Chapter 27(2)

Director Zhang didn’t sell himself short again and said directly.

“Mr. Shen wants to add Li Wanrong’s scene.”

Jiang Mian: “??”

Guan Xin was playing the character Li Wanrong, and adding Li Wanrong’s scene wasn’t that adding Guan Xin’s scene as well?

“He’s sick right?”

Anyway having disliked Shen Shiqing in front of Director Zhang was okay so scolding him twice in front of him should be no big deal.

“Director Zhang the script was written by you with great effort, now that someone wants to add a scene, do you agree?”

In particular, “Green Onion Love Language” was specially written by Director Zhang to his first girlfriend.

This drama was actually based on the personal experience of Director Zhang, Song Yunan and Li Wanjing finally met after 20 years. The male lead and female lead were both unmarried and when they met they finally got together but Song Yuan was terminally ill, not long after the marriage he died.

In fact, Director Zhang has not been married now because of his first girlfriend.

Unlike the play, Director Zhang was the man in the mountains and his first girlfriend was from the city.

The reason they did not get together was because the first girlfriend’s parents did not agree to them being together. Director Zhang at that time was poor and he does not match her family, eventually they split them up.

His first girlfriend was so depressed that she died of cancer.

During his first girlfriend’s serious illness Director Zhang proposed to her, hoping that they would be together but his first girlfriend could not bear to drag him down. She hoped that after her death, Director Zhang would meet a new girl and start a new life.

So she refused Director Zhang’s proposal.

However Director Zhang kept this marriage contract and was single for decades and was still not married until present.

This was his secret, but because the original book introduced the life of Director Zhang and when it writes about this plot Jiang Mian knows the significance of this play to Director Zhang.

Director Zhang was not young anymore and his body was not as good as it used to be, the film adapted from the true story of his own experience was to leave a memorial.

As for why Song Yunan in the play was dead, in Director Zhang’s heart he wants his beloved girl to survive. If fate wants one of them to die he hopes that one was him.

Only by living one could remember the emotions.

This play was very important to Director Zhang so when he chose the role for each character he was very demanding. Now that the play has been shot halfway he certainly doesn’t want to add another scene.

However there were some things that were not convenient to say to Jiang Mian.

“Mr. Shen knew that I wouldn’t change Li Wanjing no matter what so he let the scene of Li Wanrong be added which is not a problem.”

Director Zhang said.

“But once you add Li Wanrong’s scene your rivalry will increase and there will be more conflicts later.”

After hesitating Director Zhang said.

“Added a scene of slapping.”

Jiang Mian raised her eyebrow.

“Who hit who?”

Director Zhang looked at her and did not speak, Jiang Mian understood.

Shen Shiqing so called unfinished business means this—he used his investor status to add scenes and extract his revenge without dirtying his own hands which made Jiang Mian disgusted with him more.

Jiang Mian smiled.

“What’s the good news?”

Director Zhang has been observing Jiang Mian’s expression and knows that when Shen Shiqing wanted to add Guan Xi’s scene he was aiming at Jiang Mian but there was no panic nor fear on her expression. Instead it was more like she was having fun.

He suddenly felt relieved, and realized that the girl in front of him wouldn’t suffer lose.

“You haven’t signed with any company yet, a cellphone endorser approached me with the intention of getting you take the endorsement. Are you interested in trying out?”

Jiang Mian: “?”

Director Zhang gave her the information to see, Jiang Mian raised her eyebrow. It was actually the endorsement of high-end cellphone and ordinary first-line stars may not receive this endorsement.

The higher the level of endorsement and advertisement the more senior there were, and the more lucrative the pay.

How easy it was to receive an endorsement in a few days and a high end endorsement that was not lower than making money for shooting a movie.

This was high end endorsement advertising in the circle that was sought after, high endorsement like this was well-known and well paid. Once they were accepted they would be written down by the audience also who doesn’t want to make money easily?

Director Zhang also said that this kind of endorsement with Jiang Mian’s situation was absolutely impossible to receive.

“Director Zhang, you’re not trying to dive me are you?”

After hearing it, this was the first thought that popped into Jiang Mian’s head.

Director Zhang: “…..”

“Just kidding.”

Jiang Mian bent her eyes as she smile, she suspected that the matter was done by her film emperor father.

“Such a good opportunity, of course we have to try.”

Director Zhang: “Okay, this side if the news is confirmed, I will inform you then.”

He waved his hand, signaling that Jiang Mian could leave.

Jiang Mian walked to the door and suddenly turned her head.

“Director Zhang if you change investors in the middle of the paly it will not affect you right?”

Director Zhang looked up and the two gazed at each other, after a moment Director Zhang said cheerfully.

“I’m the director, as long as the money chains keep going.”

Jiang Mian understands.

After Jiang Mian left, Director Zhang sighed. He had been unhappy with Shen Shiqing for a long time, it would be a good things if Jiang Mian could solve Shen Shiqing.

The matter of Guan Xin’s additional scene soon spread throughout the crew, they privately discussed but they did not dare say anything in front of Guan Xin.

“Isn’t it obvious that this is bullying you.”

When filming in the city the conditions were better than those in the mountains, the leading star have independent lounges.

At this moment, in Jiang Mian’s lounge Chen Xueyi was angrily fighting for Jiang Mian.

However in addition to being angry she has no other way to protest, she herself was just female number three.  And transparency was transparency, and she couldn’t provoke the management at all.

Finding Jiang Mian who was still playing games, Chen Xue was anxious.

“Mian Mian, this is bullying how can you still tolerate this ah.”

“Or what?”

Jiang Mian did not raised her head.

“The other is golden master.”

Chen Xueyi could not refute this statement, she said in a depressed tone.

“You’re not angry.”

Jiang Mian finally looked up and saw that she was more anxious than herself, her heart warmed up. She smiled and told her.

“Don’t worry, the last angry one is definitely not me.”

Another scene was added to Guan Xin’s character, the scene that slapped Li Wanjing—Li Wanjing’s uncle died, but because Li Wanjing was taking care of Song Yunan she did not go back to the mountains to mourn.

Li Wanrong tumbled out of the mountain and found Li Wanjing, she scolded her for being ungrateful and slapping her.

The original script did not have this scene.

Jiang Mian flipped through the script a few times, when suddenly her eyes rose and a mischievous idea appeared in her cold eyes. She planned to deal it with by herself rather than relying on her dads.

As for how she would deal it, Jiang Mian smiled.

Her smile at this time was much like her film emperor father when pranking someone.

Shen Shiqing started an entertainment company, if he was ranked he could rank among the top three in the circle—that’s right. At the beginning the male lead was hanged by him and he even disdained to talk to Gu Qiwen until Gu Qiwen rose later.

At this moment he was sitting in his office, flipping through the script of “Green Onion Love Languange” in his hand. Director Zhang add the slap scene which he said himself.

“Mr. Shen.”

The assistant came in to remind.

“You have dinner appointment with Mr. Xu at eight o’clock.”

Shen Shiqing put the script into the drawer and went all the way to the parking lot downstairs, the driver opened door and sat in the back seat then closed his eyes.

On the way, the vehicle braked sharply and because of inertia Shen Shiqing’s body leaned forward. He frowned and opened his eyes, the driver apologies.

“Mr. Shen just now someone suddenly barge through the front.”

Shen Shiqing has not spoken yet when the driver’s door suddenly opened. The driver was ripped out by a hand followed by a figure coming in.

“Mr. Shen, it’s been a long time.”

Shen Shiqing: “!!!”

“Jiang Mian? Why are you here!?”

Not knowing what came to mind, Shen Shiqing’s expression changed and reached out to push the door open.


The car door was locked.

Jiang Mian looked at him innocently.

“There is nothing to do so I’m looking for Mr. Shen for something and luckily I just happened to run into you so I came up to chat with you.”

Seeing the flustered expression that flashed on Shen Shiqing’s face Jiang Mian was in a happy mood, the corner of her mouth deepened in an upward arc and her smile became sweeter.

“What do you want to do?”

Wasn’t this woman on the set, how on earth did she appear here? Because he was going to a dinner party Shen Shiqing only took the driver, now he regrets it very much. He should take the bodyguards with him.

Jiang Mian: “Mr. Shen can rest assured I won’t beat you this time.”

Shen Shiqing: “….”

Thinking of the two beaten experiences, Shen Shiqing’s face was darker than the bottom of the pot ash.

“I only want to say three things.”

Jiang Mian sighed sadly.

“You want to support Guan Xin then you go ahead and do that no one is stopping you but why do you have to go against me.”

“What do you want?”

But since he was the biggest villain boss in the book, Shen Shiqing’s panic was only momentary and soon calms down.

“First, in this film withdraw your capital.”

“Second, you can add scene for Guan Xin but change who slapped and get slapped. You must personally talk to Guan Xin with this.”

“The third…”

Jiang Mian took out a card to Shen Shiqing.

“Transffer 10 million to this card as mental damages fee to me.”

“If you complete the above three conditions, I will not pursue the matter.”

Jiang Mian said it sincerely that he even felt she was sincere.

However Shen Shiqing snickered, what does she think he was, stupid? Who gave her the courage to make her say such conditions?

“What if I disagree?”

“That’s okay.”

Jiang Mian took a solid red brick out of her pocket and throw it on the front of the car.

Seeing this, Shen Shiqing’s eyelids jumped violently.

Jiang Mian smiled sweetly at him.

“Then I’ll just have to beat you half to death.”



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