Chapter 26-2

The zombies on the first floor who was free from the control of some unknown ability recovered their madness. The zombies surrounded Tang Tang twitched their noses and after smelling the pungent smell of the perfume they gradually stopped attacking.

At this point the boy at the stairway and the smell of Zheng Zue behind the pillar behind the second floor become apparent.

The zombies rotated their stiff bodies and snorted at they surged towards the stairway entrance.

Seeing this scene, Zheng Xue was angry and hateful.

At this time, he noticed that the force of the thin thread yanked by Jiang Zhu loosened. Using this opportunity he pulled the thin thread and run away.

But in the next second, the thread was completely loosened on Jiang Zhu’s hand was immediately grabbed by Tang Tang and took over the position. She threw the knife and raised her hand as she pulled the thin thread hard to her side.

Since he come to harm people, how could she let him go right away?

Tang Tang yanked hard while thinking hatefully at the place where Zheng Xue was hiding.

The thin thread was still on fire, she thought that whit this aperture she would be reckless and would not be hurt. Unexpectedly as soon as she reached out and touched the thin thread she immediately felt the burning feeling.


What’s with this aperture?

She pulled the thin thread into the circle but it didn’t protect her?

Was her ability not a defensive barrier!

Tang Tang was confused, the pain of the burn on her hand maker her frown straight. She done for, it really hurts as her tears were going to fall down.

Damn Zheng Xue, today he doesn’t want his image to be better!!!

Jiang Zhu also noticed this, seeing Tang Tang’s small white hands blurred with blood and flesh. It was obviously painful for her as tears were squeezed out of the corner of her eyes but the force in her hand did not loosened at all.

He concentrated and on his hands he gathered spot lights more quickly.

When two people cooperated they only need to whisper while communicating, thinking that the other side must have more than person. Tang Tang could be sure that user of the thin thread was Zheng Xue and the other once must be the one who could control the zombie.

With Jiang Zhu’s understand of Zheng Xue, the latter would definitely betray the person with him when faced with dangers so when he just pulled the thin thread, although he released spot lights he didn’t put his best.

And as he thought, Zheng Xue directly grabbed the man next to him and blocked the spot light.

Now, without the threat of the zombie Jiang Zhu could now recover all the scattered spot lights. And Tang Tang quickly understood the key as she immediately hold the thin thread after he released his hand.

Now only Zheng Xue was alone, how could he hide without a shield this time?

Tang Tang and Jiang Zhu looked at each other and both had the same idea.

The number of spot lights were several times more than those before that was placed on the thin line. As long as the line was connected to Zheng Xue, he would be finished.

Zheng Xue on the other end also understands this, seeing that the light spot were very fast if he couldn’t find way to stop them he’s afraid his life would end here today!

He was really unwilling. Why! Jiang was just lucky to be born from a good family background! Without the identity of Jiang Family, Jiang Zhu was nothing at all!! He hates everyone in the Jiang family, all of them were above the law and he would not let go of any of them!

Zheng Xue took out a dagger from his pocket, he gritted his teen and slashed down viciously against his arm.


Zhang Xue’s expression was hideous, he absolutely could not die here. After he had to change the name of the Jiang family, to make the Jiang family completely and utterly his Zheng Xue!

After he dismembered his arm, Tang Tang was able to pull the thin thread and almost fell on the ground. Fortunately Jiang Zhu reacted and quickly hugged her and brought her into his arms.

Seeing that the zombie at the entrance of the stairs was about to reach the second floor Zheng Xue dared not delay. He hurriedly went to the window, where they climbed up before and quickly jumped down.

Tang Tang looked really angry.

They were only a hair’s away, really infuriating.

She looked up and asked Jiang Zhu,

“Can those spot of lights follow us there?”

Jiang Zhu shook his head helplessly.

“No, I can’t control them from afar yet and my energy are basically sued up.”

When Tang Tang hear this, she could only sighed after she was the same but they were obviously almost there….

At this time the burn on her hand began to hurt, Tang Tang looked down at her hands and found that the original smooth and tender hands were now all gone.

….so miserable.

“I have gauze ready, why don’t we wrap it up later?”

That line surrounding them disappeared when Zheng Xue took out his dagger and slashed his arm away. Seeing that they were not safe Tang Tang tried to stand up from Jiang Zhu’s arms.

She previously thought that with her own strength, she was afraid that she would suffer a lot of injuries after the end of the world so she also bought some medicines to smear on the wounds. But the effectiveness of these drugs may not be fast enough, she was afraid that it would take a long time to recover the injuries on their hands.

After the zombies found the boy at the entrance of the stair the zombies swayed and slowly walked out of the gym after finding that the second scent they smelled has disappeared.

The gymnasium gradually regained its previous calmness but the place was dirty, it had many zombie corpses. The body lying on the ground plus the small shallow pit they were no way to get out.

Without releasing his hand, Jiang Zhu bent down and put one hand at the back of her knee and picked her up hugging her close to him

Tang Tang suddenly felt she was being carried and subconsciously raised her hand to grabbed Jiang Zhu’s shoulder but soon realized that her hands were burnt and was now ‘handicapped’, and sucked a breath of cold air.

“Be careful.”

Jiang Zhu’s voice rang above head.


Tang Tang responded, but then thought of his hand with the same injury and leaned back. She said.

“Put me down, I can walk by myself.”

“It’s okay, it’s faster this way.”

Jiang Zhu did not put her down and continued to stride outside the gym.

Yan Zhen who was wrapped in the star belt was of course carried along with the two.

Tang Tang listened to the powerful heartbeat of the person beside her. Her head was obviously not that close to his chest but sound could still be heard which was very shocking.



With the gym looking like that, there was certainly no way for them to stay longer.

It’s just that Qin Zhang and the others haven’t come back yet so if they just go somewhere else they’re afraid they won’t be able to each other.

Finally they came to a drink shop next to the gym, where again there was no one except for the tables and chairs that has a bit of damage but there were no bodies on the floor.

Jiang Zhu carried Tang Tang all the way and put her on a wooden table that was still in a good condition and sat himself down on a chair at the side.

Yan Zhen who was behind them was also put to one side.

The two put on medicine on each other wounds and bandage their hands, then there was a moment of silence.

“Was that the ability you just awakened?”

Jiag Zhu broke the silence and asked.

Tang Tang was actually still a little confused until now, after hearing his question she felt it carefully in her body when she noticed the strange power fluctuation. She nodded foolishly.

“Hmmm, I seems to have really awakened my psychic abilities.”

She said as she try to control her ability and make that white circle from before emerge again. But after trying several times, the circle would broke halfway through completely unable to become a full circle.

“You could have consumed too much energy earlier, don’t worry just wait and rest first to recover some of your energy.”

Jiang Zhu motioned that she could take her time.

Tang Tang nodded and then began to complain.

“I think it was a protective shield, but it turned out to be useless. It didn’t work at all ah, I used my hand to tug the thin thread and was expecting that I will not burn myself but it still burned my even inside the circle!”

“Don’t do that next time, it’s too dangerous.”

When it comes to this, the expression of Jiang Zhu becomes serious.

He gently held up Tang Tang’s two thickly bandage hands and place them in his palm.

How painful it must be…

The familiar feeling of sleepiness soon came back up, Tang Tang sitting on the table gradually could not open her eyes. Jiang Zhu who notice in time rushed to stand up and also sit on the wooden table holding her to avoid falling with her face down first.



By the time Qin Zhang and the other returned it was already the other day later.

On the way, the five people led by Qin Zhang were suddenly stopped by Jiang Zhu. They were startled, they thought it was another attack and were about to release their ability subconsciously when they heard a familiar voice.

“It’s me!”


They were flabbergasted for a moment followed by the reaction that it was Jiang Zhu.

Qin Zhang and the others looked back and saw that the man in the fog was indeed Jiang Zhu. Moreover Jiang Zhu was not alone, in his arms was Tang Tang who was asleep and Yan Zhen who was wrapped in the star belt floating behind him.

But how did they get her? Weren’t they in the gym?

Several people followed back together to the drinks shop, Jiang Zhu simply told what happened in the gym before making Qin Zhang unable to hold his anger.

He slapped the table.

“This Zheng Xue! I’ll get him next time I see him!!!”

“So are you guys okay? Did you get hurt in any way?”

Qi My asked, following closely with worry.

Jiang Zhu gently picked up Tang Tang’s two hands and his hand that was wrapped in a gauze.

“Her hand was hurt by his ability, it may not get better.”

Several people cursed again.

Keeping Zheng Xue alive was a threat to them, who knows what idea he would think of one day and find trouble with them. Now all they want was to find Zheng Xue and destroy him on the spot!

It’s just that Jiang Zhu and Tang Tang’s hand injuries haven’t healed yet if they rush out like this there was no way to ensure that they would encounter danger again. Moreover they lost a lot of their energy when they went to find food this time and they were more or less injured. So in the end could only get angry right now and take the table out of anger.

But this time there was still a good news to congratulate with.

Tang Tang who always thought she had no ability suddenly awakened her power this time.

From what they heard it should be a protective class but once they saw her gauze-wrapped hands they puzzled.

If that ability was really a defensive class then how could she still let her hand get hurt while in the circle? Was it possible that the circle still defaults to the fact that as long as she was holding something in her hand it was not considered a foreign object?

“Is it because her energy was almost depleted at that time that’s why it’s like this?”

Qin Zhang pointed Tang Tang’s two hands and asked.

“Also a probability.”

Jiang Zhu nodded, according to his observation when Zheng Xue took out the dagger the circle disappeared. But it doesn’t feel like it after all in this small period of time after Zheng Xue took out the dagger Tang Tang was already holding the thin thread and the circle did not disappeared or damaged, at all.

“That Zheng Xue I’m going to bury him in the dirt next time! Suffocate him and choke him to death!”

Qin Zhang said with hatred from the side.

The boy was playing with a knife did not say much throughout the conversation as his eyes flickered several times to Tang Tang’s gauze-wrapped hands and looked at her pale face with her eyes closed at the moment.

“What about you guys? How’s the situation outside?”

Jiang Zhu asked.

“Don’t ask about it, I almost didn’t come back alive!”



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