Chapter 44

Huo Xi brought her tickets for the third tour.

Sheng Qiao was so happy that she said.

“How shameless of me.”

While quickly taking the tickets and looking at them left and right with glowing eyes.

The mouth says no but the body was honest. (T/N: is just me or…..yeah just me….keke or am I just green minded..)

After they enter the house, the room still has trace of the smell of a men’s perfume. Huo Xi frowned but did not ask anything, Sheng Qiao has put the tickets and trotted towards him.

“Huo Xi what do you want to eat, I will cook it for you.”

He said, “Anything is alright.”

She tied her hair then helped him turn on the TV and tuned out a documentary she thought was pretty good and made him a cup of fruit tea with hot water before finally running into the kitchen.

Soon there was a tinkling sound, she seemed to be in a good moord as she hummed softly. Listening carefully, it was his song. The sound of TV, the sound of cooking with minor singing mixed together floated all over the room which made him long for a lost warmth.

He got up and walked away, his eyes drawn to the pictures hanging on the wall.

It was a traditional Chinese painting with ink of a moonlight in a mountain pond and the seal on the signature was called “Shen Qingyun”. Few young people hang traditional Chinese paintings on the wall.

Sheng Qiao just came out to get something from the refrigerator when she saw him standing in front of the painting. She explained.

“It’s fake, the real one is too expensive and I can’t afford to buy it yet.”

Huo Xi turned around and asked her.

“Do you like this painter?”

Sheng Qiao pursed her lips and smiled at him.

“En, I like it a lot.”

It was her mother.

The meal was soon ready, she knew what he like to eat and what he didn’t like to eat so the meal was obviously to his liking. When he tasted it, he nodded and said that it was good as he smiled and seemed so happy.

Ahhhhhh, I am alone with my idol eating. How can I eat ah! I’ll just look at him eating.

So it was true beauties were feast to the eyes.

Huo Xi suddenly said to her.

“You’re recording again tomorrow?”


He looked at her a few times before saying.

“If anything happens again, don’t be so impulsive as before.”

She nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice.


What her idol says was what she was! She’s a good girl!

“Even if it is related to me, you have to wait and contact your agent privately or contact me to solve it. You are not allowed to do it yourself.”

“If you do it again.”

He glanced at her lightly.

“You’re not seeing me for a month, and you are not allowed to go to the concert.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

Ahhh this punishment is too vicious she will die!!!!

Sheng Qiao immediately raised three fingers and swore.

“I promise not to be impulsive anymore! Restrain myself, be strict with myself, remember the core socialist values and strive to be a socialist youth!”

Huo Xi pursed his lips as if he wanted to laugh but held back and said in a light voice.

“Okay, eat.”



The next day Sheng Qiao slept a little lazy after eating lunch, Ding Jian has brought Zhou Kan over to give her makeup and then went straight to the “Starlight Junior” program recording site.

Starting with this episode the remaining twenty-five contestants would be divided into five groups with one person limited from each group in each episode. The other three mentors came yesterday and would guide the contestants in rehearsals, Sheng Qiao couldn’t do anything so the program team didn’t ask her to rehearse.

Once she arrived on site, all the staff were looking at her.

Although a week has passed since the last live incident but the sudden fury of Sheng Qiao still impressed them. Previously they thought she was a bun and didn’t dare to offend people that’s why she didn’t use her right to vote otherwise.

They did not only expect a volcano and it’s eruption killed people.

Worried that she would make a mess again, Bei Mingfan made several phone calls to warn her. Once she entered the backstage Ye Tong looked at her as if she was looking at a warrior.

Wei Hedong said.

“Yo, Xiao Qiao came, how is the rest of the past few days? Good mood?”

“In a pretty good mood.”

She smiled and greeted the people one by one, turning back into the gentle and cordial girl but a few were no longer fooled by her appearance. Li Yao who seems to have been not very fond of her commented with she don’t know if ridicule or irony.

“I thought you would only praise people but I didn’t expect you curse too.”

Sheng Qiao: “I’m pretty good at cursing too, you want to hear it?”

Next to her, Fang Bai immediately remembered the deafening “kidney deficiency, early ejaculation”, afraid that Sheng Qiao would say it on the spot he anxiously said.

“Qiao Qiao! Good girls are not allowed to say dirty words!”

Sheng Qiao smiled at him, and Li Yao didn’t say anything anymore.

Several people discussed the contestants who would be classified to the edge of elimination today. This competition system of five people performing, four people promoting and one person eliminating was the most cruel. Even Ye Tong said.

“Xiao Qiao, you have to comfort those eliminated children today and don’t let them lose confidence in the future.”

Bei Mingfan also sent her a link,

“Do you still have enough rainbow farts in stock? I found some inspiration for you, look at it more before you go on stage.”

Sheng Qiao instantly felt so much pressure.

The live broadcast soon began, and this one was watched by several people more than the last one, all because of Sheng Qiao’s fury. Everyone was hoping that the contestants would not be afraid to do something in front of the upright teacher Sheng Qiao, but it turned out that the contestant were so honest that even Sheng Qiao didn’t put out much rainbow farts.

She actually started to seriously critique the contestants from a professional point of view, although it was just a few sentences.

“When you played the piano just now, you played two harmonies wrong. But you’re smart to handle it in a downbeat way so keep up the good work next time.”

“You adapted this song and added the element of electric sound but because the original song itself has a strong heavy metal wind you strengthen the sense of rock and roll. It’s a little too explosive and will make the audience feel a little noisy.”



What? You also know music huh?

Sheng Qiao herself explained.

“I have not systematically studied music, and can only give you advice from the perspective of a most ordinary and real audience after all in the future you step on stage not to sing to a mentor but to sing to the most ordinary audience.”

At first the netizens watching the live broadcast wanted to ridicule her overstating her strength and pretending to understand but when they heard her say this there was trace of recognition. Yes, many times there were many programs who had contestants that made the audience think they were not that good but all the mentors approved and promoted. And when they obviously hear someone who was good but the mentors could find a lot of problems.

They don’t understand the professional staff they just wanted to see the state of presentation.

With this thought there was a new change and improvement of Sheng Qiao’s perception.

The third episode was recorded successfully and the eliminated contestants were in tears on the stage leaving to start a new journey of chasing their dreams. This was how the entertainment industry was, you couldn’t stop for moment.

After recording the live broadcast, it was already quite late so after saying goodbye to everyone Fang Bai and Ding Jian were ready to send Sheng Qiao home. The business car was parked in the garage, Fang Bai went to drive first and Ding Jian waited with her at the exit.

When the car drove over, Sheng Qiao was chatting casually with Ding Jian and casually swept her eyes landing on the front tires of the car somehow her heart jumped hard.

Fang Bai parked the car next to them and waited for them to get in.

But Sheng Qiao didn’t move, and was just frowning at the tire. Ding Jian asked.

“Qiao Qiao, what’s wrong?”

She made a shushing gesture,

“Don’t talk, Fang Ba turn off the car first.”

Fang Bai didn’t know what was going on but seeing her serious expression he immediately stops the engine. As soon as the engine stopped the huge garage was silent again, gradually a small sound air sipping out the tire could be heard.

Then the sound became clearer and clearer.

Fang Bai got out of the car and stared at the front tire, he checked inch by inch with the back of his hand and finally found the piercing.

Someone made a hole in the tire.

If they drive on the road, the car would explode at high speed and the consequences would be unthinkable.

Ding Jian and Fang Bai both turned pale, Sheng Qiao said.

“Take a picture and leave the car here, call Brother Bei and let him call someone to tow.”

Ding Jian calmly contacted Bei Mingfan, Fang Bai’s fist was clenched tightly and his voice squeezed his teeth.

“This is murder!”

If Sheng Qiao had not noticed the difference, they would have been on their way. Thinking about it, he feels scared beyond belief.

The sound of talking came from the other end of the garage and soon a car gradually drove by, seeing them parked here Ye Tong peeked out of the car window.

“Xiao Qiao, what’s wrong? What are you doing here?”

Fang Bai looked angry and wanted to say something, but Sheng Qiao pulled him a little and smiled warmly to her.

“The car broke down, looking for someone to tow it.”

Ye Tong said,

“Ah, so unlucky ah. Then I’ll send you back, it’s late. Come up.”

“Thank you Sister Ye, that’s very kind of you.”

The other end, Ding Jian also finished the phone call. She was a lot more calm that Fang Bai, knowing that some things should not be said she didn’t wait for Sheng Qiao to say anything and followed inside the car.

Ye Tong first sent Sheng Qiao home, Fang Bai and Ding Jian got off the car and thanked her. Two people left and right to protect Sheng Qiao going inside, afraid of a car would rush up and abduct Sheng Qiao.

When they got on the elevator both of them were relieved and Fang Bai said fiercely.

“It must be the second-generation star!”

Sheng Qiao thought about it.

“Not necessarily.”

The odd was both Gao Meiling and the supervisor who were probably want to kill her. Not to mention that the world was never short of malicious people, or maybe none of them at all and just extreme fans who hate her.

Fang Bai said.

“Sister Qiao Qiao we should call the police, let the police apply personal protection.”

She was a bit overwhelmed and said,

“Wait until tomorrow when Brother Bai comes.”

Fang Bai was not at ease when she was sent by Sheng Qiao home so he asked Ding Jian to sleep with her tonight. Before leaving he checked the doors and windows then told Sheng Qiao to lock the door.

Ding Jian slept in the guest room, leaving the door open and said to Sheng Qiao.

“Call me in time if anything happens.”

Her expression looked like a killer would fall from the sky and break through the window.

The night was already late.

Sheng Qiao lay down on the bed, tossing and turning unable to sleep. She was actually not as calm as she seems on the surface after all someone wants to kill her so how could she be not be afraid.

But the more afraid she was the more she has to be calm in order to pull out those vicious people form the dark corners.

She has to live, she has so much left to do.

The phone suddenly rang, Sheng Qiao’s tense nerve was startled when she hears her phone vibrated. Seeing the caller ID “my baby” the tension and fear like the clouds after the sunrise quickly dispersed leaving only warmth.

“Huo Xi~!”

He gave a faint “hmm”, “Good performance tonight.”

There was no impulsiveness and a few comments on terminologies that took him by surprise.

“You’ve watch the live?”

She was immediately a little embarrassed.

“I am only taking nonsense, don’t watch it.”

He sounded like he was laughing but his voice was still light.

“You’re very good at complimenting people, but I haven’t seen you compliment me like that.”

“That cannot be the same.”

“What’s the difference?”

Sheng Qiao paused before she whispered.

“Mortal’s words cannot be used to describe fairies.”



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