Chapter 45(1)

After a long time, she heard Huo Xi ask.

“Since I am fairy, why should I go down to earth?”

Shen Qiao said with bold and confidence as if justice was on her side.

“In order to meet me.”

Huo Xi: “….”

He finally couldn’t hold back the laughter that was evident in his voice.

“Sheng Qiao if you decided to stop working as an artist, you come to my studio and be our specialized writer.”

She also smiled across the phone, her voice sounded soft and sweet as she shrank under the covers.

“Then the boss will have to pay me more oh.”

He whispered.

“En, okay.”

She was so happy that she kicked her little feet under the quilt, after feeling the happiness she looked at the time.

“Huo Xi, go to bed early. Don’t stay up late, if you stay up late your fans will worry.”

“Okay, good night.”

“Good night, Huo Xi.”

She thought it would be a gut-wrenching night to sleep but because of his phone call even her dreams were warm.

Early the next morning, Sheng Qiao was still in bed when the doorbell rang. Ding Jian thought it was Bei Mingfan coming and went to open the door while shouting at her to get up.

Outside the door was the courier boy.

“Hello, your courier, please sign.”

Ding Jian looked at the name, the consignee wrote “Qiao” and the phone was also Sheng Qiao’s number. Not doubting the package was for her she signs it and she carried the box into the house, she shouted to Sheng Qiao’s bedroom.

“Qiao your express has arrived.”

“Express? I haven’t bought anything lately.”

She was lying on the bed playing with her phone as she said.

“Open it for me.”

Ding Jian answered, took a fruit knife and cut the tape. As the box was being opened she vaguely smelled an awful smell but she didn’t think too much about it while Sheng Qiao was still making a list of Huo Xi’s “Super Talk” when she heard a piercing scream in the living room.

The phone fell from her hand, and Sheng Qiao jerked up and lifted the covers to rush out.

In the living room, Ding Jian sat paralyzed on the ground while her hands were propped up on the ground to hide back. The delivery box fell to the ground, mouth facing outward with the black blood flowing on the seams.

Ding Jian’s face was bloodless and when she saw Sheng Qiao walking towards the box she hugged her leg and cried.

“Don’t look! Qiao Qiao don’t look!”

She was a little stiff, leaning over she pulled Ding Jian over and helped her sit in the bedroom. Ding Jian was so scared that she was still crying, crying while shivering and fumbling for her phone.

“I’ll call the police, I’ll call the police now!”

Sheng Qiao took her phone over and said softly.

“I’ll call Brother Bei first, it’s okay don’t be afraid. Lie down and rest for a while.”

She dialed Bei Mingfan’s number and walked slowly towards the delivery box.

When the call connected, she also saw the contents of the box.

It was a black cat that had been tortured and killed, the entire head was cut in half down the middle with its green eyes wide open as if staring at her and the blood all over its fur.

Bei Mingfan was driving and thought it was Ding Jian who was calling.

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there in half an hour. Is there anything wrong with Xiao Qiao?”

“I’m fine.”

She stared at the cat in the box for a long time and then said through clenched teeth.

“I’ll kill those animals.”

Bei Mingfan: “Xiao Qiao? What’s going on? Who are you going to get killed? Damn you don’t mess around ah, you must always remember that you are a female star ah!”

Her knuckles turned white as she took a deep breath.

“We’ll talk when you get here.”

Bei Mingfan did know what was happening, he really was frightened by her tone. He immediately stepped on the accelerator to speed up the motor, and soon arrived. After ringing the doorbell, Sheng Qiao looked into the cat’s eye before opening the door.

Seeing Sheng Qiao standing well in front of him, not fighting nor killing anyone Bei Mingfan was finally relieved. He stepped into the room and said.

“You have to kill this and that all day, are you mixed with the underworld or the entertainment circle….”

Before he could finished, his expression suddenly changed when he saw the box on the ground and the dead cat in the box.

The next moment, he covered his mouth and rushed to the bathroom to vomit up.

Forget about his excessive cleanliness.

He threw up his breakfast as he knelt on the ground and held the toilet and with trembling fingertips he said.

“Report….call the police!”

Sheng Qiao then took her phone and reported to the police that she had received a death threat.

The police soon came, when the two young police received the police task, they thought it was just a prank between the neighbors. But after entering the house, they saw the dead cat that was killed in a brutal way, they soon realized that it was more than a prank.

The courier was picked up by Ding Jian so she first gave her statement and asked.

“Have you recently offended anyone?”

Sheng Qiao who already changed her clothes, walked out.

“There are many who I have been offended.”

The two police officers looked up and saw her were stunned.

“Are you….are you the female star Sheng Qiao?”


She handed over her phone.

“Not only that, my car was punctured in the tire last night. Is this intentional murder?”

The two police officers looked at each other before taking the pictures for the file. Sheng Qiao said the names of those who hate her the most, the police recorded them one by one while the cat’s body was loaded up and taken away.

Ding Jian was frightened, while Bei Mingfan vomited a lot both of them were powerless as they leaned on the sofa. After a while Fang Bai also arrived, Bei Mingfan cheered up and said.

“The police will investigate this and I will send someone to investigate also. Xiao Qiao do you think you need to change the place you live first?”

Since the other party’s target was her what’s the use of changing places, also she doesn’t want to bring threats to her friends. She could only stay in the hotel which was not as safe as home so she shook her heard.

“All future express deliveries will be rejected, when travelling the car will be replaced with another car.”

“I’ll postpone your work during this period. Fang Bai go home in the afternoon and packed up some things, you’ll live here for the time being you too Ding Jian. You two stagger, don’t leave Xiao Qiao at home alone.”

They all looked serious like facing a great enemy so he smiled to ease the atmosphere.

“There’s nothing more to do. We have rules in our society so what’s there to fear? I don’t believe that they are still people who will dare to break in and kill people.”

He didn’t say the word “yet” as Ding Jian look like she wouls start crying again as she said fearfully.

“Brother Bei, why don’t you hire two bodyguards? If there is really someone who will really break in Fang Bai and I can’t stop them.”

“This is a high-end community, there are surveillance everywhere. You have to register for getting in and out, it’s not easy for anyone to break in.”

Bei Mingfan paused before he continued.

“Just like today the other party can only send things in by express, it proves that the other party still has concerns and dare not act rashly.”

He then patted Sheng Qiao who did not say a word next to him.

“Don’t be afraid, I will definitely uncover those guys as soon as possible. During this period of time rest at home.”

Sheng Qiao nodded and added.

“This matter, try not to spread it online. I don’t want my fans to worry.”

“This kind of thing also has an impact on the image of the artist, I have sense of proportion don’t worry.”

Sheng Qiao’s enemies were just few, after talking to Bei Mingfan and determining those people who have hatred against her and explaining a few words he hurried back to the company.

As soon as Bei Mingfan left, Fang Bai quickly locked the door and hid two fruit knives in the cracks of the sofa, just in case.

Ding Jian said.

“The floor here is too low, I should have known we should have lived on the tenth floor so we won’t be afraid of people climbing up.”

After she said this, as if she imagined the scene of someone climbing up with a knife she was scared jolt and rushed to the balcony to looked at the window.

The two were restless, Sheng Qiao asked.

“I’ll make breakfast, what would you like to eat?”

Ding Jian stared.

“You are still in the mood for breakfast?”

“And what else?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“We can’t starve to death because of this, that’s what they what wants. I’ll cook a tomato noodle will you eat it?”


Then Sheng Qiao went to cook the noodles.

While eating, Fang Bai was still frowning at the thought of,

“Who is it in the end? Is it the supervisor, or the copycat?”

Sheng Qiao has also thought about this issue.

The other party could easily go to the garage of the program group to puncture the tire and could easily know her home address. The chances of insiders were higher. Moreover, the means of revenge was too strong and direct which was very similar to the behavior of arrogant and imperious people.

Sheng Qiao had a vague suspicion but did not tell Fang Bai and sent her thoughts to Bei Mingfan instead.

After eating, Fang Bai washed the dishes. Sheng Qiao found an old movie out to watch, in addition to her the other two were busy with their own things. One uses phone to search how to apply for personal protection in China while the other searches women’s self-defense skills.

In the afternoon, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ding Jian was so scare that her phone fell, Fang Bai swish and drew the knife in the sofa seam.

Sheng Qiao: “…”

She walked straight to the door and looked through the cat’s eye, outside the door was Meng Xingshen.

She forgot to tell him he doesn’t have to come to class these days.

Sheng Qiao turned around and yelled at Fang Bai.

“Put the knife away!”

Opening the door, Meng Xingshen saw three people inside the house and looked a little surprised. Smiling as he walked in, he asked.

“Xiao Jian, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Teacher Meng, it’s been a long time.”

Ding Jian was previously Meng Xingshen’s assistant but was later pulled out several times and they hadn’t seen each other for over a year.

Sheng Qiao said.

“Senior Meng, sorry I forgot to tell you that recently there are some things so I can’t go to class for the time being.”

As soon as Meng Xingshen entered the room, he actually felt that the atmosphere was not right. The two assistants’ looks and eyes were too tense, always glancing at the balcony windows and doors.

He frowned and asked.

“What’s going on?”

Bei Mingfan was his agent and he was also a shareholder of the company, trying to hide it from him was impossible. Sheng Qiao told the matter.

Meng Xingshen’s face was dark as he said coldly.

“These people are too brave!”

He called Bei Mingfan said in a deep voice.

“Did you find out anything?”

Bei Mingfan said.

“We are already working on it.”

“Do you need me to intervene?”

“No need for now, I still have this ability. Temporarily you should not go to Xiao Qiao’s for the time being, it’s not good for you either.”

After hanging up the phone, Meng Xingshen personally went to check the each windows of the house and came out and told Fang Bai.

“Set the alarm, and emergency contact numbers to one-touch dialing and don’t sleep too well at night.”

Looking at Fang Bai, he smiled and said,

“No matter how brave the other party is, he doesn’t dare to break through the door. Don’t be too nervous.”

His gentle temperament was like a spring breeze that really dispel a lot of tension in the room, looking at Sheng Qiao he said.

“Come and take today’s class, you’ll practice at home in the next few days.”

Sheng Qiao nodded and took the notebook out.



When it was almost evening, Ding Jian took the initiative to cook in the kitchen and Fang Bai followed to help. Meng Xingshen saw that it was getting late, so he finished his lesson for the day.

Sheng Qiao didn’t really want to keep him here for dinner but as a result Ding Jian ran out with a spatula and said.

“Teacher Meng, you haven’t eaten my cooking for a long time, you must try it tonight.”

Meng Xingshen of course said yes.

Sheng Qiao did not say anything and just turned on the TV and continued to watch the movie she did not finish watching at noon, not long after the movie was played the doorbell rang again.

Meng Xingshen frowned and said.

“I’ll open the door.”

He walked to the door and looked through the cat’s eye, he raised his eyebrows and reached for the door.

Outside the door was Huo Xi.

When their eyes met his indifferent eyes become colder and colder but he still politely said,

“Hello, senior Meng.”

Meng Xingshen smiled.


Sheng Qiao was walking toward the door when she heard Huo Xi’s voice making her legs went limp. She ran over in two or three steps, and looked at nervously behind him. She then grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him in, after closing the door she asked anxiously.

“Huo Xi, why are you here?”

Huo Xi lowered his eyes to look at her, his expression was still indifferent.

“Can’t I come?”

“No, no.”

She was just worried that the people hiding the shadows would hurt him.

Meng Xingshen shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the living room and sat down.

At this time Ding Jian ran out of the kitchen wearing an apron.

“Qiao Qiao, where’s the white sugar?”

As soon as she raised her eyes and saw Huo Xi, she blanked out before sweeping her gaze back and forth on the two people. It took her a long time before saying.

“Hello, Mr. Huo Xi…..”

Huo Xi nodded towards her.


And then lowered his eyes to looked at Sheng Qiao.

“You’re at home feasting on your distinguished guests, so I won’t bother you.”

Turning to leave, Sheng Qiao subconsciously pulled his wrist and stretched it half before retracting it back.

“Huo Xi, I’m going to work in other places tomorrow. I’m not at home these days, if you want to come next time call me in advance.”

He didn’t turn around and just gave a faint muffled sound, and twist the door knob and was about to leave.

Sheng Qiao finally didn’t hold back and gently tugged on the corner of his shirt.

He still didn’t turn around and just paused his steps.

She pursed her lips, and then the corner of her lips burst into a shallow smile.

“Huo Xi, when I came back from work, I’ll make noodles sauce for you to eat ah.”

After a long paused, he turned around and his indifferent eyes first glanced at Meng Xingshen in the living room and finally fell on her face. He hooked up his lower lip but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. He slightly leaned over and whispered into her ears.

“If you dare to climb the wall, you’ll break your legs.”



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