Chapter 61

The next day, Xu Yanwen was working in the company when he received a call from Professor Han.

Professor Han was concerned about Xu Yanwen on the phone as he said.

“Have you been busy lately?”

Xu Yanwen put the signed documents aside while telling Professor Han on the end of the line.

“It’s okay not that busy.”

Professor Han chatted with him for a couple of minutes then returned to the topic and said with a smile.

“Are you free this evening? I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“Is there something wrong Professor Han?”

Xu Yanwen and Professor Han have a good relationship, the research group led by Professor Han has some contact with Xu Yanwen’s company business. Last time Xu Yanwen went back to school to give a lecture accepting Professor Han’ invitation.

And now that Professor Han was inviting Xu Yanwen to dinner, the first thought Xu Yanwen came to mind was Professor Han’s research.

Professor Han did not say it directly over the phone but said.

“It’s a long story, it’s not clear over the phone so why don’t we meet tomorrow and talk about it, what do you think?”

In fact, Xu Yanwen and Professor Han could be said to be just a relationship between student and teacher but since Professor Han’s research topic and Xu Yanwen’s company has business dealings the two sides also have a cooperative relationship.

Since Professor Han had said to this point so Xu Yanwen was unlikely to disagree.

Xu Yanwen took a look at the schedule and it just so happened that he had nothing to do this evening so he agreed.

“Then I’ll see you at Friendship Grand Hotel tonight.”

Professor Han said a few more words before hanging up the phone.

Xu Yanwen thought about it and sent a WeChat to Xue Jiayue: I won’t be home for dinner tonight.



In X.W Studio Xue Jiayue was sorting out the information. Mr. He called Wang Dan to his office so Wang Dan handed over the matter of sorting out the information to Xue Jiayue for a while.

Wang Dan went for half an hour before she came back, she gathered the three people in the office and said.

“Mr. He said that we will all go to a dinner party in the evening.”

“Sister Wang, is there any good news?”

Chen Wei asked as he leaned against his desk.

Wang Dan pointed to Xue Jiayue beside him and said.

“Isn’t this the newcomer who came? Mr. He just said to go and celebrate.”

Cheng Wei then let out a laugh.

“When we came Mr. He did not say to us about celebrating but once Jiayue came he wanted to celebrate, really different treatment ah. Mr. He is engaged in differential treatment.”

Wang Dan glanced at him.

“You go and say this to Mr. He face to face!”

Cheng Wei hurriedly touched his nose.

“Forget it, I didn’t say anything.”

Wang Dan gave a laugh.

Lu Xiaoyu who had been sitting next to her was quiet the whole time suddenly turned her head and said.

“Sister Wang I have something at home today, so I won’t go to the dinner.”

“Why not?”

Cheng Wei who happened to be standing next to her came over to ask.

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes at him.

“I told you there’s something going on at home.”

Cheng Wei clicked his tongue.

“What can be the matter ah? It’s been a while since Mr. He has invited us for a dinner so of course we have to go and eat!”

Lu Xiaoyu sarcastically laugh.

“It’s a family matter so why should I tell you? It’s just a meal, it’s not that I haven’t eaten. Do you think I have an extra mouth like you?”

Her words were not pleasant to hear and her voice was prickly making Wang Dan frowned. Cheng Wei was uninterested and turned to talk to Xue Jiayue instead.

“Jiayue what do you like to eat?”

Xue Jiayue smiled and said.

“I can eat anything, it’s Mr. He’s treat so of course he has the chose!”

Lu Xiaoyu banged the water cup on the table and made a loud noise. Xue Jiayue and Cheng Wei couldn’t help looking at her, Lu Xiaoyu stared back.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a hand slipping?”

Cheng Wei usually looks cheeky but not completely without temper, he was already offended by Lu Xiayu twice and this time Cheng Wei was not happy.

“We did not say anything when you look at us but now that we looked at you you’re being rude, how shameless!”


“It’s not just when you came, Mr. He didn’t arrange a diner for you who do you think you are that Mr. He has to remember you every day?”

“You’re just a little designer, you really think you’re someone big?”

“This a studio, not your home and everyone has to give in to you?”

“How old are you, spoiled brat!”

“Don’t fucking think you’re a little cockney, we don’t serve you!”

Cheng Wei scolded with several sentence in one breath that Lu Xiaoyu couldn’t even open her mouth as her face was turning red due to anger and embarrassment.

Xue Jiayue in the side look dumbfounded.

“You, you bully!”

Lu Xiaoyu couldn’t take it anymore, she put the information in her hands on the table and ran out crying in aggravation.

Wang Dan saw this and glared at Cheng Wei as she criticized him.

“She was at least a girl, give her some face. It’s too hurtful if you talk like that.”

Cheng Wei defiantly said back.

“Sister Wang how could I give her more face, I have already give her face many times but she is always like this. She bosses me around, I am not her father it’s not my obligation to spoil her every time!”

Not waiting for Wang Dan to speak, Cheng Wei continued.

“I am not to blame for this today, everyone is happy to go to dinner. She says she can’t go with which was weird so I didn’t continue talking to her and talk to Jiayue instead but she smashes the cup. With this attitude why didn’t someone kill her outside? It’s already a miracle that she got this far!”

Wang Dan was speechless.

“Forget it, I’ll go out and talk to her.”

Wang Dan waved her hand and asked Cheng Wei to talk less, she then turned and went out to find Lu Xiaoyu.

After Wang Dan left, Cheng Wei raised his eyebrows proudly to Xue Jiayue who gave him a thumbs up.

“You’re so awesome.”

Cheng Wei smiled.

At this time Xue Jiayue received a WeChat sent to her by Xu Yanwen: I won’t be home for dinner tonight.

Xue Jiayue also replied to Xu Yanwen: Okay, I also won’t be home for dinner. I will have dinner with my colleagues in the studio.

After the message was sent, Xu Yanwen did not reply back and thought that Xu Yanwen might be busy so she did not think too much about it.

After work in the afternoon, Xu Yanwen just came out of the office passing by the secretariat he happened to meet Linda coming out of the office with her bag. When she saw Xu Yanwen she quickly called him.

“President Xu.”

Xu Yanwen stopped, looked at her and asked.

“What’s the matter?”

A nice smile immediately appeared on Linda’s face and she said sweetly.

“Can I get a ride with you, uncle said to let me go with you.”

Xu Yanwen froze, Professor Han said he had something to say to him and asked him to have dinner in the evening. Did he also called Linda?

But since Linda was Professor Han’s niece and if Professor Han asked her to follow him to dinner then maybe there’s something else going on.

At this time, it was not good for Xu Yanwen not to let Linda take a ride so he nodded a little and said,

“Let’ go.”

Linda then hurriedly followed Xu Yanwen’s footsteps and joyfully got into Xu Yanwen’s car and headed to Friendship Grand Hotel booked by Professor Han.

On the other hand, Xue Jiayue and her group drove together to Friendship Grand Hotel for a get-together dinner after work.

From her work place the car drove to the Friendship Grand Hotel only ten minutes or so, Xue Jiayue and her group got off the car at the entrance of the hotel.

When they were about to go inside the hotel a black Bentley car drove over, Xue Jiayue subconsciously felt the car was a bit familiar and fixed her eyes on the car.

When the car door open she saw Xu Yanwen and Linda walked down from the car one after the other.

Looking at Xu Yanwen and Linda who came down from the Bentley, the combination of handsome man and a beautiful woman with their bright and shiny appearance was quite a good pair.

The surrounding people could not help but stop to look at Xu Yanwen and Linda.

Looking at Xu Yanwen and Linda who came down from the Bentley, the combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman, bright and shiny appearance, quite a pair, the surrounding people can not help but stop to look at Xu Yanwen and Linda two.

Xue Jiayue surveyed Xu Yanwen and Linda, the man’s face although there is little expression, but he would have very little expression, can not see how his current mood, she guessed he should be happy, with such a beautiful woman by his side, even if the mood should be good.

As for the beautiful woman next to me, it goes without saying that the smile is on her face, just short of writing in black and white that I am happy.

Xue Jiayue in the heart of a laughter, Xu Yanwen also deliberately sent her a WeChat that he would not come back to eat at night, the original is to come out to eat with a beautiful woman, which is to date with a lover, of course, do not have to go home to eat, accompanied by a beautiful woman, even if he eats chaff and vegetables are delicious.

When Xue Jiayue saw Xu Yanwen, Xu Yanwen also saw Xue Jiayue. He didn’t expect to meet Xue Jiayue here. When he saw Xue Jiayue standing with the people in x.w studio, he couldn’t help frowning slightly.

Unfortunately, this action of Xu Yanwen frowning did not escape Xue Jiayue’s eyes.

When Xue Jiayue saw Xu Yanwen frowning, she couldn’t help it. Did she expect that she would be here and bump into him dating other women? So man, really, she wants to see what he will do? Anyway, he was the one who secretly went out to date and was found to have done something wrong!

But what Xue Jiayue didn’t expect was that after seeing her, Xu Yanwen had no other reaction and action except frowning. Instead, the beautiful women around him were very attentive and walked up to him and said something with a smile.

Hot eyes!1

Xue Jiayue deflated her mouth for a moment and turned around to leave.

Who knows that their leader, the head of the studio, Mr. He, after seeing Xu Yanwen get down from the Bentley, suddenly walked towards Xu Yanwen quickly and said with a shy face and a smile on his face, “Mr. Xu, I didn’t expect to meet you here, you are also here to eat, hahaha.”

The smile was so ugly. Like a duck’s cry, Xu Yanwen’s eyebrows wrinkled deeper. His relationship with President he, who opened the x.w studio, had been hiding from Xue Jiayue. He didn’t want Xue Jiayue to know what he was doing behind his back.

But in front of him, he always looks like a lack of heart. When he sees that he doesn’t know, he pretends he doesn’t know, and walks away obediently, he specially runs to say hello to him. His voice is still so loud and his smile is so exaggerated. He’s so stupid for fear that others don’t know.

Xu Yanwen wanted to tell Mr. He to hurry up and leave, preferably with Xue Jiayue, so that Xue Jiayue would not find out about their relationship, but he could not explicitly say that Mr. He should go, but only coldly “hmm” to deal with Mr. He, and winked at Mr. He, telling him to hurry up and leave, not to stand at the door.

But the total brain with the lack of a tendon, Xu Yanwen how to give him a wink, the corners of the eyes and mouth are almost cramped, stupid total He still did not understand what he meant.

It’s so stupid, it’s hopelessly stupid!

Xu Yanwen was as anxious and angry as a cat, but he couldn’t show it on his face. He was speechless about the dull he. If he hadn’t seen that he had some talent in design and understood this, he wouldn’t have arranged him to be the head of x.w studio at all!

When you look back, you must ask assistant Feng to tell Mr. He well and let him remember that when you meet him again, you must treat him as if you didn’t see him. He doesn’t know him. They don’t have contact. Go away by themselves. Don’t come up and say hello, so as not to help!

At the moment, Xu Yanwen really headache, the total He this fool, he is going to reveal himself.


The author has something to say: Xue Jiayue: hahaha, just waiting for you to reveal yourself.

Saving people is not a lie. Jiayue feels that she has been criticized and wronged for doing well. Xu Yanwen is also too strict. Just change her tone and attitude. In fact, in our daily life, sometimes in front of our family, we are spoiled and spoiled like children.

Hot eyes!1


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