ECM 52


Chapter 52

Xu Yan as a big brother who was very sensitive to the hot spots in the entertainment industry understands very well where the highlights of this variety show planned by Xu Zhaixing were.

It’s just a matter of unveiling the mystery of celebrity’s veil and show them to ordinary people openly.

Look, this was the house they live on and their decoration. When they don’t appear on TV or go on stage their private life was like this.

For ordinary people who could only watch performances in the film and television and variety shows the real star life undoubtedly has great attraction to them.

The fact that they don’t know each other’s identity adds to the fun and surprise of the variety show.

Compared with the film, television and music current variety shows do not make money because several popular variety shows have long been stable. It was not easy to use innovation to enter the variety show market since it wasn’t an easy task and the risk was too big not to mention strenuous and unrewarding.

Before, the planning department also submitted several variety show plans but they were all passed away by him. Now Xu Yan sees the future with a few hundred words of planning on an A4 paper.

He immediately put down the meeting materials and called his assistant to contact the executives for a meeting.

Xu Zhaixing has been accustomed to his decisive style of doing things, and so she busied herself back to the computer to organize the planning in detail and then followed Xu Yan to the conference room.

Although the executives accepted the fact that their chairwoman was an 18 years old girl, but in their view it was only passing the family business to its heir. Treating her as a puppet after all how could they wait for the eldest lady to graduate college before talking about accepting the company’s business?

But seeing Xu Zhaixing leisurely sat next to Xu Yan facing them, they look shock.

Xu Yan said.

“I temporarily called you for a meeting because Xu Zhaixing planned a new variety show and we want to hear your opinions.”

One of the executives was immediately surprised.

“Chairwoman Xu planned this?”

Xu Yan nodded.

“Her idea alone, now let her give a speech to everyone.”

Xu Zhaixing also often held meeting in her previous life, it’s common to talk about planned cases to PPT and she doesn’t have a stage fright either. Before she had time to do the PPT she made a copy of the plan and sent it down. Clearing her throat she started to talk.

At first everyone was still a little hesitant but as they listen they stop doubting her and gradually looked serious as they listen attentively.

No one in the meeting room was idiot, after all who could pass Xu Yan’s assessment and sit in the position of senior management, they were not just someone with powerful role. The look they gave Xu Zhaixing were finally seriousness from distrust.

Xu Zhaixing now only has the general idea, and the specific details need to be discussed again. After talking she asked the people present,

“What do you think?”


“Not bad!”

“Chairwoman Xu is still young, this is unexpected.”

Being unanimously praised, Xu Zhaixing smiled with satisfaction.

Xu Yan smiled.

“In that case, the variety show planning has been decided.”

He looked at Xu Zhaixing.

“I’ll allocate a group of people to you to make the complete plan as soon as possible.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded with great pride and ambition.


She knew that she was young and although she was in a high position of power and had taken the chairman’s seat early, people treated her leniently not because they recognized her strength but because elders tolerant love for their junior ad their respect for power.

She needs to make several beautiful achievements to really gain the recognition of her employees and make them willingly work under her.

Very often the loyalty of employees depends on the ability of the leaders.

There was still some time before school began, Xu Zhaixing simply stuck herself in the company and clocked in on time from nine to five as if she had gone back to the days when she tried hard to make money.

At first the employees assigned to this group thought that the eldest young miss was young and playful so they could work more relaxed with her. Unexpectedly they became the busiest group with the most overtime in the company.

They all sighed inwardly and all thought that she was worthy of inheriting the company in the future. She was still so young yet she was already working very hard, and looked at them they would surely lose their face if they don’t work hard!

So the whole group were like injected with chicken blood, and under the leadership of Xu Zhaixing a brand new variety show plan soon came out in full.

After handing it to Xu Yan, there was another meeting to discuss and collect opinions to modify the details. Two days before the start of the school year the plan was finally settled.

Next was the stars they need to invite, this was not within the scope of Xu Zhaixing’s ability so she just gave some opinions. For example there should be not only flows of idols but also powerful artist, actors, singers, singles and couples. Visiting someone else’s house with great identity has more unexpected and more interesting.

After the meeting she went home and make up some sleep.

After being in high school for a few years, she suddenly resume her social animal1 life making her body unable to cope up. You Tao fried some dishes and put them on the table, she pressed a bowl of rice of Xu Zhaixing and said. (T/N: 1bottom office workers that was use as derogatory word in Japan and was later use in mainland China)

“Miss you eat more, you’re so thin.”

Xu Zhaixing: “What?! I’ve lost weight! Really!?!”

Girls were forever on the road to weight loss.

She rushed to the scale and weighed, looking at the number she really lost weight. And a full four pounds!

Xu Zhaixing was so happy that she took a picture with her phone and uploaded it on Weibo, obviously happy and almost smiling but pretended to regret and said.

[Alas, I’m thin.]

Photo:  Weight figure and a pair of small feet in pink socks.

Cheng You and her friends immediately commented.

[Ahhhhh so jealous! We are same on the same holiday but we’re fat and you lost weight?]

Xu Zhaixing returned an aggrieved pouting emoji.

[Summer job is too tiring.]

Cheng You: [So poor ah? Then you hurry up and eat some good food, I heard there are so many good food in B city! Try to eat your baby fat back soon!]

Xu Zhaixing: …let’s unfollow each other.

After showing off she continued to sit back and eat her meal. You Tao kept bringing her vegetables and said.

“Miss, you still have a little meat on your face. Now you’re almost a melon face.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Doesn’t a melon face look good?

For the whole dinner, You Tao has given her more dishes and made her bloated to death. Finally Xu Zhaixing who had enough to eat and drink rubbed her round stomach and stood on the balcony, after eating for a while she rolled back to bed and sleep.

As soon as the shading curtain of the bedroom was pulled, the whole room was enveloped in darkness which makes people sleep like it was night time. After washing the dishes, You Tao tidied up the room and left quietly.

Xu Zhaixing slept until late afternoon and when she opened her eyes she couldn’t tell if it was day or night.

She checked her phone in daze and looked at it, it was past seven in the evening.

Time to get up and have a dinner.

Hmm? No? Why is there a missed call from “my cub”?


My cub?!

Xu Zhaixing was instantly awake and all her drowsiness was gone, she immediately sat up from the bed and with her chicken nest head she stared at her phone screen which showed the missed calls in her trembling hand.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss my idol’s call!!

She reacted as if she missed a billion worth opportunity.

After she cried for a long time, she took a drink from the water cup on the cupboard to moisten her throat and coughed twice then took a deep breath and dialed back.

A few rings later, the call was connected. Before the other end could speak she immediately said.

“Brother, I fell asleep this afternoon and just woke up!”

Because of the receiver, his voice was somewhat distorted.

“En, have you eaten?”

It’s been a long time since she heard the voice of her idol, Xu Zhaixing excitedly bit her small fist to make her voice stable and said lightly.

“Already ate lunch, and there is no dinner yet. I’ll get up and eat! What about you brother?”

Cen Fang said.

“I haven’t either.”

He sounded calm.

“Let go together.”

Xu Zhaixing: ??????!!!!!

What did I hear???

Did I hear it wrong??

Idol asked me to have dinner with him?

I’m dead, I’m gone, I’ll give you a show in place to ascend to heaven.

The other end did not wait for her answer, after the long pause. His voice was slightly deep.

“No time?”

Xu Zhaixing finally came to her sense and nodded furiously.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Brother I have time! I have nothing to do and I only have time! What to eat and where to eat, you decided!”

I’m going to spend money for my idol today!!!

Cen Feng smiled a little.

“Pick what you like, I’ll like it too.”

Xu Zhaixing used to live in B City for so many years so of course she was very familiar with this place. Since she was going to eat with her idol she must eat at the five star restaurant, after a little thought she decide to go to an old and famous senior private kitchen.

Cen Feng: “Okay, I’ll see you later.”

Xu Zhaixing has been sweetened by honey to the points of dizziness.

“See you later brother!”

After hanging up the phone, the dark room was quiet for a while. She sat daze and dumb for a while and raised her hand to slap her head.

It’s not a dream, right?

She immediately checked her phone records once again to take a look.

Ahhh it was not a dream, it was real! It’s true that I’m going to have dinner with my idol!

Xu Zhaixing rushed to get up and freshen up, fortunately this morning when she came home she already took a bath and washed her hair so now she could just tie a nice ponytail, change into a beautiful dress and then go out!

It was only when she went out and called a cab and on the way to the restaurant that Xu Zhaixing reacted, how did her idol know she was in B City?

It’s not that she didn’t think about going to him after she came to B City.

Which fans do not want to see their idol and could not wait to see him all the all the time?

But fans have to keep a sense of propriety to their idol, she couldn’t cross that line by relying on her own advantages.

So no matter how much she missed him, she restrained herself.

But at this moment, her yearning was like a tide gushing out from the viscera, sweeping her.

The famous senior private kitchen was located in the city center, Xu Zhaixing was relatively close but Cen Feng was far coming from Zhongtian. She arrived at her destination in only half an hour, after getting off the cab she restrained her excitement and waited in place.

In August, City B was in the middle of summer so the night was not cool. The stuffy hot gas runs up from the ground and straight into the body, Xu Zhaixing who was clean and refreshed was soon feeling hot and sweated all over.

But she didn’t want to go in and wait there.

After half an hour of standing in the shade, enduring the sweltering heat and mosquito bites Cen Feng got out of the cab.

Even among the sea of people she immediately saw him at a glance.

No matter what clothes he wears, what hat he wears, what position he was in, he was always in her eyes as glowing as striking.

Xu Zhaixing trotted up to meet him, and because of the excitement her voice had a slight wheeze.


Cen Feng slightly raised his head revealing a pair of deep eyes under the brim of his hat. Seeing her sweaty but smiling appearance, he frowned.

“Why didn’t you go in and wait?”

Xu Zhaixing smiled like a little fool.

“Here I can see you immediately.”

As she said this, she also half lifted her calf and scratched the mosquito bite that just stung her.

A small, helpless smile appeared in Cen Feng’s eyes as he said.

“Let’s go.”

Xu Zhaixing happily responded and happily followed him, looking at him all the way unable to take her eyes off of him.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him, I miss him so much.

He wore a white T shirt today, the whole person was fresh and clean like the first ray of sunlight shining into the blanket in the early winter morning, warm and but also cold.

The restaurant was quietly decorated with the design of Suzhou garden which was elegant in summer.

Once inside, a waiter guided them all the way to an elegant room by the window. The privacy of the upscale restaurant was well done, not only were there were no other guests around even the conversation nearby could not be heard only the gurgling guzheng music surrounded their ears.

Xu Zhaixing buried her head in the menu, but the whole person was about to burn up.

Why did she pick such place!!!! It feels like a rendezvous!!! What does her idol think of her now? Would she think that she has evil intentions and impure thoughts?

Was hot pot not good? Or was the skewer? Why should she come here?

Xu Zhaixing wanted to cry while thinking about this when she suddenly heard her idol ask in a soft voice.

“Have you chosen something to eat?”

Xu Zhaixing looked up at once and stammered.

“I…I can! You chose! You point!”

Cen Feng looked at her for a moment seemingly confirming and seeing her determined expression did he finally lowered his head and said a few dish names to the waiter.

The restaurant light with a warm orange finely casting his pale eyebrows that looked amazingly beautiful.

Xu Zhaixing began to sneak around again, when Cen Feng finished ordering he looked up and asked the waiter.

“Do you have a floral water here?”

The waiter replied.


He said,

“Please bring a bottle over, to stop the itching.”

Xu Zhaixing reacted to the fact that he was helping her, the mosquito bite that was not itching was now burning again in an instant but she was shy to scratch it again in front of her idol.

She had to talk to divert attention.

“Brother, how do you know I’m in B city?”

Cen Feng raised his eyes and looked at her, answering the question.

“You lost some weight.”

Xu Zhaixing froze, and only then did she remember her weibo post but didn’t he unfollow her?! Why was he updated on her post? Then did he also saw her other posts?

Wait, didn’t I post something to about kindergarten?

It’s just a funny video she reposted with the words [I’ve got my pants down and you’re showing me this?]…?

Isn’t that enough!!!!

Cen Feng looked at her expression that changes from expression to anothers in an instant, he probably guessed what she was thinking as a smile flashed across the corner of his lips and then disappeared in silence. He said quietly.

“I didn’t follow back and I didn’t see anything else.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Are you coaxing a child? If you say it like that it means you have seen everything?

I’m dead, no one can save me this time.



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