ECM 51


Chapter 51

When Zhao Jinjin dragged Xu Zhaixing back to the set, the assistant director was still talking to the actor who played Wang Chen. In the afternoon, they would shoot a more important scene where he burned a city himself to death.

Zhao Jinjin shouted to one of the staff in the costume group.

“Quickly remove her makeup and get these out on her heard. It’s too heavy to wear for so long.”

The two were walking inside when the assistant director saw them and hurriedly said.

“Eh, eh, what are you doing? Don’t remove it! We’re still shooting this afternoon! Don’t worry little girl I’ve added another scene for you.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Zhao Jinjin cheerfully asked.

“Director Yuan, you’re asking our Miss to be your extra?”

The assistant director knew Xu Zhaixing’s identity and marveled for a long time, however he was a straightforward person and devoted to filming. He only looked at whether the actors were suitable or not. He immediately said.

“I’ll give you more scenes! It’s a pity not to show how pretty ancient costume is.”

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand.

“No, no director just now was to drive duck onto a perch1 and I can’t do it again.” (T/N: to push sb to sth way beyond their ability)

When the assistant director hear her say so and since it was not good to insist and force her again he could only regret and delete the added scene for the afternoon. He turned back to the actor he was talking to earlier.

“Come on let’s continue, where did we stop…ah why are you sweating so much?”

The actor’s face was so frightened and dumbfounded, and when he saw Xu Zhaixing looking over he showed a smile that was worse than crying.

“Misss….does your scalp still hurt?”

Seeing his expression Xu Zhaixing couldn’t help but thought if she looked like the kind of person who settles accounts after autumn?

She proudly patted the actor’s shoulder.

“It doesn’t hurt, it’s okay. You’re very dedicated, keep up the good work!”

The actor’s heart was beating like crazy as he wipe his sweat.

On the way back, Zhao Jinjin almost died laughing.

“Miss, I didn’t know you were so talented! Why don’t you join the circle then you can choose whatever you want to play!”

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand.

“Forget it, we’ll collide. I can’t rob you of your job.”

Zhao Jinjin burst into laughter.

As she was laughing, Su Ye came out from the dressing room. Zhao Jinjin closed his mouth and said gently.

“Mr. Su Ye, have changed your clothes?”

Su Ye nodded with a smile, and when Zhao Jinjin saw him looking at Xu Zhaixing she immediately introduced.

“This is our Young Miss, Xu Zhaixing of Chenxing. Miss, this is Su Ye.”

Su Ye raised an eyebrow in recognition and extended his hand.

“Hello, Chairwoman Xiao Xu.”

He heard Zhao Jinjin talk about the Young Miss many times and only recently know that the Young Miss had been promoted as the Chairwoman of the board so it should not be wrong calling her one.

Xu Zhaixing thought to herself who hear her new alias,

Okay I have another name it sounds young than just Chairwoman but seems a bit debauchery.

After the two shook hands, Su Ye smiled and joked.

“Is Xiao Xu experiencing the actor’s life?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Save the cost of group performance, there is no choice but to do it by myself.”

It was Su Ye’s turn to laugh out loud and said to Zhao Jinjin.

“Both of you two boss Xu are very funny.”

After the three of them exchanged pleasantries, Su Ye left. When the two went to the dressing room, Xu Zhaixing asked.

“How does it feel to act while chasing a star?”

Zhao Jinjin’s eyes twinkled like stars.

“You can describe it with what you just saw, it’s great!”

Xu Zhaixing: “So do you think my brother is handsome or Su Ye is handsome?”

Zhao Jinjin suddenly stopped talking as she stood in place for a long time, finally with an embarrassed face she asked.

“Can’t I have them all?”

Xu Zhaixing almost died laughing.

“I just asked you who is handsome, who let you to choose to have them?”

Zhao Jinjin curled her lips.

“What’s comparable about that, unless you let me choose?”

Xu Zhaixing: “You’re thinking pretty well.”

The following week Xu Zhaixing ran around the set, where help was needed she was there to give a hand enthusiastically she even helped the director to cameo as a corpse a few times and a faceless passerby.

Within the mass, someone said: Miss is so nice, so kind, so enthusiastic.

Xu Zhaixing’s inner thoughts: Saving a little is still saving, if I can do it then I’ll do it so that I don’t need to spend money to hire someone.

The previous group of actors that bullied her didn’t appear again after that day, though Xu Zhaixing didn’t really asked the director to delete the scene as she said after all it was not economical to make up for the scene, moreover she was just scaring them.

Staying on set for a long time means that every scene would be filmed over and over again, and seeing it many times made Xu Zhaixing bored and as soon as she gets bored she couldn’t stay any longer.

Before leaving, she ordered a fruit banquet, cold drinks and snacks to the crew which would be regarded as the boss’s treat.

Everyone was quite reluctant to let her go, although she was their Young Miss but she was still an eighteen year old girl who was cute and lovable, endearing and even their impression on Chenxing was even higher because of her.

Leaving the set, Xu Zhaixing went to the city capital to play around but the weather was too hot so the next day she hit the road back home.

By August Xu Zhaixing received a letter of acceptance from Media University.

It was the first time their daughter would be leaving home, who wanted to go to school thousands of miles away. Moreover, this trip was basically equivalent to leaving City S. In the future she would develop in her career in B City.

Father Xu and Mother Xu did not say anything but deep inside they felt restless inside but they also know that a child should be allowed to fly to a higher and more distant place where her dream was.

So when they slept at night, they talked and wiped their tears while during the day in front of Xu Zhaixing they were smiling. They helped her packed up the things she got used growing up with since childhood, they were afraid that she would not be used on sleeping the bed there so they even put on the sheets and quilt covers.

Xu Zhaixing could not understand the feeling of her parents.

But she didn’t stop them either, and just watched as they put their reluctance and concern into the suitcase

Finally she hugged them happily,

“I will come back every year during holidays, transportation is more convenient now so you can come and see me at any time.”

Both of them were busy with work but most of all they don’t want to send her crying and make her cry also, so they didn’t personally send Xu Zhaixing to City B and just let Xu Yan arranged everything. They only sent her to the airport and watched her pass the security check, Mother Xu lay on Father Xu’s shoulder and cried for a while.

Xu Zhaixing sighed with emotion as she once again set foot on B city as a college student.

Back then when she came at B City alone with her suitcase she rented a house near the school, because Father Xu was paralyzed and needed care she took care of everything and went home to pick up Father Xu.

At present, Xu Yan drove his Mercedes to pick her up and brought her personal assistant.

Considering that she runs both side of the company and school and has to go to class and work, she had no time for cooking and housework so Xu Yan directly recruited an all-round assistant to take care of her.

The assistant sister’s name was Yu Tao, she looked a little shy and herexpression was modest. At first glance she looked like a kind person who speaks less and work more.

At first Yu Tao came to apply for a star assistant, but Xu Yan saw that she was reliable and asked her if she would like to be an assistant to the Young Miss of the company.

Yu Tao was very excited about the high salary but she was worried that the Young Miss was not easy to get along with, she didn’t know that everyone liked her until she heard two employees discussing the Young Miss in the elevator so she accepted it gladly.

After getting on the car, Xu Zhaixing listened to Xu Yan’s introduction and said greeted Yu Tao politely. Xu Zhaixing was the kind of girl that could be seen with a glance as a well-educated, kind and sensible, seeing this with her own eyes Yu Tao was completely relieved.

The distance between the school and the company was not close, Xu Yan could only take the middle. He found her a two bedroom in a high end community with and less traffic location and convenient transportation.

Everything was arranged at home, Yu Tao also came yesterday to clean the room and even the refrigerator was full of fresh food, so Xu Zhaixing could move in directly with the suitcase.

Yu Tao also lives not far from this neighborhood and it was very convenient for her.

Xu Yan went back to the company and asked her to clean up and get familiar with her new home which Xu Zhaixing agreed. Yu Tao wanted to help her pack and make the bed but she didn’t want her to, she instead touched her stomach and said.

“Sister Tao I am a little hungry, can you help me cook a bowl of noodles?”

Yu Tao agreed ad went to cook the noodles.

When she came to call the Young Miss for dinner the bedroom had been tidied up very neatly and cleanly by Xu Zhaixing herself, better than her as the nanny.

Yu Tao has a feeling that this Young Miss actually does not need her very much.

She does not act like a daughter of a rich family who was “spoiled and pampered, who never left home and couldn’t take care of herself” just like what Mr. Xu said!

Xu Zhaixing: My brother blackens me.

After dinner, Yu Tao took her downstairs to get familiar with the surrounding environment. The subway, bus station, convenience store and large shopping mall was pointed and led to her one by one as they walked through. This assistant service was very good.

When she went home, Xu Zhaixing bought a bunch of eustoma from a florist on the street and brought it home and put it in a white vase on the coffee table.

The life of a college student living alone has officially begun.

After lying in her new home for two days, Xu Zhaixing officialy clocked in at Chenxing. In order not to let outsiders have the illusion and misunderstanding that “Chairwoman of Chenxing was actually a little girl and the company would go downhill”, only a few senior executives knew about Xu Zhaixing’s promotion to Chairwoman.

But Xu Zhaixing does not care about these external names, after all a Miss title was enough for her to walk across.

Xu Yan organized the company’s financial statements over the past few years and the recent summary of resources, she has little interest in finance but also trust in Xu Yan enough to casually glance twice and throw it aside.

She was still more concerned about the company’s next project investment and artist development.

Probably because of the butterfly affect, after rebirth many things have been different from the previous life. The circle has sprung up a lot of stars and works that she had not heard of before, and there were a fewer people she was familiar with before.

Investments and decisions need to be made more carefully.

She spend three days to familiarize herself with Chenxing’s business and finally found that Chenxing was booming in film and television and music except on variety shows.

The company’s artist don’t seem to have much variety talent, and the few variety shows they invest don’t have much splash. In fact not only Chenxing, now the whole variety show of international entertainment was not doing good. The only popular ones were those indoor interviews game shows which were slightly inferior to Korean Variety, Japanese Variety and even Taiwan Variety.

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t help but start thinking about what kind of variety show the netizens would most like to see now.

With the rapid development of new media, weibo has just entered people’s sight. Once stars were like stars in the sky unreachable and mysterious, but now all kids of social platforms let the public lift the corner of the veil.

They must be curious about the life of a celebrity and how it was different from their own.

Xu Zhaixing took the plan to Xu Yan: “Brother, let’s do a celebrity indoor variety show!”

Xu Yan had just finished a video conference and was still reading the conference notes when he looked up and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“What indoor variety show?”

Xu Zhaixing handed over the planning book she made.

“It is very simple, find a group of stars and visit each other house. Example I’ll go to your house today and you go to my house next but since we will put them together both sides must not know each other. I already think of the variety show name, “Come to my house as a guest!”

Xu Yan understood what she meant as soon as he heart it.

He couldn’t help but looked at her for a while before sighing.

“What in the world was in your head?”

“Oh, my dad also asked the same question”

Xu Zhaixing calmly said.

“I’m not going to hide it from you, it’s the universe.”



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