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Chapter 173

Fu Zhen refuses to admit that he was a liar, but his eloquence was not good so debating with Jiang Hengshu ended up a failure.

“When I fall asleep at night, my nose will grow long, very long that it will poke you face.”

Fu Zhen said while gesturing with his two hands.

“You will be awakened by the poke, you don’t know what it is since its dark so when you reached out and hold it you will break it. My nose will then bleed and dye the snow-white sheet red….”

“First, our sheet are gray.”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head and patted Fu Zhen’s head.

“Second, it’s time, hurry up and sleep for me.”

Fu Zhen smiled and gave Jiang Hengshu a kiss on his left cheek then quickly covered most of his body with the quilt revealing only a pair of star-like eyes and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Good night.”

Jiang Hengshu also dropped a kiss on his forehead and turned off the lights in the bedroom.

“Good night.”



<< Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees>> started nearly two month early than Fu Zhen’s but the progress was not much faster than them.

Some gossip tabloids reported that Director Lian Chunchao originally set the shooting location at the Jinshan film and television basE but later disliked that there were too many crew there.

The environment was noisy and there was no good spot to receive radio signal so he took the whole crew to an unknown small place. It took a lot of time to set the scene again.

But it seems that the << Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees>> should be shooting smoothly during this period. Even Director Chunchao still has the time to be interviewed by the media.

The questions that the medial could ask were the questions set by the director beforehand. In addition to some routine shooting process, release time and actor performance they also brought up Fu Zhen.

“What do you think about the fact that Director Fu Zhen want to film the White Castle?”

The host smiled and asked the questions to Director Lian ChunchaO who sit opposite to him.

Lian Chunchao’s expression changed, he naturally knew about the plagiarism of the << Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees>> but the lawsuit had not started when he took over the << Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees>>.

And since Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees’ popularity was higher compare to White Castle so even Director Chunchao’s was very confident in the film he was shooting.

He smiled at the camera and said.

“I really appreciate Director Fu Zhen’s talent but as far as I know Director Fu Zhen hasn’t filmed for almost three years during this period he should find an opportunity to learn and get familiar with the machines used for shooting.”

“This thing changes very quickly, almost in one year. However Director Fu is a young man with strong adoption ability, it shouldn’t take long to learn these things. I’m still looking forward to the release of the White Castle by Fu Zhen.”

The host was still a newcomer and listening to the puzzled message, he thought to himself. Was Lian Chunchao praising Fu Zhen or defaming him? It sounded more like saying Fu Zhen really has no experience.

The host then asked.

“So which do you think between Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees and White Castle if release at the same time more likely to have a box office hit?”

Lia Chunchao shook his head and said to the host.

“I haven’t seen the White Castle directed by Fu Zhen yet so I can’t make any comments. I just hope you can give more support when the Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees were to be released.”



After the host finished asking the questions, it was time to end it. He said to the cameraman,

“Thank you very much Director Chunchao for being our guest. We’ll see you next Wednesday.”

This interview soon quickly circulated on the internet, the netizens’ discussion was not as big as the director imagined.

Most of the people involved in the discussion were fans of the two main actor, for matter of White Castle being a bad movie the netizens reached a consensus as soon as they saw that Gao Tian was one of the star in it.

Fu Zhen also saw this interview but he was not particularly angry.

He work eight hours a day as usual to shoot White Castle, excellent actors also gave him a lot of inspiration. He and Luo Pingping revised part of the script.

In the blink of an eye, it was already November. Tang Wanwan returned home from abroad.

After her part was finished, the foreign director said to her that if the movie had the possibility of shooting the second part she would be invited to play again.

What’s more, on the day she was going to return home one of the male star of the movie confessed to her that she was the most charming oriental lady he had ever seen.

Of course, Tang Wawan was very happy to hear such praise but she also knew that she was a married woman.

It was impossible to be with this tall and handsome actor so she smiled and refused him.

As soon as Tang Wanwan got on the plane, the actor shivered and patted his head as he said to himself.

“What did I just say?”

The chief director of <<The Lady>> also frowned when he replayed the scenes shot by Tang Wanwan some time ago.

“It seems that I have to delete a lot.”

He don’t know why, obviously he thought Tang Wanwan’s performance was very excellent when shooting.

But how come after watching it one more time, most of the scene shot couldn’t be used now?

Alas, oriental people may really know magic.



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  2. Thanks for the chapter! So, basically, Tang Wanwan has little talent, and is relying on the system to influence everyone. It’s interesting that the moment she leaves, everyone begins to wake up from the influence. The effect is obviously not as powerful as before.

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  3. In my opinion since she choose to borrow the achievement from outside sources. The effect is not that very impactful than the before…maybe it was a secondhand skills… (Sorry for the wrong grammar)

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