Chapter 174

When Tang Wanwan got off the plane, she looked forward to the media who would interview her at the airport. Then she could say that she had performed well in Hollywood during this period.

However Qin Zhao was the only one who came to pick her up at the airport. Tang Wanwan was disappointed and was not in a mood to face Qin Zhao.

Face with Tang Wanwan’s mood, Qin Zhao only thought that Tang Wanwan was too tired and did not take her displeasure to heart.

The news of Tang Wanwa’s return to China did not spread widely on the internet. Although most the netizens knew she came back from filming in Hollywood, they don’t why but they really don’t have much interest in her activities unlike before.

It may be that they have overdrawn their crazy love and hatred of her in the previous period.

Fu Zhen finished his day’s work, and Jiang Hengshu like usual was outside waiting for him to pick him up and go home together.

Jiang Hengshu stopped at the intersection when the traffic light was red, he used this time to ask Fu Zhen.

“Mr. Qin has a banquet in the evening, do you want to attend?”

Mr. Qin or Qin Lao was the old man that Jiang Hengshu first took Fu Zhen to the Jiang family hospital to see before. He had also attended the wedding of Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu,

He knew in advance that Jiang Hengshu had a lover, only to learn at the wedding that Jiang Hengshu’s lover was actually a man.

Qin Lao was so shocked that he almost had a heart attack, he also took a special look Grandfather Jiang only to find that the Grandfather Jiang had accepted this male grandson in-law with a smile.

Qin Lao simply did not know what to say when he saw this scene, but there was one thing he knew the Jiang Family’s adaptability was really strong.

It’s not unacceptable for his frustrated grandson to hang out with those little star all day.

Today was Mr. Qin’s birthday, Jiang Hengshu brought Fu Zhen to attend to express the friendly relationship between the Jiang family and the Qin family.

The second was that Qin Lao spent some time in the literary circle when he was young so there were some contacts and resources in the circle. He brought Fu Zhen to meet some people.

There were many people at the Mr. Qin’s party, most of whom were unknown to Fu Zhen. He went with Jiang Hengshu and said congratulated Mr. Qin.

When he turned around, he met a careless waiter and got the cream on Jiang Hengshu’s suit. Jiang Hengshu said to Fu Zhen.

“I’ll clean up in the bathroom and come back right away.”

Fu Zhen nodded and went to the a la carte section alone, picked a few snacks that were more to his taste and put them on his plate.

The banquet was mix with wine goblets and gambling chips lie interwined1creating different noises. Since Fu Zhen does not knew these people, it was safer to stay in place and wait for Jiang Hengshu to return.

“Hello Director Fu.”

A fat middle-aged man with a beer belly walked to Fu Zhen, holding a glass of red wine in his hand and asked him.

“What do you think of my baby? Can you give her a small role in your drama? Not too much is required just showing her face is enough.”

In the man’s arms was a young girl who looked less than twenty years old, not very tall but has delicate looks with long dark hair draped behind her back.

Fu Zhen took a glance and withdrew his eyes, politely refusing.

“The cast of the drama has been set, there is no suitable role.”

But the man did not relent and said.

“If you don’t have one, add one, why does Director Fu not know how to adapt!”

Fu Zhen shook his head, he does not need extra character in his film. The man was not very happy when he saw Fu Zhen’s expression of not bending.

“Director Fu doesn’t give this Huang a face, I am not as rich as the Jiang’s but I still have money for investing on films.”

Fu Zhen frowned and turned around intending to leave but this person called Huang didn’t want to let Fu Zhen go.

He knew that Fu Zhen was brought by Jiang Hengshu, but so what? He was just a nameless little director. He didn’t believe the Jiang’s would side with this little director and make him an enemy.

And there was a little beauty in his arms, how could he be willing to lose face at this time? He reached out and grabbed Fu Zhen’s arm however before he could even hold Fu Zhen’s arm his wrist was caught.

Turning his head, it turned out to be Fu Ting.

Fu Ting walked over at some point and grabbed the man’s wrist and asked in a cold voice.

“Chairman Huang, are you taking my Fu family as no one?”

Huang Dong was stunned for a moment, after a while he suddenly remembered that Fu Zhen in front of him was not only an ordinary director but also Fu Jianchen’s favorite son.

However they had not hear the news of Fu Zhen’s return to the Fu’s house, so they ignore this fact.

He couldn’t afford to mess with the Fu family for the time being so Huang Dong quiver and doesn’t care if he lose face in front of the little beauty in his arms.

He said to Fu Ting.

“I’m drunk, I’m drunk….”

Then they left in a hurry.

Fu Zhen did not expect Fu Ting to suddenly appear in front of him, his lips moved slightly and thanked Fu Ting.

“Thank You.”

“It’s fine.”

Fu Ting looked around and asked him.

“Where is Jiang Hengshu? Why isn’t he with you?”

Fu Zhen pursed his lips and replied to Fu Ting.

“His clothes got dirty and went to the bathroom to clean up.”

Fu Ting hmmed. He hesitated before he put the plate into Fu Zhen’s hand.

Fu Zhen noticed that the Fu Ting’s plate was full of what he likes to eat.


wine goblets and gambling chips lie interwined1- to drink and gamble together in a large goup or a big party


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