Chapter 44

Single mother with a son?

Ye Wan’s heart tightened when she heard this word.

She looked up in disbelief and looked at the handsome peach eyed man on the sofa.

And the next second, Su Luzhu’s information was thrown back into her arms.

Li Yinchen’s handsome face was filled with a “weird uncle” smile.

“The child is about five or six years old, he is smart, cute, clever and sensible. People can’t help feeling distressed, and wants to take out all their pocket money to reward him and want to know whether he has been bullied every moment.”

With that, his smile faded.

“You have three days, whoever can find him will get the surprise bonus at the end of the year. Otherwise all benefits are cancelled.”

Ye Wan who stood behind Gu Shen had a nervous and strange expression but was relieve after a while.

It was not until she walked out of the President’s office that she gave a light smile.

What was she thinking about?

How come when she hears single mother, she thought of Ye Susu?

The world was so big that live rooms were added by the hundreds every day, and there was more than one single mother other than Ye Susu.

And Ye Xun, that child couldn’t say more than ten words with three sticks.

Let alone was he was cute and smart, that audience want to reward him.

She went to Ye Susu’s house before, every time she spoke to Ye Xun she was ignored by the boy. He only stared at the floor and didn’t know whether he understood what she said.

He was timid and not likeable at all.

“Ye Wan, write an email and send it to all the teams. Tell them to keep an eyes on all platforms to see if there are any kids like the boss said. If there are similar children they would rather make a mistake than let go and report to me immediately.”

“Okay, Lao1 Zhu.” (TN: indicating the order of birth in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity)

Ye Wan smiled but somewhat reluctant.

“That Lu Suzhu…”

“Just promote her until you find the kid, but boss Li is not satisfied so how will you package her? If the data doesn’t improve significantly next week treat her as a regular anchor.”

Ye Wan’s face stiffened, and only after a while did she able to squeeze out a smile.


After the people left, she took out her phone and quickly looked at the live streaming platform.

After confirming that “Susu Sauce” had not been live for two days, she was completely relieved.

It was not her and Ye Xun.

And on the other side—

“I remember it going this way, well, yes.”

Ye Susu walked while looking and sniffing the surroundings.

The second time she went to kindergarten she basically knew her way around.

Where they live was really close to the kindergarten.

The agency brother said it was a 20-minute walked but he still reported larger number.

From the back door of the Begonia Garden passing through a sub district office and the traffic police office, takes quarter on an hour to vaguely see the cub’s kindergarten.

This school was still entrusted with the help of Xia Ningmeng to stuff the children at that time.

The quality of education was considered good.

But after yesterday’s dismissal incident Ye Susu was clearly not satisfied with this kindergarten.

If it weren’t for yesterday’s homework assignment and the need to rely on the teacher to give the little red flower she would have considered letting the cub miss a few days of school to experience the rapid decline of being raised loose.

But thinking about it, she rubbed her hands together with some nervousness and anticipation.

“Child, you put the craft work you did yesterday in your little school bag, right?”

Ye Xun froze but quickly nodded his little head.

“Well, it give it well to the teacher.”

Ye Susu saw the kindergarten gate was already on sight so she turned back and checked the cub again.

When she saw that his small hands were stuffed in his pockets, under the trouser was his legs that was tightly wearing a thick socks and the small white shoes on yesterday’s incident was also wiped clean, she was relieved to touch his head.

“I’ll pick you up this afternoon and I’ll bite anyone who bullies you again.”

Ye Susu talked loudly.

She said as she walked forward.

But soon she felt a gentle tug on the back hem of her coat.

Once she looked down she saw the little one’s short white fingers grasping the hem of her coat.

“Mommy….just stop here.”

Ye Xun with an unknown expression on his face looked towards the kindergarten.

He spoke in a low voice almost drowned out by the sound of the horn on the side of the road.

She used to walk him to the previous traffic light, wait for the last crossing and stop at the intersection and let him walk to the kindergarten by himself.

She never walked him to the gate.

It turns out that he did not understand and always felt that Ye Susu was bad.

But yesterday, on the rare occasion that she dropped him at the door in the morning and picked up at the door in the evening he was happy but it ended up with her being scolded by the parents of the other kids.

“In the afternoon….mommy is also coming later.”

It turns out that every day he felt like he was waiting so hard but it wasn’t until yesterday that he finally understood why Ye Susu was late.

“I, I’ll just walk over to …..by myself and mess with it.”

Although Ye Susu pretended that it was okay, she knew this feeling of being bullied and was sad.

He deflated but soon the corners of his mouth gave a slight grin.

This was nothing.

He’s a big boy now.

In a few years he would be able to go to school on his own, just like his big brother next door. Without even the need for his mommy to accompany him on this journey.

With that in mind, he felt a little better.

Probably because he was always unaware of things those uncles and aunts do not like to see him live, only then they would all leave.

Ye Xun’s small hands tightly squeezed inside the trouser.

“Wah wah, child is not all grown up so you don’t want me anymore?”

But in the next second, Ye Susu’s was and soft voice was like a hot spring injected into his ears on a cold day.

Ye Xun froze and looked up.

Ye Susu seemed to be very afraid of the cold, she circled several layers of plaid thick wool scarved. Her neck was airtight and she was wearing coat and hat, she only showed a small part of her face that at the moment was crying.

He was stunned before reaching out to touch the small wool scarf of the same design and color on his neck—the same style as Ye Susu which was newly bought in the department store that day.

He touched it and was a little distracted.

This was the mother-son costume that Xiaopang said, right?

Thinking about this his little heart suddenly jumped.

Ye Susu approached and touched his head.

“Well, off you go. Mommy will stand here and watched you enter the kindergarten, be careful of the cars on the side of the road. You have to look around before you cross.”

Although she has never been a human, she has still the full ability to survive in the wild.

As cubs, it was true that one could not rely too much their old mother.

The cub was right.

She really should give him a little space to stretch his legs and feet alone.

Thinking so, Ye Susu couldn’t help squatting down and continued to talk uneasily.

“Then you play well with the kids, come back and tell me if you’re not happy~”

Ye Susu continued to touch his head.

“If you have green vegetables at noon, eat more and don’t leave them. Otherwise you’ll have stomachache at night and squat in the toilet and won’t come out, you know?”

“And ah, mommy also secretly stuffed dried fish and steamed bread with mice in your schoolbag. You can eat it when you are hungry. Don’t bring back the snacks from the kindergarten just eat them in the classroom. Eat more so that you can grow tall and strong like your uncle at home, you know?”

With that, she used her hand to compare the height of the ‘man destined to become popper scooper’1. (tn: the romanization for this is shiguan meaning popper scooper, just use the meaning cuz I think its more appropriate.)

Naturally, it was the kind that was several heads taller than the little cub.

After a few consecutives words, Ye Susu saw that it was not early so she straightened his clothes.

“Go ahead, when you get to class don’t forget to say hello to the teacher.”

Kittens naturally must pay homage to the chief so that they can be taken care of by the chief.

When Ye Xun heard this his grapes black eyes flashed and finally nodded.

He took a small step forward overstepped and turned back.

Ye Susu was in place smiled at him and waved her hand.

He took two more steps forward then turned back.

Ye Susu’s expression got a little more serious.

“You can’t look back when you walk, it’s too dangerous.”

Kittens in the end has a lack of survival experience.

This time, Ye Xun seemed to be restrained by her expression as he pursed his li[s and nodded quickly.

This time, finally no longer turning around his small shoulder carrying a small school bag with his small legs moved forward step by step.

When the two mother and son left, the Cadillac parked at the intersection of the kindergarten also finally stepped on the accelerator again and drove slowly towards the elevated direction.

On the road.

Liu Zhen in the front seat from time to time turned back and looked to the back of the car.

That all cold and arrogant look of that man, was different today. Not only did he wear a meticulous custom suit from head to toe but was dressed casual clothing and his face was darker than usual.

Tall and….strong.


Liu Zhen silently turned back.

“Boss, the meeting with Dr. Dong is scheduled for 12:00 noon.”


The words with emphasis on force were almost spit out from the between the teeth.


At the entrance of the kindergarten until he saw Ye Susu’s back disappear, Ye Xun wrinkled his little brow and held his school bag and approached the small classroom on the first floor.

“Xiao Yezi! Did you come alone again today?”

“I heard from my mom that you really don’t have a dad! Now even mommy doesn’t want you?”

Ye Xun didn’t even look back, he recognized Xiao Pang’s voice.

At the word, he clenched his fist in his small and in chagrin.

Right oh, he just didn’t even say ‘mommy, bye’ to Ye Susu….

Why did he forget?

Obviously he had talked to Ye Susu every day before.

In the past two days she seems to have become as gentle as other mothers, better than before and he even feels he likes her more so why did he forget to tell her today?

He frustratingly shoved his small school bag into the classroom locker and simply ignored Xioa Pang beside him.

But then remembering what Ye Susu had explained to him he finally turned around and spoke.

“Xiao Pang, I can’t give you the chicken for lunch today.”

“Why?! I’ll save all the little treats for you! Trade with you!”

Because mommy told him to eat more and grow taller and stronger in the future.

Thinking, the corner of Ye Xun’s mouth couldn’t help but rise a little but he soon held it.

“I don’t want your snacks anymore.”

His mommy cooks now every day.

The egg soup she makes was better than the small bread in the kindergarten.

“Huh? Didn’t you say there wasn’t much food at home to take back for the evening?”

“No, mommy made little mouse buns for me.”

Xiao Pang, who was holding the plane in his hand suddenly his face changes its expression.

“Little mouse steamed bun? What is that?”

Ye Xun turned his back and covered the zipper of his school bag tightly.

“It’s nothing.”

Xiao Pang’s face howled mournfully.

“Why are you so stingy? You tell me, I’ll give you my LEGO to play ah.”


Ye Xun turned around coolly.

“I played at home yesterday too.”

Xiao Pang’s face froze on his tracks.

“Okay, everyone be quiet oh.”

It didn’t take long for the substitute young female kindergarten teacher to walk into the classroom with a gentle face on her face.

“How did you all do with the homework you were given yesterday? Let’s sit down and come up one by one to share okay?”


“Yes, teacher.”



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