TMBAM 18.2

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Chapter 18(2)

[Hello Director Li, this is Gu Xueyi. It’s hard for you to take care of Yan Wenjia, if he behaves abnormally again please inform me in time.]

At the other end, Director Li receiving the text message was immediately happy after reading the message.

After sending the message, Gu Xueyi went into the bathroom.

At this time, Yan Wenbo also returned to the Yan family’s mansion. He walked upstairs quickly with a sullen face and ended up bumping to Yan Wenshu.

“When did you come back?”

Yan Wenbo asked callously.


“Did you go to the party?”


“What time did the party end?”

Yan Wenbo bit the back of his gums unobtrusively.

“Nine thirty.”

“That early?”

It made him almost jumped.

The expression on Yan Wenshu face was a little strange.

“Because…because Gu Xueyi, said she want to go to bed early.”

Yan Wenbo: “?”

When Yan Wenshu saw Yan Wenbo’s confused and shocked expression and made her feel that she was not the one who was strange. She herself felt amazed, no shocked.

Jian Changming, Jiang Yue, Chen Yujin and others….surprisingly all agree to Gu Xueyi’s proposal and really went home 9:30 on time!

Yan Wenbo passed by Yan Wenshu and strode upstairs.

“You went to look for Gu Xueyi?”

Yan Wenshu couldn’t help but asked.

She wanted to remind him that Gu Xueyi was a bit difficult to deal with right now. But after thinking about it, she gave up the idea, also even before she could say anything Yan Wenbo was already gone in a blink of an eye.

This was the first time that Yan Wenbo took the initiative to come outside Gu Xueyi’s bedroom.

Without thinking, he raised his hand and knocked on the door, knocking sharply.

Right at this moment he was relaxed, but he do not know why he was angry earlier and did not initiate a fight.

The door soon opened.

“Hmm? What is it?”

As her voice sounded, Gu Xueyi’s figure appeared by the door. She was wearing a nightgown, her hair was still a little wet and her entire countenance looked entirely someone who just got out of the shower.

The words in Yan Wenbo’s throat choked up for a moment.

He hastily looked away.

In fact, the way Gu Xueyi dresses were not inappropriate at all but young people always have strange associations. Yan Wenbo pressed his thought to death and felt a bit ashamed.


Yan Wenbo squeezed out his voice, then turned his head and walked quickly downstairs.

When he reached the second floor, Yan Wenbo turned around and walked back.

He knocked on Gu Xueyi’s door once again.

Gu Xueyi’s hair was just blow drying her hair halfway when she hear the knock on the door again, she slightly narrowed her eyes. Her face still looked soft and delicate but her gaze was cold and even a little sharp.

“If it’s not clear this time….”

Yan Wenbo’s back tightened.

“Did the party….go well?”

“It went well.”

Gu Xueyi paused.

“Know how to care for people now? En, there is growth.”

Yan Wenbo was seriously praised by her making his back tightened more and his face burn.

He had never received such compliment for such trivial matter before.

Gu Xueyi turned around and walked back inside the room.

Yan Wenbo suddenly tensed up.

She would not…..have to get the belt again, would she?

When Gu Xueyi turned around and walked back again, she spread her palm and on it was a badge. The badge did not look expensive, just round bottom shell with a little pattern painted on it and a star set in the middle.


Gu Xueyi placed the star in his hand before closing the door.

Yan Wenbo stood there in daze, unconsciously tightened his fingers and clutched the star badge.

This was the first time he has received….a “reward”.

In the crew, Yan Wenjia finally got the news he wanted to see.

#Celica Party#

Hot search ranking 26.

But before he could read the content Yan Wenjia needs to finished first another scene, before he went back then sit down to refresh—

It was now the third most searched.

@IShouldBe-A-Lovey: [picture] [picture]….I got this picture from a journalist friend! Gu Xueyi is so ravishing! In the whole world! I’m amazed after looking at the photos, the only one who styled her is the moon. The moon you really rocked it this time! I’m convinced! Gu Xueyi also slays it! I want to beg the hotel to lay a red carpet under her feet! Can you imagine a big beauty with picturesque eyebrows and classical temperament like a river of autumn water but with a strong presence? #Celica Party.]

Yan Wenjia’s gaze lagged.

It was a great beauty.

It was someone who quietly intrudes into each other’s defense.

It was a person who dresses warmly with a little polite smile on the corner of her mouth and turns her head to nearly hold someone down in the water.

His gaze shifted down again.

@FuDaisawme: I was surprised! Jiang Er went to the party of the Yan’s family! I’m afraid some friends don’t understand so let me say something about it….Mr. Jiang Yue who is now a real power house is called Jiang Er. The Jiang’s and Yan’s are not in good terms, people in the circle know this but when the Yan’s held a party, he attended! Madam Yan came out to pick up the people in persona and so I will put the picture here as evidence [picture] to provide you with a brief introduction. It was said that Jiang Er’s brother had a fight with third young master Yan, when Jiang Er went to the Yan’s to have a say but when he left, he brought a box of strawberries instead! I don’t know but what do you guys think? In fact, I suddenly think that if Mr. Yan Chao don’t come back, this CP is a little delicious.]

[????? Seeing the ID of the poster for the first time, I understand why the poster dares to have such bold idea.]

[Saying in a low voice, I second too. The Yan’s always has something with Jiang Meng, frowning.]

Yan Wenjia: “….”

He bent his fingers and tapped report.

Somewhere in Africa.

The young man took a freshly unwrapped piece of medical gauze from his men and pressed it on his forehead without blinking.

The young man then fished out his phone.

There was only one latest message from the bank card.

“Your card number ending with  **** on October 17 at 21:33 quick payment expense 1100 yuan (Pink Ice Cream Jinli Road branch)….”

She bought an ice cream?

It was hot, surrounded by mosquitoes, infested with diseases and poor environment.

But the short message from the bank that he received every day seems to have a kind of fun for him to read every day.


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