Chapter 55

Jian Ruixi was in a better mood again, when she heard that President Fu asked her to cooperate when she gave Jayce a surprise that day, she agreed without saying a word and joked.

“Wow, do you want to learn from my creativity when you think of this surprise?”

“A family shouldn’t have to pay royalties, right?”

“Haven’t you heard that close brothers settle scores?”

In fact, Jian Ruixi not only kept the secret for President Fu but even went to the airport to pick him up that day. She didn’t want to be so courteous but who made President Fu’s flight late?

The afternoon activities started after two o’clock, according to President Fu’s original plan he still had more than an hour after he arrive in Hong Kong. He could go home for a meal and rest for a while and then they could go to school together.

Consequently, he boarded the plane late so he was a bit late.

Jian Ruixi didn’t want to care about him being late but thinking that school was a public place and there were many people if she and President Fu had to act separately when they participated in a parent activity, it would be strange.

In case if it was said that the husband and wife were very estranged it would make Jayce lose face in school, especially since she heard that today’s children were very precocious.

For the sake of the child, Jian Ruixi was willing to go to the airport and wait for President Fu so that once he arrives they could go directly to school and save some time.

So, she waited at the airport for half an hour.

Fortunately, they were like “old couple” and didn’t need to run to pick him up like welcoming a distinguished guest, Jian Ruixi only sent a message to tell President Fu where she was in the parking lot and then closed her eyes to rest.

After she liked being a mother, she gradually formed the habit of taking a nap in order to cooperate with Jayce’s work and rest. Now if she didn’t take a lunch break, she would lose her soul in the afternoon.

Madam Fu was calm as if she was not waiting for her husband, Ah Min and Lisa who accompanied her to the airport were especially quiet throughout the whole process and did not make small movement in order not to disturb her.

They leaned out the window and stretched out their necks looking at each other occasionally as their faces shows anxiousness until they saw a familiar figure coming their way.

The two peopled couldn’t help but say excitedly.

“Madam, President Fu is here!”

Jian Ruixi slowly opened her eyes and yawned while pressing down the car window, Ah Min and Lisa who was setting on the driver and shotgun seat already stepped forward and quickly carry President Fu’s luggage while Jian Ruixi didn’t even move her body but only leaned over and complained.

“You can really make people wait.”

Fu Shiyuan’s vision was very good even if the parking lot light was not bright enough and he was still a few steps away he could see her chin resting on the car window who look like someone who just woke up and made him somewhat apologetic, so hr apologize before he could approach her closer.

“Sorry, I wasn’t sensible enough are you still very sleepy?”

“If you hadn’t dropped the chain, I would still be at home taking a good lunch break.”

Jian Ruixi said nonchalantly as she looked at her watch and spoke.

“It’s already 1:40 fortunately I said hello to Ms. Wang in advance, she said she would just adjust Jayce’s show at the latter so you don’t have to worry about missing his performance even you go late.”

While talking Fu Shiyuan had already arrived at the car.

“What show Jayce prepared?”

Jian Ruixi then revealed a smile.

“He did not tell me, also want to surprise us.”

This was why a family doesn’t enter a house since they all like to play surprises.

Preside Fu looked down at her as if to say that it was all learned from her.

Jian Ruixi was quite complacent, she had led the trend of the Fu family. Seeing that he was still standing outside without moving she hurried.

“Why don’t you get on the car yet?”

Fu Shiyuan said calmly.

“Then please move a little.”

“Just two steps and you refused to walk?”

Although Jian Ruixi spits Fu Shiyuan for being lazy she still cooperated changing to the next seat.

When President Fu sat down, Ah Min quickly started the car. Jian Ruixi was still wondering about President Fu’s arrangement.

“Didn’t you decided to come back to Jayce’s final ceremony a few days ago? Why are you still so busied today?”

If he could have left day earlier, they wouldn’t have to be in such a hurry now.

President Fu tenderly said he just thought that since he came back, he could stay with them for two more days so he worked overtime to deal with the work in hand.

Jian Ruixi automatically changed the “stay with them” to accompany Jayce. President Fu has always been a father full of love for his son, there was nothing wrong with it but she couldn’t help but joked.

“You said you obviously have a private plane, it’s more convenient but why did you choose a passenger plane?”

“Don’t you know its holiday season? And unluckily in time for weekend, it’s only natural to be late.”

“I don’t think it’s an official trip so there’s no need to mobilize people so the public airline is more convenient….”

President Fu explained patiently but in the end he sincerely apologizes.

“It was thoughtless of me.”

Jian Ruixi gloated

“You mean Jayce’s activities aren’t that important anymore? Finally, I hear you telling the truth I’m going to talk to him later.”

Fu Shiyuen begged cooperatively.

“Please can you help me keep it a secret?”

“Then my hush money is not low.”

“Who let you have the handle1 in your hand I can only let you harm me.” (T/N: information that can be used against sb)

The atmosphere in the car was getting better as the two of them talk and laugh, just opposite the empty space a driver watched several luxurious cars lined up and drove away from the parking lot and waited with bated breath for two minutes before he dare to roll down the window accompanied by a big gasp of air and sighed.

“This is the style of a rich family; the reality is much more imposing than the movie.”

The young man in the passenger seat also touched the non-existent sweat.

“Yes, it is Madam Fu’s car, right? Obviously so many bodyguards and drivers, and she really has to pick him in person. She doesn’t know their rich family very well….”

Before he could finish his sentence, the young man’s head was knocked by the other man.

“Nonsense, if Madam Fu didn’t pick President Fu how can we get such valuable news?”

The older man holding the camera was full of excitement.

“Prince Fu and his consort showed up in the airport parking lot in a low-key way, flirting sweetly—having this century couple on the same frame is worth our news is worth at least 100million.”

In addition to public trip together Mr. and Mrs. Fu have hardly been photographed in the same frame by the media in private which was also the reason why they were rumors of them divorcing.

“But Master—”

The young apprentice couldn’t help but remind.

“Aren’t we here today to shoot the popular young flower girl Chen Kexin and her lover?”

Yesterday they got the news that the popular flower girl was on a business trip to the mainland and didn’t forget to take her little fresh meat lover to fly together. They were brave enough to book the same flight back to Hong Kong so they ambushed them at the airport and the flower girl’s neighborhood.

However, this was the mainland who had several major airports and had delayed flight so their “interviewee” has not gotten off the plane yet.

“You fool, with Fu’s news why shoot the flower girl ah.”

Time was money, only when they have such big news could they deserve their hard work.

The young apprentice who just joined the industry was a little confused.

“But President Fu, they were not star….”

Could it be compared with the explosive news of the little flower girl?

“Little flower girl, you just know little flower girl.”

The old master wanted to knock the unenlightened one awake.

“Is she more famous that Mr. and Mrs. Fu, and you don’t see how many of their couple’s weibo fans are now?”

“Chen Kexin also has more than eight million.”

“More than eight million? It’s good if she can keep even one third of it after the scandal.”

The old master sneered.

“Madam Fu only been in weibo for a few months? There are three or four million fans already, that’s a real fan. She sends a status and fans will be able to send her to the hot search immediately not to mention President Fu who was called the “National husband” together with Mr. Xi and Mr. Ye. When he became popular, when he became popular on weibo you didn’t know where he was…”

In the end, the young man was trained to say nothing and the master and disciple soon disappeared into the parking lot.



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