Chapter 27

The situation outside was no better than that warehouse in the supermarket.

Many people in the school ran outside the school after avoiding the zombies, most of them awakened their ability. When Qin Zhang and his five people who went to find food went up against them, their whole body suffered a lot of injuries.

Several times, they relay of several people and drag them down then finally run away.

Tang Tang slept for a while day before waking up, when she woke up she found that her head was pillowed comfortably. But before she could clear her head, she subconsciously rubbed her face on the “comfortable pillow” when she heard another boy’s voice coming from the side.

“Tang Tang, you’re awake! How do you feel? Besides the injury on your hand, is there anything else that is uncomfortable?”

Qin Zhang sat directly opposite the place of Jiang Zhu and Tang Tang, as soon as there was movement Tang Tang noticed immediately.

She opened her eyes at this time, only to realize that he was lying in Jiang Zhu’s arms.

She blinked, letting her blurred vision clear up a bit. She then thought of something and her body suddenly stiffened.

Wait so what did she rubbed with earlier?


Tang Tang looked at Qin Zhang after hearing him, and almost all together turned her attention to herself. Just now, she rubbed around Jiang Zhu’s neck. Not everyone saw it right!

Boom—she blew up.

Ahhhh! This is so embarrassing!!!

Tang Tang was shouting full blast but on the surface she behave very calm.

“No, it’s just my arms is a little sore.”

Tang Tang answered Qin Zhang’s question and raised her arm and did not expect that even with a gentle move her little face wrinkled in an instant.

Aw! Just like before, it’s sour again!

Jiang Zhu naturally supported her, and put one hand around her shoulder while the other hand was put around her sore arm and gently rubbed it for her.

Tang Tang froze by this behavior of Jiang Zhu and tried to put her arm back after reacting but heard Jiang Zhu said.

“Don’t move.”

Tang Tang tilted her face,

“It’s okay, this arm will be healed soon.”

“En, it will get better soon.”

The other five who was suddenly shove with dog food: “….”

After a while, Qin Zhang coughed.

“Ahem, that, all the food we found is here.”

With that, he moved all the food he had collected out aside to the table in front of him.

Tang Tang looked around and saw that the table in front of her was full of all kinds of foods, including bagged snacks, compressed biscuits and several bags of instant noodles. The food would be even better if there were chicken legs and chicken feet, a large table was filled.

“Those small supermarkets and grocery stores outside are basically robbed of everything that can be robbed. We estimated that these people can’t take them before so there are left in the corner, this time we robbed others and it took a lot of effort to get so much back.”

Qin Zhang said with a heavy sigh.

“I’ve been busy for several days but there’s only this much! Alas!”

With these words, the atmosphere between several people was a quite dull.

They were not dissatisfied with these things, but at the end of the world even if these solve the current problem there would always be a time when all this food would be eaten and everything in the world would long run out. After all the production of the most basic food source, would have stopped after the end of the world.

Several people sighed one after another.

Tang Tang also has the same worry, although she has hidden space the sized of this space was limited after all. And she also contains a lot of other things, even if she eats alone it was not possible that the rations would last forever.

The continuous possession of food was a very important thing.

But at present they have no other choice.

After a while, Qin Zhang found that the atmosphere had condensed since he said something. He scratched his head and quickly change the topic again.

“Several of us have already eaten when we were looking for food outside. Tang Tang, Jiang Zhu have you eaten yet?”

As soon as Tang Tang woke up she remembered she was hungry.

Shaking her head, she said.

“I haven’t eaten yet.”

Then she turned her head to look Jiang Zhu behind her and asked.

“Did you not eat either?”

Jiang Zhu nodded.

Tang Tang think so too, the food she has taken out in the gym was not much and was estimated that it wouldn’t last long in the coming days. Thinking of these, she took out two bags of instant noodles and water from the hidden space one for each person.

Tang Tang saw the wounds on several of them specially Qin Zhang, they were probably anxious looking for food in a hurry and probably did not mind the scratches. Some were stretched out long marks where the blood flowed out of dyed clothes mixed with ash making the appearance looked wretched.

“I have medicine here, apply it in?”

Tang Tang conjured up several bottles of medicine from the hidden space and handed them to Qin Zhang.

Qin Zhang took it and said his thanks her. After applying the medicine on his and Qi Mu’s wound, he looked at the silent trio on the other side.


He muttered in inwardly, didn’t Han Feng talk a lot before? Why wasn’t he saying any word for a long time now? Did someone injure his throat with an ability? Was he muted?

Qin Zhang looked at Tang Tang and then looked at the silent trio, and made an action of handing the medicine to them in which Tang Tang understood. He was asking her whether he could also give the medicine to them.

Tang Tang nodded.

When Qin Zhang saw that she agreed so he handed over the medicine.

“Why don’t you guys apply some medicine too? It should get better a little faster.”

The trio looked at each other, and for a moment they were just squirming whether to accept it or not. Qin Zhang couldn’t take in anymore and put the medicine on their hands.

“Tang Tang agreed, what are you doing? It’s the end of the world, there is no time to dawdle! When there is medicine, we should be grateful and not waste time dilly-dallying.”

The trio looked at Tang Tang in unison and found that she had a calm expression and for a moment their faces shows embarrassment as they stuttered and their thanks her.

“Thank, thank you.”

After applying the medicine, it was time to discuss what would happen next.

The store was surrounded by a several windows in small sizes so if someone passes by and looks inside curiously, they might get seen from outside.

While everything was fine as long as they weren’t notice by the zombies, and the current situation in front of them was the food filling the table.

“How about these foods, first let Tang Tang keep it in the hidden space?”

Qin Zhang said after considering.

Qi Mu nodded.


After hearing this, Tang Tang had no objection. Anyway, her hidden space was now empty because she had taken out a lot of things before, so she had a lot of space she could spare for the food.

She just doesn’t know if those other three would agree to this kind of setting after all they have been distrustful of her before. She’s afraid they would worry about her secretly eating their food or running away.

With this thought, she looked towards the three and saw that the three struggled for a while before they finally nodded and agreed.

“Yes, we also agree.”

After she took all the food in her hidden space, Jiang Zhu looked at everyone with a serious expression.

“The hidden space is something we all have to guard.”

Everyone nodded together.

The shop was a not a place where they could stay for a long time, they only plan to sat here to recuperate from all the injuries or wait until Yan Zhen wakes up before they leave.

They originally decided to do this option, but things were always unforeseen from what they plan and unexpected always comes suddenly.

The next night, a strange wind suddenly blew outside the shop they were staying.

The whistling wind blew the window making a clanging sound, and made them worried that the window would suddenly shatter.



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