Chapter 43

He has been only occasionally talked to Ye Susu on the phone to tell her when to pick him up.

He bit his lips and dared not to speak at all.

But the low voice on the other end of the phone sounded again.

“Is this the kid from the live broadcast?”

Ye Xun’s panicked grape like black eyes were stunned.


The voice sounded like an uncle with a slight sense of familiarity.

Ye Xun’s small fingers squeezed the phone, opened his lips and trembled as he stretched out his small fingers and touched the screen and then snapped on the red hung up button on the screen.

The sound was immediately cut off.

The call ended.

Ye Xun’s puffed cheeks was relieved as he let out a breath of air.

Whew, that scared the little baby out of him!

Wait, but how does this uncle know he’s on live broadcast?

Ye Xun was very clever and immediately found the key point and pouted his little ass nervously, as he walked around the room three times like a little bee.

How did that uncle know his phone number?

Ye Xun thought, and his pink little face suddenly stiffened.

“Privacy? Ha Ha, don’t joke. Didn’t you choose to go in this path of live streaming to present what you are like and for everyone to see?”

“To make money, you always have to pay the price otherwise everyone will go live then where else can you find your place?”

Ye Wan’s words immediately echoed in Ye Xun’s little head again.

Ye Xun bit his lips and nodded slowly.

Yes, if he wants to earn money from his aunts and uncles, he has to pay the price.

After all, aunts and uncles earn their money in a very hard way he could not take their money for nothing.

But….Ye Xun puffed out his cheeks.

Anything else was fine, he has to listen to Ye Susu and his teacher and couldn’t talk to random strangers.

Live streaming was fine.

But phone call was a no-no.

With this thinking the little guy looked at the phone and his small face was serious again he decisively hung up the second call.

At the moment Li Yun who had just been cut off by Ye Susu turned around and went back to his room gazing intently as the phone that dialed the number but was quickly hung up, with a complex and somewhat disbelieving look.

He got hung up by the kid?

He just wanted to charge his kid a phone bill and told him it was live company event.

He raised an eyebrow and dialed again.

But at this time Xiao Xun was even more agile and cut him off the second time.

Only a wall away, but a strong ‘the other party does not want to talk to you and has blacklisted you’ aura of despair came through.

Li Yun pinched his brow, threw his phone and turned around then picked up the book “How to Get Along with Your Child” again.

And ten minutes later, the sound of heckling came from downstairs.

“Kid, look at this little mouse. Hee hee can you eat this round belly?”

“Oh come on eat the little tail, you have to be in a great mood today oh!”

Li Yun tossed the book aside in annoyance and picked up his phone then ruthlessly dialed a number.

“Dr. Dong, how can you let a child get close to…..the father?”

And at the moment in the general manager’s office of Wangle Company Li Yinchen sat on a single leather sofa crossing his legs and stretched out his hand to the side.

“Lao Gu1, lend me your phone.” (T/N: numeral indicating the order of birth in a family or indicate affection)

“Eh? You can’t get into this room either? Hun Dan, someone has modified the room rules?”

“Could it be Second Uncle?….what’s wrong with him!”

Gu Shen, the deputy manager listened with a bewildered face.

“The name of the room has changed? That can’t be right! I’m clearly paying attention to this little guy.”

Li Yinchen was puzzled and hold his head impatiently.

“I couldn’t see it all night and I couldn’t see it again this morning. I don’t know how the little one is doing? Second Uncle is really, to such a cute little guy he blocked him what kind of twisted character is this?”

Gu Shen has more question mark hovering on his head.

Ye Wan, who followed Gu Shen in to report on his work and had been standing in the corner in silence and secretly observing the top level of the company which was rarely seen at ordinary times.

It was said that he was a man of the fourth young master of the Li Family, he was born with a golden spoon and a returnee with a double master degree.

This made Ye Wan blush a little.

The man was really handsome, even if he didn’t face her he still had the temptation of wildness and that tear mole beside his eyes was more flirtatious.

 Coupled with his multi-gold background, even Ye Wan who was used to seeing fresh meat has to admit that this man indeed drive woman crazy.

No wonder Ye Susu was completely enchanted after accidentally meeting him once at the company with him as the ultimate goal willing to live for more than ten hours a day without stopping.

“Lao Gu, I’ll held a meeting with all agents I found a potential stock. All agents keep an eye on all platforms for me, as long as he appears….”

Li Yinchen threw the phone back.

Gu Shen’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard it.

“Mr. Li is it a female anchor called Xiao Zhuzi? We have found her, My destiny Su Luzhu young girl who was still in college.”

Finally speaking her, Ye Wan couldn’t help but proudly puff up her chest and smiled as she handed over Su Luzhu’s information in her hand.

But Li Yinchen only swept a glance not at least bit interested.

“Another female anchor, can you still have some freshness? The aesthetic is so superficial, poor evaluation!”

Ye Wan’s smile froze.

“Listen, you’re looking for a single mother with a son right now.”

Ye Wan looked up in shock.


The author has something to say: “Li Shao: What? The kid blocked me, didn’t it, didn’t it, didn’t it?

Uncle Li: “Yes” (ruthless face JPG)

Li Shao: “??? Only blocked me, EXC?

Li Erzhu: “And the entire staff of your company (indifferent face JPG)

Li Shao vomited blood and died.


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