Chapter 28(2)

Not long after, Yu Ran also came over. Jiang Mian received multiple thanks and she doesn’t need to wait for him to say it so she directly said.

“Teacher Yu, your welcome.”

Yu Ran laughed, talked a few words before he turned around and walked away.

“Mian Mian, Brother Wang from logistics told me that Guan Xin didn’t pick up the fruits and nuts.”

Tang Anan who went to the restroom, came back and said.

“It’s said that she has a gastrointestinal discomfort these days and can’t eat.”

Jiang Mian found that her assistant was getting gossipy.

“I thought you fell in the toilet and wanted to find someone to fetch you.”

Tang Anan blushed, pretending not to understand Jiang Mian’s subliminal meaning and continued to report the news she snooped.

“But her assistant Zhang Xiaoyu took ten directly, how big her face is to do such thing.”

Jiang Mian: “…”


Jiang Mian went to the bathroom, washing her hands when someone walked in the door. She looked up from the mirror to see who it was, her eyebrows gently raised and casually greeted.


Guan Xin: “…”

With Jiang Mian’s eyes on her, her eyebrows immediately wrinkled and couldn’t help but flashed her disgust.

She didn’t expect to run into Jiang Mian even when she came to use the toilet.

Both wore costumes, Jiang Mian was wearing a plain white dress while Guan Xin was dressed as a village woman in the mountains with a thick waist.

The two stood together even if Jiang Mian did not do anything but inwardly Guan Xin also felt that she was short compared to the other half.

In the play, Li Wanjing came to the city to meet Song Yunan. The Song family was a rich family, originally her son was absolutely not allowed to marry a village woman in the mountains but Song Yunan was seriously ill in bed and didn’t get married. He was taken care of by nursing home, with his appearance which girl would marry him.

She prepared city clothes for her to wear, even if she was not young anymore she still has the charm of a girl.

While Li Wanrong was dressed in a village mountain costume, she was bloated and her face was waxy yellow making the contrast too obvious.

Jiang Mian suddenly said.

“Miss Guan, that extra slapping scene between us you knew about it in advance right?”

As soon as Guan Xin heard this, she subconsciously squeezed her hand holding the corner of her skirt then coldly said.

“I do not understand what you are saying, the play was added by Director Zhang so how could I know in advance. Miss Jiang you can put the pot on me without relying on your family.”

Thinking of Jiang Mian’s act of buying imported fruits to reward the crew and buy people’s heart, Guan Xin raised her neck and looked stubborn in the face of power.

“I’m just someone with ordinary family background and I don’t have your scheming ability but that doesn’t mean you can slander me at will.”

Since Jiang Mian bought the crew with a cart of expensive fruits and nut she could hear those people praising Jiang Mian from a distance. After praising her, they would then mentioned her name and denigrated her saying she was stingy.

Those people think they speak in a low voices so she couldn’t hear them.

Compared to Jiang Mian, all her efforts to be serious in their eyes were not worth mentioning just because Jiang Mian has money?!

If she had money too, wouldn’t she be the one of those people they were sucking up to?

As for the additional scene of slapping, she really did not know until Director Zhang found her and said he was going to give her additional scene. She did not know—but there was no need to think about it, she knew that Shen Shiqing did it.

On one hand, she did not want to take advantage of Shen Shiqing’s privilege but on the other hand she could not hardly refuse in the face of increasing scene.

The more difficult it was, the more times she shows her face giving her more opportunities to show. And once the film was released no matter how good or bad it was the audience would remember her.

She hesitated to contact Shen Shiqing but then, she still accepted this decision to add a play.

It was undeniable that she was a little pleased to learn that there was a slapping scene with Jiang Mian—she always remembered the slap Jiang Mian give her before.

In order not to let Gu Qiwen worry, she did not say to Gu Qiwen that before he came, she was slapped by Jiang Mian.

“Are you worried that I will take the opportunity to hurt you during the official shot?”

Guan Xin tone has a hint of sarcasm,

“You can rest assure I will talk to Director Zhang to fake the fight, if I hurt your face I’m afraid that I can’t stay in the crew anymore.”

Jiang Mian leaned on the washstand, admiring Guan Xin’s performance with good grace. She said.

“Miss Guan, you have repeatedly stressed that I am rich thinking that I took your female lead position by my family’s money. I would like to ask, is the role you play now clean?”

Guan Xin said sternly.

“I earned this role on my own!”

“Saying it like that, I am embarrassed for you.”

Jiang Mian tutted and said with a smile.

“If you really want to talk like this, I at least rely on money to get to the top. What do you rely on? Mr. Shen?”

“Jiang Mian!”

Guan Xin was enraged and anxious, every word Jiang Mian was like stabbing her like a needle and pierced her hypocritical disguise. Of course the original heroine in the book would not admit her hypocrisy.

“Don’t go too far.”

She said, she couldn’t win against Jiang Mian and her heart was weak so she turned and ran after saying this which ended up her accidentally bumping into someone. And the one she bumped into was Yu Ran.

“I’m sorry teacher Yu.”

She hurriedly apologized.

“Is everything okay?”

Yu Ran helped her, and saw that her eyes were red. Out of politeness he asked.

Guan Xin saw Jiang Mian coming out, her eyes were even redder. She brushed down her hair and with a strong expression of not being able to tell others even after being bullied, she said.

“I’m fine, thank you for your concern Teacher Yu.”

Then hurriedly walk away.

Yu Ran: “…”

Jiang Mian: “…”

The two stared at each other, and Yu Ran subconsciously came up with.

“Uh, she’s a good actress.”

Jiang Mian was smiled as she slowly walked over.

“How does Teacher Yu know she is acting, in case I really bully her.”

“If you really bully her, you must be open and honest and not do it behind her back.”

Yu Ran said with a smile.

“Moreover, the trace of her performance is too big.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

She tilted her head to look at Yu Ran. This was strange, after all in the original book Yu Ran liked Guan Xin very much and had been silently guarding Guan Xin. Even if Guan Xin doesn’t play the female lead now, Yu Ran should have a good impression of her.

But, it’s better if he does not like her so as to not compete with Shen Shiqing in the future—Shen Shiqing cleaned up a lot of men who like the female lead.

She suspected that the reason of Yu Ran’s disappearance in the later stage of the book was because he was cleaned up by Shen Shiqing.

Jiang Mian nodded at Yu Ran, silently sending him a few words: Cherish life, stay away from Guan Xin.

Yu Ran: ???

She Shiqing was likely to be really afraid that Jiang Mian would appear unknowingly and abduct him. He began to immediately work on his end and the next day Director Zhang convened to the leading actors to hold a meeting and announced another changed in Li Wanrong’s play.

Especially the slapping scene, Director Zhang said.

“After I thought over and over again, this scene has changed. Li Wanrong slapped Li Wanjing without success.”

Several actors were startled, especially Chen Xueyi. She immediately went to look at Jiang Mian with a big surprise written all over her face, Jiang Mian blinked at her and told her to restrain herself.

Guan Xin lowered her head and did not speak, unable to see her expression.

Jiang Mian nodded in satisfaction, it seems that Shen Shiqing followed her words and informed Guan Xin in private.

Heh, count on him to be sensible.

A male supporting character sits close to Guan Xin—he was the husband of Guan Xin in the play.

Glancing at the latter’s pale wrist, pity suddenly rose. He suddenly said to the director.

“Director Zhang, is this a little unreasonable ah.”

Director Zhang glanced at him, and gave a very official explanation.

“Although Li Wanjing was raised in the Li family, she has been taking care of her uncle and aunt in the Li family for the past 20 years. All the money she earned from working in the town has been turned over, in her opinion she thinks she has paid off their kindness.”

“Because of Li Wanrong, it cause her and Song Yunan to miss twenty years and this matter was also known to her aunt and uncle who didn’t want to lose Li Wanjing as a free laborer and kept it hidden. In this situation Li Wanjing already had anger in her heart, which piled up and reached its peak when Li Wanrong found her and scolded her for her ingratitude and exploded.”

What Director Zhang said was clear and reasonable, the supporting actor opened his mouth and finally said “Oh” and said nothing.

After the meeting, Director Zhang left Jiang Mian behind. He did not keep her in suspense and said directly.

“Xiao Jiang ah, I don’t know how you did….but I received the exact news, Shen Shiqing’s total withdrawal of funds.”

The implication was, where’s the money for their crew!

“Don’t be in a hurry, Director Zhang.”

Jiang Mian smiled.

“The investment is far away but it’s closed at hand.”

Director Zhang thought he was not in a hurry, but he still asked.

“Where is it?”

Jiang Mian pointed at herself.

Director Zhang: “???”

That’s right, Jiang Mian was the new golden daddy!



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