Chapter 42

The next day the sun was shining and the bed was warm.

On the bed, Ye Susu turned over while scratching her small belly when she heard the task sound.

[Yesterday’s task 2 cub work well, not yet assessed.]


She yawned and dazedly touched the small pillow next to her and found it empty, suddenly half of her sloppiness disappeared.

With a jolt she sat up and turned her head to look around.

No one was in the room but the bathroom door was closed again.

She frowned at once.

“Kid, is your poop not coming out?”

From last night to this morning why has this kid been squatting in the toilet?

The task was also poorly rated and there was no way to check the health of the cub except for his mood.

She patted her head.

“Did you eat green vegetables yesterday in the kindergarten? I’ll make some for you now?”

Yesterday in the restaurant, she heard many girls say they must eat vegetables otherwise they were prone to constipation.

Although the shiguan had taught her before she was not less picky and capricious before because of the “artifact” that promotes easy popping like hair cream.

“No, no, I, I just washed up at…”

Ye Xun’s voice soon came out.

Ye Susu shrank her neck for a second.

When she heard the word “wash” she didn’t feel good.

The terrible thing about this new home was that most of the faucets has automatic sensor and the water would automatically gush out…really terrible.

Yesterday, in order to wash she did about half an hour of setting her mind and finally became poor drenched cat.

Just the thought of that wet feeling makes her feet weak and she couldn’t stand.

The cub was probably preparing his mind too?

“Then you take your time and come down later to eat the little mouse buns.”

Ye Susu weakly added a sentence and then tiptoed away.

In the bathroom, Ye Xun sat on the toilet with his little hand holding his phone while his little face was red and frustrated.

“How come there’s no aunt and uncle yet?”

“I really…..am not likeable at all….”

His little head mournfully hung down.

And in the next room, the man in the study room that was facing the black screen of the computer listening to his son’s low self-esteem made his heart in pain.

“Is it because uncles and aunts know I don’t have a father?….I don’t have a dad, so people don’t like me….”

“Is it just like what Aunt Tang said, people look at me as if I were a little monster…”

Li Yun reached out and pinched the center of his brows.

This whisper seemed to be a sharp blade stabbing him in the heart.

He finally couldn’t resist and picked up the phone on the table the moment he heard the child almost whimpering out.

“Liu Zhen.”

“Reopen the beautiful girl’s room, but members who have posted abusive words, been warned, agent’s accounts and old viewers of less than three years were prohibited from entering the room.”

As he spoke he felt deep sense of powerlessness as well as helplessness.

Was this the dilemma of education?

As a parent you have to let your child take the step the he wants to take in order to make him happy knowing that the future was full of crises?

Platform date could be modified the number of people online in the room, the number of concerns and even the reward could be faked to the child to make him happy so that he feels that he was live and a lot of uncles and aunts like him.

But a lie in turn requires more lies to support it.

What would happen to a child’s character if he ever learned that all the being liked and approved of was a sham?

And this child already lacks self-confidence and needs to be in a broader world and get more recognition from more people.

Li Yun pinched his brow and sighed in a rare and exhausted way.

“Also, send me the phone number of the one where the child is doing live.”

Live on the air.

As long as he doesn’t show his face, no, even if he does he could defend his wellbeing.

The child turned on the internet while on the road yesterday, the phone fee should have run out.

Thinking about it, Li Yun frowned and got up he opened the door then followed the woman who was humming some strange tune downstairs, looking complex.

His first impression of her yesterday won him over and wronged her.

She has, so far supposedly been unaware of it.

He hesitated whether to go downstairs and tell her.


Standing in the kitchen Ye Susu sensitively noticed his eyes falling on her, and turned her back.

And immediately she met the very man who was her roommate and ignored her last night.

Although he smells a big good but she was not someone who would come and go as he liked.


She resolutely looked away in disgust.

Li Yun: “?!”

When Ye Susu left the room, Ye Xun was just about to take a look at his phone but was suddenly startled by the phone ringing!

Unknown caller?

He was in a hurry and was flustered, before he covered his phone and didn’t let it fall on the floor.

He was planning on not answering the call but his little finger accidentally touched the connect button.


The phone which had been dropped several times had a somewhat insensitive suddenly came out with a slightly hoarse and low voice.

Ye Xun was shocked, his bulging cheeks almost jumped up.

When Ye Susu gave him her phone, she told him not to answer calls from strangers.

He has been only occasionally used the phone to talk to Ye Susu to tell her when to pick him up.

He bit his lips and dared not to speak at all.



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