GTKWF 43.2


Chapter 43(2)

Every time you apologize so quickly it could never change anything ah!

Bei Mingfan was so angry with her that he felt stuffy. When he received a call from Meng Xingshen this afternoon, he couldn’t help but spit it out to him.

“This girl you introduced to me, really, I’ve brought so many artists but I’ve never encountered one who messed up so much and did so justifiably.”

Meng Xingshen laughed over the phone.

“What did that girl do to you?”

Bei Mingfan told him about the plagiarism on a live broadcast and what happened today.

“If we’re talking about being kind, she is really kind but in this circle you say, kind people are gnawed. She’s not new so how can she do things so naturally?”

After he finished huffing and puffing for a long time, he heard Meng Xingshen said.

“Maybe it’s because she’s been in the dark for too long so she can’t tolerate darkness anymore.”

Bei Mingfan froze, remembering all the previous rumors about her and finally did not say anything else.

After hanging up the phone, Meng Xingshen thought about it and opened his browser and typed in “Sheng Qiao plagiarism”. The news and video quickly popped up in a large format and he selected the video and clicked in.

He watched it three times.

Was that emotionally intense, fierce and angry little girl really the gentle and calm girl who was in front of him two days ago?

He always felt that Sheng Qiao had changed and the “her” before him was not being honest with him.

But at this moment in the video, the little girl who rushed onto the stage with her skirt as she dragged down by two assistant was so fresh like a bright light that couldn’t help but attract people close.

What’s the name of the song she’s talking about? Wind and Cool?

Huo Xi?

That traffic star?


By the end of the night, an anonymous post exposing the sexual harassment of a female employee by a well-known media company executive was circulating in major forums.

There were professional water army down the field, the post of the heat continues to rise. The company name and the name of the director was in mosaic but many details were described and it did not slip through the fire-eyes netizens as they immediately picked out a certain media company of a certain director.

He was a repeat offender, the previous victims basically silently choose to resign. There was basically one person who called the police but since there was no evidence the case was not filed. Many people spoke anonymously about their experience of being harassed.

If the law couldn’t punish him then let public opinion do the job. Soon the company was boycotted by graduates. Students in major colleges and universities have been warning their younger brothers and sisters not to go to that company for internship.

Even schools have special classes on the eve of graduation to tell the students how to resist sexual harassment in the workplace and protect themselves.

At first the company refuted the rumors, but it could not stand the bombing of the professional water army and suspended the supervisor for investigation. No matter what the result was, at least many people know that the company couldn’t go which has avoided the injustice of many girls.

Liang Xiaotang recuperated at home for three days and finally chose to resign after discussing with her parents. When she went to the company to submit her resignation she learned that the supervisor had been suspended.

The whole building spends its free time discussing that post.

Liang Xiaotang has not been online for several days, she took out her phone and flipped through it and saw the popular post. As a senior Xiguang she was more than familiar with the tactics of the water army.

Who would pay to hire a water army to do such a post?

Her fingers trembled as she entered Sheng Qiao’s name in the column. This was not the first time she saw this name but this was the first time she has gone with gratitude and kindness.

Sheng Qiao’s fans have exceeded 10 million.

She clicked open the private message dialog box and wrote down two words: [Thank you.]

Sheng Qiao has so many fans and received tens of thousands of private messages every day. She may never see her own thank you message, so if she has the chance to see her again in the future she wants to say to her personally, thank you.

Also, sorry.

Although Sheng Qiao didn’t take action herself, she also stared at the direction of the internet. And as expected with the gold medal agent who had brought the film emperor, his shot was different. Sheng Qiao turned off the computer with satisfaction.

Tomorrow was the last day of recording for the third issued of “Starlight Junior”. Bei Mingfan specially called to warn not to do more mishaps and just honestly put on her rainbow farts.

Sheng Qiao was answering when the doorbell rang, she opened the door while answering the phone was surprised to see Meng Xingshen with a gentle smile outside the door.

“Senior Meng, you’re back?”

On the phone Bei Mingfan said.

“Xingshen has arrived ah, then I will not talk to you. You focus on learning from him, we we’re expecting that next month there will be a drama shot.”

Sheng Qiao hung up the phone and invited him, as usual she first asked him what he wanted to drink and after making tea she brought out the notebook like a good student.

Meng Xingshen looked at her for a moment, remembering the vivid image in the video and comparing the girl with low brows and drooping eyes in front of him, it was like two people.

He said slowly.

“I hear you’ve been up to a lot of things during my absence?”

Sheng Qiao: “A little accident, it has been solved. Thank you for senior’s care.”

Look, it’s that polite and detached attitude again, and the key was that he couldn’t pick a single wrong with it.

Sheng Qiao handed over the section of the script he left behind with her marked handwriting all over it, and earnestly asked for advice.

“Senior Meng, I’ve done my best with the assignment you sent, but where exactly did it go wrong?”

Meng Xingshen retracted his thoughts and sighed like laughter inwardly and took over the script to explain it.

Sheng Qiao immediately entered the study state, listening to his guidance as if to set the clouds to see the moon. The afternoon passed quickly and Sheng Qiao was still thinking about whether he was going to stay for dinner again when the phone on the coffee table rang.

Meng Xingshen glanced at it, and before he could see who called he saw the girl across the room quickly picking up the phone and said.

“Sorry, I’ll take this call.”

And ran all the way into the bedroom.

He didn’t miss the light under her eyes that turned from calm to enthusiastic

After a while she came out after answering the phone and said to him earnestly.

“Senior Meng, my friend asked me to do something tonight. I’m sorry I can’t stay for dinner.”

Meng Xingshen smiled,

“That’s okay, then I’ll leave now. See you next time.”

“En, goodbye senior.”

She sent him out the door, after answering the call. In such short period of time she finally had a trace of bright life he had seen in the video. It just seems that she was trying to suppress it because of him.

Meng Xingshen went all the way downstairs, sat in the car and did not rush to go as he lit himself a cigarette.

Not much later, a beam of headlights pierced the darkness and a roaring of car was gradually heard. A car pulled into the garage, parked nearby. Someone got out of the car wearing a black casual clothes, he was tall and was wearing a hat buried on his head and walked towards the elevator.

Meng Xigshen’s gaze moved with him to the elevator entrance only to see Sheng Qiao waiting there at some point.

She was like a little bird leaping as the light shine downs at her face full of love that was unable to hide. He did not know what they were talking about but she looked at her with a serious and loving look as if the person in front of her was her whole world.

It was not until they entered the elevator that Meng Xingshen finally extinguished his cigarette and started the car.

Heh, this unfaithful girl.



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