IRBB90’S 2




Chapter 2

“You child, who in the village does not know that you are having a hard time? But even if it’s hard a mother with a child like you shouldn’t elope.”


Su Weiwei pretended not to understand.

“Aunt Guihua they say it’s hard to be a widow, do you think I’ve offended someone? Otherwise, I just packed my clothes and went back to my mother’s house for a few days, how did it become an elopement?”

Zhang Guihua was a little dumbfounded.

“Back to your mother’s house? Why didn’t you bring Cheng Cheng with you?”

Su Weiwei still wiping her tears.

“Aunt Guihua, my mother was hospitalized yesterday if I take Cheng Cheng back and take care of Cheng Cheng while taking care of my mother how busy can I be?”

After hearing this Zhang Guihua took a deep look at Liu Yumei, she couldn’t help thinking that Su Weiwei fell into the water and the whole village ran to save her without asking Liu Yumei shouted that Su Weiwei wanted to elope. Everyone had preconceived that Su Weiwei must have eloped and it spread all over the village. She didn’t think that Su Weiwei was just going back to her mother’s house?

“Yumei, what’s going on?”

Zhang Guihua spoke with reproach.

She was the daughter-in-law of the captain and has a certain position in the village, she mediates some things that the captain couldn’t solve at home which was equivalent to the director of Women’s Federation in the village in the eyes of rural people she was the official wife. At present she has a cold face and made Liu Yumei panics immediately.

Liu Yumei felt strange, Su Weiwei was a silent girl and couldn’t even say a word in the middle of argument so she really didn’t expect that she would turn from white to black in front of Zhang Guihua.

“Guihua don’t listen to her nonsense, she just wants to elope! I’ve read all the letters!”

“What about the letter?”

Zhang Guihua frowned,

“You take it out and let me have a take look.”

Liu Yumei froze, after reading the letter she was afraid that Su Weiwei would found out so she put it back. She didn’t know where the letter was now.

Seeing this, Su Weiwei cried even more. She simply fell into Zhang Guihua’s arms.

“Aunt Guihua I can’t trust anyone in the village besides you. The other day I just went to the village pharmacy to get some cold medicine for Hang Seng but my mother in law said I was having an affair with someone, I was just packing my bags to go back to my mother’s house but she chased me with a shovel and ran. I was so scared that my feet slipped and fell into the river, you say how does this become an elopement?”

Su Weiwei was so close to her and this allow Zhang Guihua to feel some sincerity from her, before she came here she thought Su Weiwei was really eloping but it turned out to be a farce. What elopement? It was obviously that she was beaten into the river by the evil mother-in-law, Liu Yumei was afraid of being blamed so she made up a lie. Since Su Weiwei was usually timid so how could she run away with someone and create a scandal? And with Liu Yumei’s identity Zhang Guihua was even more convinced of her speculation.

“Yumei, is what Weiwei said true?”

Liu Yumei’s usually sharp mouth suddenly couldn’t talk, when did she chase her with a shovel? She obviously just read the letter and followed Su Weiwei secretly with a shovel, so how come with Su Weiwei’s mouth it was change to her chasing Su Weiwei with a shovel?

“Guihua! I, I, shovel…”


Zhang Guihua was really annoyed with her, and her tone this time was not good.

“You are a mother-in-law yet you are chasing your daughter in law with a shovel, which I cannot believe if I did not hear it myself, we are women we can hold up half of the sky1. Heming just died, you as the mother should bring up the family’s offspring so how could you create trouble to your daughter-in-law instead?”

“Guihua don’t listen to her nonsense, she just wants to elope, she…”

Su Weiwei lifted up the blanket, before her legs moved her mouth shouted.

“Aunt Guihua I really can’t take it anymore, I’ve already made up my mind to be a widow for Heming for the rest of my life I won’t marry anyone but who would have thought that my reputation now is notorious. I really have no face to live so I might as well crash to death.”

Zhang Guihua pulled her, Zhang Guihua has done a life time work as a farmer not to mention she was fat so how could Su Weiwei’s strength compare? Su Weiwei obviously could not break free and she looked more like life has no meaning.

“You child, why die? Don’t be afraid I’m going to tell the village people that you did not elope at all. We are all from the same village, what kind people we are the villagers should know. Your Aunt Guihua will definitely give you a clean name.”

After Zhang Guihua finished saying this, she told Su Weiwei to take a good rest and then walked away without looking back. Liu Yumei afraid that Zhang Guihua would say something against her she ran up and explain but Zhang Guihua did not listen to a word and with a cold face walked away.

On the other side, Su Weiwei could not help but breathed a sigh of relief. In her previous life she didn’t work in the office in vain, at this time those struggle experiences were used in a good way today—she’s really the best such person was really easy to get rid of. She’s not afraid of hard work in fact her previous life she started her own business and was busy day and night but never cried bitterly what she was afraid was raising children, she’s been living alone and has always been like that for the past more than thirty years. In her earlier years the only regret she did not have a child, though she made an appointment with a friend to go to United States to do in vitro fertilization but who knew that even without saving money for test tube she would have a child of her own?

But now that she has a son, she was worried that she would not be able to cope with it and she was even more worried that she would look at the child as an outsider, would she love and could be intimate enough as a mother to a child who came out of nowhere? If she has another child in the future would she love the child she gave birth to more?

Just as she was thinking about these, a girl who was seven of eight years old leading a little boy in. It should be her husband’s youngest sister, Liang Xiaomei. Su Weiwei’s heart inexplicably went soft at the sight of him. Was this the original owner’s son Cheng Cheng?

The child was very thin and because of his height he looked like a big bean sprout, fortunately be looks good. His small face would become popular in a later generations, not to mention he has tender and soft face, he also has visibly high nose bridge at a young age. The book said his looks were comparable to the star was really not exaggerated.

“Cheng Cheng?”

Su Weiwei reached out to pull him but Cheng Cheng put his hands behind his back and ducked away.

Su Weiwei still wanted to approach him but Cheng Cheng dodged again.

In the end Liang Xiaomei who was a few years older immediately taught.

“Cheng Cheng this is your mother, the teacher said that mom is the person who loves us the most, it’s not right to hide from mom.”

Cheng Cheng’s head was buried low.

Su Weiwei couldn’t help but sigh, truth be told her favorite character was this child and seeing him now she couldn’t help herself but want to pull him into her arms and she really did.

“Cheng Cheng..”

Cheng Cheng did not respond.

Su Weiwei kissed his forehead, Cheng Cheng seemed to be scalded and his mouth was slightly open and seemed to be so surprise then his face turned a little red down to the root to his ears.

Su Weiwei was amused by his silly reaction, she touched his hair. Cheng Cheng’s hair had not been washed for a few days and was tangled, looking closely at him his clothes also looked shabby. She don’t know how many person wore it first before he got the chance to wear them. Su Weiwei was not used to see others dressed sloppy especially those with beauty, she secretly thought when there was an opportunity to earn money she would dressed Cheng Cheng well.

“Cheng Cheng do you know how to talk?”

However Cheng Cheng just stared at her without any response.

Su Weiwei lamented that Cheng Cheng’s life had a lot do with the original body, originally the original owner didn’t care about Cheng Cheng at all. After Cheng Cheng was born she always left Cheng Cheng home and asked several children who was a little older than her child to take care of Cheng Cheng. So she didn’t know that Cheng Cheng was often bullied by people from Liu Yumei’s side. He was autistic since childhood and didn’t speak until she was 7 years old, when he was younger he longed for his mother’s care but his mother left him and eloped which made Cheng Cheng feel like a redundant person. Later the female lead’s verbal violence against him made Cheng Cheng very sensitive since childhood, and he showed all of this on his painting. He became a lonely painter genius and never married.

Su Weiwei thought that no matter whether she could take Cheng Cheng as her own child or not at least she would treat him better than others in this world. She should take good care of him and let him grow up healthily, let him receive a good education and let him have a happy childhood.

Su Weiwei looked at the little sister again in front of her, she was as black as donkey’s dung, her hair was dirty and tied into a simply ponytail. Her facial features looked good but maybe it was because of her temperament that she looked like a country girl at first sight.

At present, the sandals she was wearing was damaged that half of her feet were exposed and her appearance look sloppy.

Su Weiwei was in trance when she saw Liang Xiaomei.

With all said and done on her appearance she herself was just an ordinary person and ordinary person like her don’t look good enough compared with the bosses of companies with a market value of 100 billion. The brothers and sisters of the Liang family were all future bosses. Take the current little sister Liang for example, although she was now sloppy she would be a well-known writer and a god of copyright sales in the future. Many of her books were put on the screen and made into TV dramas. Later, she also set up her own company and package author plus selling copyright, in fact she was one of the best leaders in the industry.

Su Weiwei hasn’t have that big circle of friends almost all her life in her previous life. Such a person was a scarce resource for her to start the company, she knows the importance of contacts more than anyone. Now her future was unclear, it’s good for her to have a good relationship with big guys in the future.

Again this was not just 1 big guy, there were seven! These seven people have never felt love when they were growing up and if she could care more about them. The big guys would surely remember her well.

And she as an adult would she be able to handle this group of children?

Thinking of this, Su Weiwei took out the appearance of a good sister in law and smiled amicably.

“Little sister? Your sandals are damage? Your sister in law will mend them for you.”

Liang Xiaomei was flattered, her sister-in-law usually doesn’t look at her at all. People say that her sister-in-law was young and beautiful and would definitely remarry in the future, when she remarries it would be someone else’s family. Liang Xiaomei has been worried that even if her sister-in-saw really goes to someone else’s house one day, her sister-in-law would no longer be her sister-in-law. She never dares to find her sister-in-law when she needed something for fear that her sister-in-law thinks she was dragging her.


Liang Xiaomei blushed.

Su Weiwei reached out and flickered her forehead intimately.

“I’m your sister-in-law, equivalent to half your mother what’s so embarrassing about that?”

After saying that he forced the sandals off.

The sandals that Liang Xiaomei wore were also worn by Su Weiwei when she was a child. The plastic pink sandals were most popular style at this time, these sandals often break easily but because the skin was soft she could make with sewing it with a needle. Su Weiwei sewed it quickly, she squatted down and put in on for Liang Xiaomei. Liang Xiaomei blinked her eyelashes and blushed for the first time in her life.

“This is much better, when sister-in-law earns money I’ll buy you new shoes.”

Liang Xiaomei answered with a red face, her sister-in-law wanted to buy her new shoes? She had never worn a new dress or pair of new shoes since she was born and she was envious when she saw others wearing beautiful clothes with nice head flowers but she didn’t dare to think about it. Liu Yumei said that new clothes were expensive and it was not her turn to wear them, Liu Yumei said that new clothes were expensive and couldn’t be worn by her money losing goods. Jiang Tao said that she was ugly, in this generation she couldn’t be successful in her life so it was a waste of money to wear good ones. But her sister-in-law who usually always ignored people cares about her and wants to buy her new shoes.

Liang Xiaomei’s eyes were hot and she couldn’t help but want to lean into her sister-in-law’s arms.



women we can hold up half of the sky1-women can have equal parts to play in the society.





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