]

I’m not a fucking aunty!

Tang Wanwan was so angry added to the fact that after the returned home the system disappeared for no reason again, and Madam Qin’s attitude towards her returned to the way she used to, nitpicking at everything.

She always had to pick her faults at home every day. She couldn’t sit, stand or lie down finally Tang Wanwan couldn’t stand it.

She simply went out to find a beauty center to take care of her every day.

She originally thought she could receive a lot of resources and return to the peak of her glory when she returned to China from Hollywood.

But on the contrary there were still very few resources in her hands, some still asked her to match the 18th tier stars making Tang Tang green with angry.

In the end, seeing that Tang Wanwan was a bit pitiful Qin Zhao said to her.

“If you want to continue filming I’ll help you set up a studio.”

Tang Wanwan thought for a while, she felt that the reason she was left out in the cold was that the movie <<The Lady>> in Hollywood had not been released internationally yet.

When that film was released, her situation would be better. The Hollywood director told her when she was filming that it went well <<The Lady>> would be released in January next year.

It was now November, everything should go back the way it was for more than two months. By then she couldn’t wait.

“Let me think about it again.”

She said to Qin Zhao, if it didn’t work still she would have to rely on Qin Zhao.

Because of some work needs, Jiang Hengshu certified the weibo and changed the original “Hengshu” to “Jiang Hengshu. The personal introduction was empty and nothing was written.

After a long time, netizens realized that this Jiang Hengshu was the one they often talked about on the internet.

Netizens immediately ran around and telling each other about this information and in less than half a day the followers on Jiang Hengshu’s weibo rose from 100,000 dead followers to a million of live fans.

These fans were like scouts as they tried to find any clue about Mrs. Jiang on Jiang Hengshu’s weibo unfortunately up to now Jiang Hengshu’s certified weibo has only forwarded about entrepreneur and there was nothing else.

As the netizens looked through Jiang Hengshu’s list of following, because Jiang Hengshu’s weibo has just been certified there were not many people in the list, less than 20.

Generally speaking the first people to pay attention to must be more important and close people so the netizens directly checked backwards hoping to find Mrs. Jiang’s weibo.

But when they turned to the end, they found that the first person Jiang Hengshu paid attention to was Fu Zhen.

Heavens what kind of brotherhood is this?

Netizens curiously turned over Jiang Hengshu’s weibo and found that he had applied for this weibo for many years.

But only recently that he only like Fu Zhen’s post from beginning to end without fail.

Netizens at this time have opened their eyes, Jiang Hengshu could really praised Fu Zhen’s weibo from beginning to end.

Then what about Mrs. Jiang? Surely he would also show his affection to Mrs. Jiang on weibo since she was his wife.

However netizens did not find a candidate who might Mrs. Jiang among the remaining more than a dozen people.

They speculated that Mrs. Jiang did not open a weibo or Jiang Hengshu had another account. But most likely of the speculation was that Jiang Hengshu was only protecting Mrs. Jiang and was being cautious.

But no matter what they say, Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen—this brotherhood was too true. Fu Zhen was not a missing child of the Jiang family, right?

Netizens have work their brain to the fullest but they just don’t believe that Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen would have an affair.

Only their CP fans eat sweets willingly, it seems that the two G sources could add a heavy sum today.

Either because Jiang Hengshu has a wife and has a good relationship with his wife, these CP fans want to go to the Chaohua square between Jiang Hengshu and Fu and shout.

They are real!

Fu Zhen was busy filming and contacting the special effect company these days and doesn’t pay much attention to these gossip on the internet.

When he starts to brush the weibo, the heat of this matter has passed, therefore he and Jiang Hengshu’s CP fans have expanded from a small group of 200 people to three large groups of 1000 people.

Fu Zhen went to the mall and bought two autumn clothes for himself and Jiang Hensghu. When he came out, he happened to meet Luo Xi.

Luo Xi looked much better than when he saw him last time, he stood in front of Fu Zhen and bowed to him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t seem to seriously apologize to you. I was really sorry.”

Fu Zhen recalled that the last time he saw Luo Xi, he seemed to have given himself a humble speech.

He acknowledge him and calmly asked Luo Xi in front of him.

“Have you found Chen Mo?”

“Found her.”

Luo Xi raised his head and smiled, his eyes were full of bitterness. After Chen Mo broke up with him, she aborted the child in her stomach and completely severe her relationship with him.

Now she has someone she likes again, they love each other and have a new life of their own. And there would be no Chen Mo in his later life.

Fu Zhen didn’t know what charm Tang Wanwan had that as soon as she appeared she took away everyone’s love. But now it seems that people who used to like her don’t like her very much anymore.

Luo Xi was like this, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were also like this and so were the majority of netizens.

“I don’t know how I was suddenly fascinated by Tang Wanwan.”

Luo Xi sighed.

“I’m not making excuses for myself, at that time my whole person seemed to be controlled by something. I pull all my love for Momo on Tang Wanwan, every time I saw Momo I feel like I was looking at a stranger.”

Luo Xi said this and paused for a while, he then continued and said to Fu Zhen.

“Your father and brother may be the same.”



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