Chapter 64

Something happened in the company so Xu Yanwen was busy all day, he started the meeting in the morning and didn’t come out the conference room until 12 noon.

He returned to his office with the documents, a moment later there was a knocked at the door. He raised his voice and said come in, then went to check the email on his computer.

Linda came in with a beautiful gift box and walked into Xu Yanwen’s desk with a sweet smile on her face and said softly.

“President Xu, this is the gift my uncle asked me to bring you.”

Xu Yanwen raised his eyes and wondered how Professor Han didn’t say he was giving him a gift when he met him last night but instead had Linda bring it to him only today.

“The gift is too expensive, how can I accept the teacher’s gift. You’d better take it back.”

Xu Yanwen had doubts in his heart and refused to accept the gift.

Linda said.

“My uncle told me that I must give it to you, but you asked me to take it back how can I explain it to my uncle? President Xu don’t embarrass me and accept the gift.”

After saying it like that Linda was sure that Xu Yanwen would accept the gift, especially after meeting Professor Han yesterday but Xu Yanwen still had some doubts in his mind so he said.

“I’ll call Professor Han and tell him in person.”

With that, he picked up the phone on his desk and prepared to call Professor Han.

When Linda saw this, her heart thumped. If Xu Yanwen called her uncle then wouldn’t the matter of using her uncle’s name and buying gifts privately to send to Xu Yanwen be exposed?

This must not be known to her uncle, or she would be blamed by her uncle.

Thinking of this, Linda hurriedly opened her mouth to stop Xu Yanwen from calling.

“President Xu you don’t need to call my uncle, my uncle left the country early this morning and is probably still on the plane, so you can’t call him.”

Xu Yanwen stopped dialing, raised his eyes to look at her and said.

“When is Professor Han coming back?”

Linda pursed her lips for a moment and said.

“I’m not sure, I didn’t ask him.”

“How about…”

Xu Yanwen paused for a moment,

“you give the gift to me, and when he comes back I’ll see him and return the gift back.”

Linda never thought that, after all the talk, Xu Yanwen refused to accept the gift and even if he accepted the gift temporarily but he intended to return to her uncle later.

Thus even if she wanted to gift Xu Yanwen in the name of her uncle just like she initially planned, she couldn’t do it. After all she couldn’t let her uncle know about it.

After hesitating for a while, Linda could only give up ruthlessly and endured the loss in her heart.

“I don’t know when my uncle will come back so I’ll just take it back to him.”

Xu Yanwen acknowledge and said.

“Please tell Professor Han thank for his kindness from me.”

“I will.”

Even if her heart was dripping with blood, Linda had to bear it and didn’t dare to show her inner emotions.

Xu Yanwen nodded, then picked up the documents on the table and prepared to work. Seeing this Linda did not continue staying at Xu Yanwen’s office, she could only say she was busy and left Xu Yanwen’s office with the gift box.

When he left work in the afternoon, Xu Yanwen received a call from Zhou Chenguang.

Zhou Chenguang said on the phone.

“Brother Xu, today is Yichuan’s birthday. We made an appointment to celebrate in Xiaoyue, Tangcheng. You have to come for anything tonight, you can’t say you’re not coming again. You haven’t come out for a long time. If you don’t come out to see us again, you’re afraid you don’t know what we look like. Do you know…”

“I’ll go.”


Zhou Chenguang didn’t react for a moment and asked,

“What did you just say?”

“I said I’ll go.”

Xu Yanwen repeated.

“You, are you really coming?”

Zhou Chenguang was flattered. You know, he had called Xu Yanwen so many times before and wanted to ask Xu Yanwen out to play. Xu Yanwen said he was either busy or going home. Anyway, he had an excuse to refuse.

Today, he was ready to say a lot to Xu Yanwen, find a lot of words, and be ready to stick to the war of resistance against Japan. Unexpectedly, he agreed, He agreed so easily, which made him deeply feel whether he had heard wrong.

Fortunately, Xu Yanwen still said he was going.

“What time is it? I’ll drive to you later.”

Zhou Chenguang immediately said, “7:30.”

“Good.” Xu Yanwen said.

“Then we’ll wait for you to come, I’ll hang up first.”

Zhou Chenguang hung up the phone after he finished speaking, looking as if he was afraid that Xu Yanwen might change his mind on the spur of the moment.

Xu Yanwen stared at the blacked out phone screen, his fingers moved and tapped on the phone screen, and by the time he came back to his senses, he had found Xue Jiayue’s WeChat.

At 7:30 p.m., Xu Yanwen drove to Tangcheng Xiaoyue, where Zhou Chenguang, Tang Yichuan, Xiao Zhe and Wu Dong had long been waiting in the box in Room No. 1 in the sky.

Xu Yanwen pushed open the door of the box in the first room in the sky, and walked in with a step, Zhou Chenguang put down the bottle of wine in his hand and hurriedly got up to greet Xu Yanwen,

“Brother Xu, Brother Xu, you come and sit here with me.”

Next to him is Tang Yichuan. Zhou Chenguang moved his position and made a place for Xu Yanwen to sit in the past.

Xu Yanwen walked over, sat down beside Tang Yichuan, took out a small gift box from his body and gave it to him, saying.

“Happy Birthday”.

Tang Yichuan took a glance at the gift box, just by looking at the logo on it, he knew it was worth a lot of money, he was not short of money.

but cherished this thought of Xu Yanwen, hooked up the corners of his mouth and smiled, reached out to accept the gift Xu Yanwen gave him,

“Thank you brother Xu.”

Xu Yanwen patted him on the shoulder,

“Another year older.”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but Tang Yichuan understood his meaning, smiled and said.

“I know, Brother Xu you don’t need to remind me every time.”

Xu Yanwen glanced at him, taking in the expression on his face, and said,

“It’s good that you know, but this is the third time you’ve said something like that to me, and I hope I won’t hear it a fourth time.”

Tang Yichuan’s hand hanging at his side tightened, pausing for half a second before giving a soft “hmm”, then picked up the glass on the table and said to Xu Yanwen,

“Brother Xu, let’s have a drink, we haven’t sat down to drink together for a long time.”

Xu Yanwen didn’t refuse this request. He picked up the glass filled with wine next to him and simply touched Tang Yichuan’s glass.

“Everything goes well and everything comes true.”

The two men looked at each other and laughed as the wine went down their throats.

After a while, Zhou Chenguang arranged a birthday program for Tang Yichuan. Sister Qin of Tangcheng Xiaoyue took a group of beautiful girls into the box and introduced them to several people with a smile,

“These are the best girls here…”

“Okay, okay, who do you think we are? You’re not a flower house in ancient times here.”

Zhou Chenguang waved his hand, interrupting Sister Qin’s words with a disgusted look.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Sister Qin said with a smile.

Zhou Chenguang turned his head and asked Tang Yichuan next to him,

“Look at it, which one do you think is better, or do you want to keep them all?”

Tang Yichuan has been sitting lazily on the sofa. When he heard Zhou Chenguang ask him, he raised his eyelids and casually swept over the girls.

He originally did not want to pick someone, which is Zhou Chenguang this second thought he liked to arrange, he is not good to brush off Zhou Chenguang’s good intentions, did not refuse him to get these women to his front.

But what he didn’t expect was that when his eyes fell on the girl’s face at the back, the whole person was in a severe trance. He seemed to see another person standing in front of him.

“What’s your name?” He raised his finger and asked her.

The girl in the corner didn’t seem to know whether she was asking her. She stood stunned and didn’t answer. It was sister Qin who pulled her. She also reacted. Her fingers were tightly pinched in her skirt and said timidly

“My name is Zhang Xiaojiao.”

“Why did you come to work here?”

Tang Yichuan asked again.

Zhang Xiaojiao became more nervous, her face turned red and her neck turned red. She said in a low voice like a mosquito buzzing,

“I, my mother is sick and needs money…”

Zhou Chenguang snorted and laughed,

“These days still Xing sell yourself to save your mother? Everywhere is selling misery ……”

“That’s her.” Tang Yichuan said.

Xu Yanwen turned his head to look at Tang Yichuan, slightly knitted this brow and said,

“I think she is not very good, you want to change one?”

Tang Yichuan suddenly smiled,

“It’s okay, I think she’s fine, just her.”

Then he waved to Zhang Xiaojiao, just like a cat or a dog,

“Come here.”

“Hurry up and go.”

Sister Qin turned her eyes and smiled. She hurriedly pushed Zhang Xiaojiao to the front, then greeted the other girls very wisely and withdrew with her.

Zhang Xiaojiao was so nervous that her palms were sweating and her heart was about to jump to her throat. This was her first time to do such a job. She didn’t expect to be ordered on the first day.

She still remembered what sister Qin had just told them outside. The people in this box are not rich or expensive. Don’t offend them. She must be good to serve, but she didn’t know what to do.

“Did you become a snail?”

Tang Yichuan showed a trace of impatience on his face. He disliked that Zhang Xiaojiao walked too slowly and dawdled like a snail.

“If you don’t want to, don’t come to do this work . Be more serious when you come.”

Zhang Xiaojiao was stunned. She thought he was a little scary. Her heart beat faster. It seemed that someone was beating with a drum and was about to break out of her chest at any time

But she still remember what sister Qin told me. I know what I’m doing here. Even if I’m nervous and afraid, I have to bear it. I can’t show it.

Finally walking up to Tang Yichuan, Zhang Xiaojiao lowered her head, moved her mouth, and said in the loudest words possible,

“Sir, may I ask what you want?”

Tang Yichuan looked at her dumb look and laughed with a puff. He felt that bullying her was pathetic.

It was Xu Yanwen who couldn’t look away and spoke up,

“Order two bottles of wine.”

“Okay, okay.”

Zhang Xiaojiao hastily agreed that she was paid a commission for ordering wine.

“Have two bottles of Hennessy and put it on my tab.”

Tang Yichuan said generously.

Two bottles of wine are not cheap, Zhang Xiaojiao a little surprised, slightly looking up at him.


TL: aughhh the frustration when I was translating this!!! The audacity of that b*tch.. how could she be so blinnnnndddddd!!!!! Really !!!!argh! ajkfhakjfhjag!!!!!


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