RB80’s: VMRHCD 10

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Chapter 10- Come with me to the county

She don’t know if she counted it correctly, but after she carefully counted the money she was shocked.

Although the iron was box was inconspicuous but in contains more than two hundred yuan.

At this time, it was only 1983 and it was not long after the reform that the wages of an ordinary worker were only dozens of yuan a month.

The male lead was studying in the big city, he was not working so how could he send back so much money.

This was not all, there was also money that the original owner spent.

With rough calculations, there should be about a hundred or so yuan.

Therefore the male lead sent back almost 400 yuan in four years which was 100 yuan a year.

The male lead was the male lead after all!

People who go to school spends money and had to rely on their families for subsidies.

But the male lead was different, he doesn’t have to rely on his family to study but he make money and send it to his family instead.

If the original owner did not hide the money the Pei family could rely on these, and their days could also be much better than now.

Looking at the money, Jiang Ran thought for a moment and decided that she still would not give Pei father and mother the money.

If she give the money to Pei father and mother, this two hundred yuan or more would not make the money grow.

But if the money was used as a start-up capital to do business, after a period of time it would not only be a 200 yuan.

When she could start earn money, she could pay back all the money the original owner owed to the Pei family and then wait for the male lead to come back and mention divorce.

Once the divorce was finalized, the sky was high for her to fly and sea was wide for her to swim.

When the time come to stay away from the male lead, she would save some money and open a restaurant, how beautiful her days would be!

If she could, it’s better to take Pei Jing with her at least she won’t let him become the big villain like in the original book.

The more she thinks about it, the more she think it was good and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The windows was half open, and Jiang Ran’s laughter came out through the window. Everyone in the Pei family who were in the courtyard heard it and turned their heads towards this side at the same time.

But not long after, they withdraw their gaze.

Wang Cuilan, Pei Baoshan and Pei Yang were on their way out.

Its springtime and time to plough and busy their selves.

Pei Shanshan should have gone too but Pei Jing needed someone to take care of him and the family also needed someone to do the laundry and cooking so she stayed home.

Pei Shanshan was not idle either, she was planning to take Pei Jing to dig wild vegetables.

There were not many vegetables that could be eaten in spring, in addition to the cellar of potatoes, turnips, cabbage, sweet potatoes and scallions, if they want to eat some leaves they could only go dig some wild vegetables.

Pei Shanshan had just packed up and was ready to take Pei Jing out when she saw the door to Jiang Ran’s room open, and Jiang Ran coming out from inside.

Seeing Pei Shanshan’s outfit, Jiang Ran froze for a moment,

“Where are you going?”

“Go dig up wild vegetables.”

Pei Shanshan’s tone wasn’t good by Jiang Ran didn’t care.

Jiang Ran waved her hand.

“Don’t go, take a trip to the county with me.”

When saying this, Jiang Ran was very forceful and there was no smile on her face.

It’s not that Jiang Ran wants to do so but she has to.

The original owner spoke to the Pei family was always like this, if she suddenly become amicable and cheerful Pei Shanshan would certainly suspect something.

As expected after Pei Shanshan heard Jiang Ran’s words, her eyebrows immediately tightened together.

But after a moment of silence, Pei Shanshan still nodded.

Pei Shanshan did not dare not to agree after all Jiang Ran had a bad temper, if she doesn’t like it she would beat people.

Jiang Ran’s strength was particularly strong, some time ago a man in the village ran against Jiang Ran and said that she was fat like a pig. The man was immediately slapped by Jiang Ran which knocked few of his teeth out and half of his face was swollen.

Once she thought about it, Pei Shanshan felt her face hurt and subconsciously touched her face.

Seeing Pei Shanshan’s action Jiang Ran looked at her suspiciously.

(End of Chapter)


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