Chapter 60

Jiang Liangchan and Chen Fang sat in the carriage.

When she thought about which famous contemporary artist she might meet for a while made her a little nervous and excited. She pulled Chen Fang to ask.

“Who are we going to see? You can introduce it to me first and I can prepare a little in advance.”

Chen Fang pinched the finger that she held on to his sleeve and put it back as he said slowly.

“No need to prepare. I can guess already that after helping you with him our relationship will be severed.”

From his eyes Jiang Liangchan precisely saw the mockery in them, she sat down upright with anger.

What, you can insult me just because you help?

Jiang Liangchan clutched the small painting scroll in her hand.

Thinking about the little chick on her drawing.

Heck, insult is just an insult.

The carriage went all the way out of the capital and traveled some distance in the countryside before stopping in front of a mansion at the foot of a hill.

She never thought there would be such sophisticated house in such remote place.

Jiang Liangchan jumped off the carriage and surveyed the house in front of her. It was not like other rich noble household that has gold and silver but there was an unspeakable atmosphere and elegance.

In addition to elegance, it was particularly casual. There was a stream in front of the house, a long grass road outside and a simple fence door at the end of the road.

It’s a bit like her painting.

She honestly wondered if there was even a half-breed chicken inside.

There was no plaque or anything at the door and she don’t know what kind of people live inside.

Chen Fang got off the carriage and did not say anything as he just pushed open the door with familiarity and gestured her in.

Jiang Liangchan had a lot of psychological pressure when she entered someone else’s house like this.

However just two steps away there were hurried footsteps coming out from the inside.

The tall grass and tree covering the winding path and before Jiang Liangchen could see what the visitor looked like she heard his delighted voice come flooding through.

“Child? You kid, you’re finally here.”

When she turned on a small corner, Jiang Liangchan saw the person’s appearance.

The person was about sixty or seventy years old, dressed casually and only wore a simple gray robe but even if he was so simple and casual the temperament of a great scholar could not be concealed.

It seems that this was the person Chen Fang was looking for.

She wondered which unearthly great scholar he was.

Chen Fang and this great scholar should be a long lost forgotten friend, although this scholar has been complaining that he hasn’t come for a long time it’s obvious that his eyes shine after seeing him which couldn’t cover the surprise in his eyes.

He just refused to admit it, he said.

“I just fried good tea, it’s cheap for you.”

After drinking tea, Chen Fang explained his intention.

“I have a painting here and I want you to give an inscription.”

The great scholar was very arrogant.

“I have not given inscriptions for how many years, and you want me to write some inscriptions?”

Jiang Liangchan’s heart trembled.

Sure enough, I still can’t…

Immediately afterwards the great scholar said.

“Where is the painting, take it out.”

In a hurry Jiang Liangchan took out the scroll and untied it carefully.

With the previous experience, Jiang Liangchan no longer has such heavy sense of shame about opening her painting.

Although topped with such an expectant gaze from this old gentleman.

By the time she slowly opened the painting, she felt the familiar silence again.

The great scholar probably once suspected that his eyes were not good so he leaned down carefully and took another look. His eyes were suddenly hot, he couldn’t believe it he suddenly turned his head and looked at Chen Fang.

Chen Fang sipped the tea calmly.

The great scholar pointed at him with trembling fingers.

“… don’t bully people too much!”

Jiang Liangchan: “…..”

Chen Fang was still drinking tea, obviously did not take his accusation to heart and casually said.

“You just promised yourself, old man, do not go back on your word and let the young girl cry.”

The young girl bowed her head in great shame.

“I’m sorry I painted this picture which has caused you trouble.”

The great scholar sighed again and again. Under Chen Fang’s calm gaze he helplessly asked the child to study the ink and deliberated for a while before inscribing a poem on it.

When the brush was put down he also sighed again and looked at Jiang Liangchan with an unspeakable gaze.

Expression was careless, probably a good little girl so how can her hand draw like a cripple.

Jiang Liangchan buried her head lower.

Chen Fang glanced at her buried head quail look, flexed his finger and knocked the table with his knuckles.

“Old man you’ve learned to bully little girls now?”

The great scholar woke up from scrutinizing the painting that even heaven was impacted with how “artistic” it was and found that the little girl really couldn’t lift her head up.

He looked ashen as he glanced at Chen Fang and said,

“So it’s not you, you didn’t make it clear it first.”

Chen Fang smiled, briefly explained the reason to him and said.

“Your apprentice bullied the little girl, it’s natural for you to deal with aftermath as a master.”

The great scholar didn’t expect this, he stood in place and thought about it. He turned around and went to the eight treasure cupboard and rummage for a whole.

When he came back he was holding a jasper lotus plaque and handed it to Jiang Liangchan.

“Little girl take this. This is a lotus card carved before I retired, it was a little famous at that time. Some people may have some impression that if I have my seal on it. If you wear it you can take it out if you meet my evil disciple again or accused you of these things.”

….momma mia.

Jiang Liangchan reacted.

This great scholar was Old Master Li Hongru.

At the party some time ago, because someone invited the disciple of Old Master Li Hongru Jiang Liangchan had a thorough understanding of the great scholar.

Li Hongru was the first contemporary scholar who was a master of poetry and painting but retired five or six years ago, now almost no one could ask him to appear.

Many contemporary celebrities have gone to him to write poems and inscription but if they were not from extraordinary family they simply do not know where to find him.

Even if someone wanted him to inscribe a poem they don’t even want to think about it,

Even the new master were proud of having collected his calligraphy and paintings, not to mention the noble women who could only barely touch the edge of the art.

Therefore it was quite a matter of face to invite his disciple at their small gathering at that level.

Jiang Liangchan has been ridiculed for such a long time, she never thought that she would one day be able to have someone give her face.

From beginning to end Jiang Liangchen was like falling into clouds the whole time, as she dreamily took the painting scroll and jade plate followed by Chen Fang and went out after saying goodbye to Li Hongru.

Li Hongru sends them up until the fence gate.

Chen Fang asked Jiang Liangchan to enter the carriage first and wanted to said goodbye to Li Hongru alone, he said.

“Old man, pleased send someone to me in two days to pick up a painting.”

Li Hongru’s face finally showed uncontrollable horror.

“How many paintings has this girl painted?”

Chen Fang smiled.

“I’ll drew it, I’ll give it you after a few days.”

Li Hongry breathed a sigh of relief, revealing the most comfortable smiled he has today. Looking at Jiang Liangchan’s lively back, in a relax mood he couldn’t help but tease him.

“You kid, I’ve been asking you to paint for more than a year now but you would always say you weren’t fee. This time to return the favor for the girl you’re free again?”



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