Chapter 56

Both Jian Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan were unaware of the upcoming front page headlines, perhaps because they were both in a hurry to get back to the ceremony so they didn’t care to observe their surroundings.

Unfortunately, when they arrived at school they were still late. The ceremony had been going on for more than twenty minutes and all the good seats had been taken by other parents.

It’s necessary to praise the principal of the school, even if the social circles of the rich overlap many of the student’s parents not only know each other privately but also have a strong relationship.

Even those who haven’t said hello at least know each other’s family background but the school never disclose the student’s information at will because they know it. Just like today, the head teacher contacted Madam Fu, she knew that both husband and wife would be present but she didn’t disclose it to anyone so other parents in the class even if they knew Jayce identity didn’t expect his parents coming.

And since they also thought that the elders of the Fu family were not going to attend as usual—if everyone knew the news in advance of course they would consciously leave the best position in the front row to Fu Shiyuan and his wife.

Of course, Jian Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan didn’t care about such small matter. Under the lead of Teacher Wang they came to the last row quietly and low key, only Jian Ruixi regretted that she was a distance away from the stage.

It was inconvenient for her to record the child’s smashing performance so she tactfully asked Teacher Wang to do it for her.

The teachers stood at the bottom of the stage just in case, so they have access to great camera angles and Teacher Wang said he was happy to do which made Jian Ruixi relieved while watching the show.

She was most excited about Jayce’s appearance in the middle of late stages, and once he came out, she was stunned to see that he did not prepared to perform any musical instrument but partnered some young boys to dance jazz.

With the dynamic music, rhythmic dance steps they came out and ignited the atmosphere of the room. Some young and fashionable parents also wriggling with them.

Jian Ruixi was also a member of the “ADHD”. On the stage several young little boys wear the same dance clothes and they all looked white, tender and beautiful.

At first glance they all look the same but of course parents could clearly distinguish their child, Jian Ruixi for example thinks that her son was the most handsome and does not accept rebuttal from the audience!

At ordinary times the little guy has always been quiet and graceful, in short, he has the same style as his father. Jian Ruixi has never seen him such handsome and dynamic side of him.

Seeing her handsome child, Jian Ruixi activated her teenage heart if the occasion was not wrong, she would like to scream like a little fan.

But even if she couldn’t scream Jian Ruixi could still appreciate her son and admire how handsome he was. A few minutes later the performance would soon be over, the audience applauded enthusiastically than the previous performances enough to prove that a few little ones performance were infectious strong.

Jian Ruixi sighed as she wanted the performance to continue.

“My son is so handsome.”

Fu Shiyuan was already accustomed to her routine and casually echoed.

“It’s you who gave birth well.”

Jian Ruixi accepted the compliment without any reservation, and wanted to say something when one of the parent in front row seat hear their conversation and with a “puff” he turned his head to greet.

“Sorry, I heard….”

Before he could finish his words, he recognized the iconic face of President Fu. The parent who initially wanted to tease them was suddenly shocked and couldn’t continue speaking.

“Fu, Fu, President Fu….”

Jian Ruixi looked at the parent open his mouth with a dumbfounded look, she thought it would be more appropriate to describe him as amazed than surprised just like the feeling of seeing an idol walking down the altar?

It’s understandable thinking about it, the conversation they had just had was a little too grounded. They were sorry for their wealthy status and at this time President Fu cooperated with her.

Indeed, anyone would be embarrassed, not to mention President Fu didn’t changed his expression nor reacted as he just stretched out his hands and took the initiative to introduce himself.

“My name is Fu Shiyuan, next to me is my wife, Annie. We are Jayce’s parents, what’s your name sir?”

“My surname is Liu, my daughter’s name is Alice. I’m too…”

Alice’s father introduces his wife when he suddenly remembered.

“Oh, I forgot that my wife didn’t come today….”

Seeing him flustered and even forgot that his wife was not with him, it was now Jian Ruixi’s turn to laugh a “puff” and interrupted Alice’s father’s incoherent voice.

Fu Shiyuan looked back at her and helplessly explained to Alice’s father.

“Sorry, Mr. Liu, Annie didn’t mean to do that.”

Mr. Liu who was interrupted by Jian Ruixi instead regain his composure. He probably felt that the top giants were no different from them, everyone didn’t have three heads and six arms.

He smiled with a good naturedly and spoke.

“My name is Liu Yongming, you can call me Allen if you don’t mind.”

Fu Shiyuan changed his tone and said without any airs.

“You can also call me Ethan.”

The fathers just laughed their animus and chatted warmly. Jian Ruixi occasionally interrupted.

“Your baby’s name reminds people of Alice in Wonderland, you know it’s a lovely little princess.”

In the later activities, Jian Ruixi took Jayce and Alice to form a team.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the final ceremony was successfully completed and the family got on their cars. Jayce finally didn’t hold the airs a kindergarten male god.

He sat between his father and mother and a happy smile appeared on his small face. Even the tooth that was missing and not easily shown to others were exposed, he asked with a cute face.

“Why did dad come back suddenly?”

“Because I want to give you a surprise ah, in order to help dad keep it a secret mommy had a hard time these days.”

When Fu Shiyuan took his time to answer, Jian Ruixi already learned to snatch the opportunity to answer. After she complained about Fu Shiyuan and pinched Jayce’s smooth little face to protest, she proceeds.

“As a result, you still looked calm, you didn’t even have a surprise look when you see us. Dad was sad at that time.”

Jayce has long had his own judgment, he believes that his father could not be so childish. At this time, he very calmly looked at his father, waiting for him to come out and deny.

The pure child didn’t know that his reliable father has learned bad things from his mother. When Fu Shiyuan received the hint from his wife’s eyes, he pursed his lips as he sighed and said.

“I don’t blame you, it’s your father who didn’t do well so Jayce couldn’t feel the surprise right?”

Jayce’s mouth opened wide in shock, instinctively believed that his father was not so “fragile and sensitive” character but he personally admitted it so there should be no mistake?

Unable to distinguish between truth and falsehood, the child finally chooses to be kind. Shaking his head to comfort and also explain.

“No dad, Jayce is very happy, very surprise just….”

For the first time the little guy was so shy that his ears were red, he hung his small head and said.

“It’s just that both teachers and my classmates are here, I’m a little embarrassed—?

Fu Shiyuan hearing this couldn’t help but sighed at his son who had been fooled by his mother for so long.

But Jian Ruixi reacted faster than him, almost as soon as the little guy’s words fell. She couldn’t help holding him in her arms and rubbed his hair which had just finished modeling and was a little pricked.

“Let mommy look at your little ears, how can you be so cute!!”

Jayce trusted his father too much but he was definitely not stupid, his father’s silence and mommy’s strange smile made him quickly understand that he was cheated again.

The little guy struggled and protested in his mommy’s arms.

“Daddy is too much and so is mommy.”



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