TMBAM 18.1

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Chapter 18(1)

“Where is Jiang Meng?”

Director Li stood in the set, shouting in anger and was about to collapse.

“She ask….for a leave of absence.”

The director’s assistant replied carefully.

“With whom did she asked?”

“Assistant director.”

Director Li in a good-natured way said,

“Really take this place as a vegetable market, come when you want and leave when you want.”

Turning his head there was an uncle sitting over there.

Director Li took a deep breath and felt that he has a bad year, but thinking about the scenes shot by Yan Wenjia he feels that he could still endure.

He invited this uncle himself so who else could he blame?

Director Li walked towards Yan Wenjia.

Getting closer Director Li saw Wan Wenjia’s actions and expression.

He hung his eyes and looked cold and gloomy, holding the phone in his hand he was unconsciously refreshing the weibo with an interval of no more than five seconds.

It doesn’t look like he was reading gossip either.

Director Li knew about Yan Wenjia’s strange temper. He was afraid that he would go missing again but thinking that he was the director he should also be more concerned about the case so Director Li asked out.

“What are you doing here?”

Yan Wenjia’s action stiffened, he clasped his wrist inwardly and put the phone away.


The corner of his mouth tugged coldly.

“Just waiting for a news item.”

Will Chen Yujin really do his best to help Gu Xueyi?

Not, that’s impossible.

Yan Wenjia threw away his phone and stood up.

“Let’s get to work.”

Director Li immediately laughed so hard that both his eyes squinted.

“Good, good. Let’s shoot the 79th scene today.”

Yan Wenjia took the leather gloves on one side then put them slowly and faintly said.

“Shoot scene 81.”

He was noble and serious young master of a rich and powerful family, his momentum subdued Director Li quietly.

Director Li paused.

“Okay then eighty-one.”

This scene was the warlord played by Yan Wenjia, dealing with the captured “spies”, Director Li paused and thought to himself.

Is the second young master unhappy with something?

But on a second thought why and where is the second young master unhappy about?

No, is he going to cause trouble again?

At the same time, a group of people had just come out of the KTV by the school. And it was already rather late.

Today there was no Yan family car waiting outside the door, a few people swept a glance as they hooked up the back of Yan Wenbo.

“Fourth young master how about going with us today?”

Yan Wenbo pursed his lips and felt a little anxious at the bottom of his heart but it didn’t show on his face.

“Not going.”

He said in a hushed voice.

“What no? What’s going on?”

The man next to him paused for a moment.

“After the fight with Jiang Jing that day, the fourth young master decided to start being a good boy from now on?”

Another person blurted out a little unscrupulously.

After the words were said, the person regretted a little after all the words sounded too sarcastic.

Yan Wenbo frowned and gave the person a cold look.

When the man was looked at like this, his regret dissipated and he said angrily.

“If it’s not because of this, then is it because fourth young master has something to say about us?”

In the past, Yan Wenbo mixed with them every day; playing ball, games, racing cars, driving yachts and participating in all kinds of parties and activities. At that time, he didn’t think there was any disharmony.

Yan Wenbo couldn’t figure why after not playing with them for a few these days, these people reacted so much as if he owed them.

In the end, teenagers were teenagers with their natural temperament.

As soon as these people did not show good face Yan Wenbo was filled with anger at the bottom of his heart and directly left with his car keys. He has a car parked in the school garage all year round, and would drive it from time to time.

The others watched at his departing back and were a bit caught off guard.

“No shit? That’s fucking pissed off?”

“What the hell does Yan Wenbo think he is? Is he really going to turn against us?”

Everyone looked at each other, and even kicked the person who had just made a sarcastic remark about Yan Wenbo.

“Can’t you shut up?”

Yan Wenbo was irritability prevailed, he drove all the way out of school leaving his companions. It has been a while since his brain was occupied with worries.

Yan Wenbo opened his phone navigation.

And headed towards the Celica Hotel.

This is one time.

This was to return her the favor, also since she was in hurry to pick him up at the police station in her pajamas and slippers and of course beat Jiang Jing.

Half an hour later, in the midst of the crowded traffic Yan Wenbo’s car finally arrived at the entrance of Celica Hotel.

He opened the car door and walked down, feeling uncomfortable inside.

What expression should he used to face her? What tone of voice should he use? And, what should he say to her? Say “I’m passing by.” Or just say “I’m here to look?”

Yan Wenbo thought chaotically and stepped into the door.

The waiters shuttles back and forth but apart from them….it’s empty.


Yan Wenbo: “?”

Gu Xueyi the subject of “their worry” was already back to her bedroom. She kicked off her high heels and asked the maid to take off her dress from behind.

The maid glances hastily at her snow-white back and didn’t dare to look any further.

Gu Xueyi was soon the only one left in the room.

The Yan’s mansion seemed to be a bit quiet.

It was only then that Gu Xueyi remembered that Yan Wenjia should be on the set at this time.

She thought about it and called Chen Yujin on the phone.

“Secretary Chen.”

Chen Yujin’s hand clasped his tie.


He looked up at the wall clock, 10:05. It was already his rest time although he often uses his rest time to work overtime.

“Does Secretary Chen have Director Li’s phone number?”

Gu Xueyi asked.

Chen Yujin paused again.

He found that Gu Xueyi really seemed to be using him as a human tool.

Chen Yujin: “Yes. I’ll text it to you.”


Gu Xueyi answered, but did not hang up the phone immediately.

Chen Yujin clutched the phone and did not hang up immediately. He vaguely heard the sound of breathing on the other end, softly. Then he heard Gu Xueyi’s voice again.

“Secretary Chen, you’ve work hard today.”

Her tone was extraordinarily sincere.

Not hard. The template answer came to Chen Yujin’s mouth, but before he could say it the voice on the other end continued.

“Good night.”

The phone hung up.

Chen Yujin stood outside the bathroom door clutching his phone while his suit coat has been taken off.

The wind outside the window suddenly blew in.

The wind outside the high-rise apartment was a bit cold, and Chen Yujin unconsciously shivered before realizing that he had been standing there without moving since he answered the phone.

Good night.

Chen Yujin unconsciously had this word echoed inside his head.

After getting Director Li’s phone number, Gu Xueyi send a text message to Director Li.


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