ECM 54.1


Chapter 54

Although she thought so but she couldn’t say it, it was a precious opportunity to treat him so how could she used it so quickly. She just met him today, this should be enough for her to savor for a long time. She’d better wait until next time, until she crazily missed him enough.

Xu Zhaixing painfully waved her hands to her idol.

“Then brother, bye. See you next time!”

Cen Feng nodded.

“See you next time.”

When the car started, Xu Zhaixing grabbed the window and waved reluctantly until the car merged into the traffic flow and could no longer see her idol so she sat back with a long sigh.

The cab driver looked at her through the rearview mirror and jokingly laughed.

“Little girl, so sad to see your boyfriend off?”

Xu Zhaixing righteously refuted him.

“Not a boyfriend, master you don’t talk nonsense.”

Cab driver: “Aiya, still shy.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Forget it, you mortal don’t understand the mood of a star chaser girl.

She commented as she immersed herself in her deep mother child relationship alone.

The car drove halfway when You Tao called her to ask where she was, she bought fruits and vegetables originally intended to wait for the eldest young lady to wake up and cook dinner for her. Subsequently she didn’t hear from her until this time so she went to Xu Zhaixing’s house and found that she was not at home.

Xu Zhaixing nibbled on her ice cream.

“I’ve eaten dinner outside and will be back later, you can put the fruits in the freezer and go home.”

You Tao answered and reminded her.

“Miss, you are going to report to school tomorrow. Remember to prepare the documents and information in advance.”

School was starting soon.

Only then did Xu Zhaixing regain her freshman self-consciousness.

After admitting to the Communication University, which was different from before. Both the environment, students and teacher were no longer the same group, she was greeted by a brand-new university life, even if she doesn’t know what would happen and what she would encounter.

When she thinks about it, she was actually vaguely looking forward to it.

The next day Xu Zhaixing didn’t sleep in when You Tao bought breakfast, she had already washed. Wearing a simple t-shirt with jeans, white board shoes, backpack, a ponytail as usual, looking all youthful and full of vitality.

You Tao complimented her.

“Miss, you are so beautiful.”

Xu Zhaixing replied while gnawing on a pancake fruit.

“You said yesterday that I don’t look good without meat on my face.”

You Tao was a little embarrassed.

“I was only talking nonsense to coax you to eat more, now you are also good looking.”

In fact, the baby fat on her face hasn’t faded, but her facial features have become a lot more three dimensional than before. There was a kind of delicate feeling of how a girl has finally growing up, coupled with her clean and energetic temperament, she was a full fledge beautiful girl.

After breakfast, You Tao helped her checked the documents and information she should bring, after confirming that they were correct she was ready to go to school.

Xu Zhaixing thought that it was You Tao who would accompany her but when she went downstairs to the underground garage she found that Xu Yan was already waiting there in his black Mercedes.

Xu Zhaixing moved forward and welcome him.

“Brother, you will send me?”

Xu Yan glanced at her.

“Your parents specifically called last night to explain, how dare I not follow.”

He then said to You Tao.

“I’ll send her on, give you the day off.”

You Tao nodded, and handed the shoulder bag to Xu Zhaixing before helping her close the car door and leave.

Xu Yan drove the car out of the basement, this time was the morning rush hour and traffic jams all the way but they were not in a hurry after all they have all morning to report.

Xu Yan drove slowly and talked to her about the company.

“Do you think you should let Jinjin participate in that variety show of yours?”


Xu Zhaixing put the phone away.

“Forget about her. Her character is not suitable for reality TV, easy to attract black powder.”

The majority of audience that watched Zhao Jinjin now was mostly from her TV series, and the roles she plays were gentle, kind, beautiful and clever. Some of the usual interviews were usually under the table which basically won’t expose her irritable character of frying when she was silly and cranky but sweet character.

Once she would be put in the reality show, the show would definitely be over.

National first love should stay as national first love or they would break the hearts of the audience.

Xu Yan laughed.

“I thought so too.”

He paused and said helplessly with a bit of headache.

“But she is now clamoring to be on this variety show.”

Xu Zhaixing was puzzled.

“Just because she wants to clamor you and you let her be? Brother, I thought you used to be authoritative, how come I think Zhao Jinjin is not afraid of you now?”

Xu Yan: “…”

Xu Zhaixing was distressed.

“Brother you have changed, you are no longer the ruthless and resolute General Manager Xu!”

 Xu Zhaixing thought for a while.

“Well, tell her is she can keep losing her temper no more than twice before the list of entertainment guests is officially confirmed let her go.”

Xu Yan inclined his head and smiled as he looked at her.

“That’s what she can’t do in her life.”

Xu Zhaixing spread her hands.

“Blame me?”

She continued to pick up her phone and brush on her weibo. After brushing for a while, she still said.

“In the future, the variety show will develop better and better. She will certainly participate in the reality show, she still has the time to change her temper by that time.”

In the future, when domestic entertainment reality shows bloom everywhere, even if you don’t want to you will surely be seen that even the slightest black material would be magnified. According to Zhao Jinjin’s character of tearing up when there a disagreement it would result of her gaining more black fans.

Its’s better to give her a wake-up call now and let her know to curb her temper than to salvage it in the future when things go wrong.

Xu Yan did not say anything, just nodded approvingly.

When car drove to the school, people were already coming and going at the entrance of the school. The new students who came to report were all excited and eager, but slightly nervous and apprehensive while the seniors who greeted them were warm and friendly and there was full of vitality everywhere.

Xu Zhaixing got out of the car first and let Xu Yan find a parking space by himself while she stood in front of the sign to of the check-in process.

She stood there slightly tilted her head as the morning sun sprinkled all over her. She didn’t have to do anything, it was a beautiful and pure scenery it was reasonable to say that she and Zhao Jinjin were the same type, they were first love type that could tease the boys crazy heart of type.

The senior students who received the freshmen competed with each other but in the end, no one win so finally they decided their qualifications through rock-paper-scissors. After the scuffle Qi Ze the famous playboy in the department finally won and walked proudly towards Xu Zhaixing.

As soon as he left, the boys behind him pounded their chests.

“Why did you let him win? Another girl is going to be harmed by a scum!”

Qi Ze was handsome, his family has money and he also plays basketball well. At school, fans could row from the canteen to the dormitory. He was scum who changes girlfriends like he was changing clothes however even knowing this many girls were addicted to his sweet words and debauchery. They all think they were special one but the ending was self-evident.

The boys at the reception wailed as they say the new girl suffer the stains of the scum again.

Qi Ze confidently walked up to Xu Zhaixing and smiled very friendly and handsomely.

“Hello junior, I’m from the reception. Can I help you?”

Xu Zhaixing had been through the university check-in and every school process was actually similar so she knew it after a short glance. She turned her head and smiled politely as him.

“Thank you, no need.”

With this smile, Qi Ze felt that he was really excited this time.

Although this was what he feels every time.

He understood this little sister’s shyness in refusing to welcome her, and said patiently.

“Our school is very big and several offices are located in different places. Are you alone? Let me take you there, where is your luggage?”

Xu Zhaixing felt that this senior was overly enthusiastic and finally turned her head to look at him seriously.

Quite handsome but his eyes were “I want to pick you up” hint was too obvious.

Xu Zhaixing decided once and for all, she couldn’t let the Zhou Mingyu incident appear in her college career again. She smiled apologetically.

“Sorry senior you’re not my type.”

Qi Ze: “?”

He was actually rejected so simply? This was the first time he encountered this kind of girl.

Those people in back were still watching so Qi Ze was a little embarrassed. He takes out his slag man sign and smiles.

“Junior sister, it’s too early to say whether you like it or not? And I just want to help you with your luggage, I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

What? Blaming me for being amorous?

Xu Zhaixing was about to speak, when Xu Yan who parked the car came over for who knows when and walked to Qi Ze, he asked in a low voice.

“What’s the misunderstanding?”

Qi Ze was startled, he turned his head to see the eyes of unhappy Xu Yan and made him who was in perennial high position of the hegemony down. His proudly handsome face suddenly become so green..

Xu Zhaixing asked.

“Brother did you park the car?”

Xu Yan nodded and took two steps forward, nonchalantly spacing Qi Ze who was rubbing against Xu Zhaixing far away.

“Let’s go.”

Qi Ze: “….”

Big brother seems to have a big misunderstanding about me.

Xu Zhaixing smiled politely at the senior and followed Xu Yan away. After walking a few steps, Xu Yan warned her unhappily,

“Stay away from such suspicious of boys in the future. Boys who wanted to chat with you have a purpose of hitting on you, although you are in college don’t fall in love casually.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

Brother it didn’t drowned to me that you are controlling to your younger sister?

She put up three fingers at Xu Yan who threw an eye knife.

“Don’t worry, no puppy love.”

Love what love, I already have my time full chasing with my idol.

Qi Ze didn’t lie, the school was really big just the check in process was done more than an hour. When all formalities were done, Xu Yan took Xu Zhaixing to the counselor to apply for stay out.

It didn’t take long for the counselor to approve her application to staying out of the dorm for four years but she was required to stay in the dorm for the first week of school because she needed to submit documents for registration at any time during the first week of school so it would be easier to stay in the dorm.

Xu Zhaixing nodded her head in agreement.

Since she wants to stay for a week, she still has to buy bedding and daily necessities, Xu Yan feels that he has experience the life of raising a daughter in advance. Holding a quilt cover and carrying a water bottle into the girl’s dormitory, almost all the girls were looking at him.

Xu Zhaixing was assigned to dormitory room number 203 and when she went in, the other three girls were already there.



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