Chapter 27(1)

“Dad, next time.”

Jiang Mian refused the kindness of her film emperor father.

“There are too many people here, and now that the media knows you’re here they’ll definitely try to get a shot of your news.”

“And just now at the entrance you rescued me. In less than half an hour I can proudly board the hot search, if I got to see the director with you now the goal is too big and easy to be found.”

Qin Jingrun was convinced, anyway he was familiar with many big-name directors and his relationship with them was good so there were plenty of opportunities for his baby daughter to meet with them in the future. There was no hurry.

Jiang Mian found that the film emperor father’s phone kept on vibrating and knew that he must have a lot of work to do so he urged him.

“Okay dad, you go and get busy.”

When Qin Jingrun left, he politely said to Tang Anan.

“Take good care of Mian Mian and I’ll give you a salary increase later.”

Tang Anan nodded dizzily.

“Ask whatever you want to ask.”

Seeing Tang Anan’s small baby face all twisted into a ball, Jiang Mian said generously.

Tang Anan deliberately and considerably asked.

“What do you mean by calling Brother Qi father…?”

Jiang Mian asked rhetorically.

“How many meaning do you think Dad can have?”

Tang Anan said offhandedly.

“Now there is still a golden master inside the circle.” (TN: I really don’t know she mean here ♒((⇀‸↼))♒)

Jiang Mian: “….”

Jiang Mian: “I should talk to Dad and ask him to deduct your salary!”

But thinking about it, Qi Jingrun was clean in the circle. He doesn’t have an affair with any female star, she hasn’t heard of him having a girlfriend and there was no new of secret marriage or marriage. Who knows that the famous Qin the film emperor has a daughter who was already eighteen.

It’s normal that Tang Anan couldn’t believe such scenario.

Tang Anan offered her knees to Jiang Mian—the news that Jiang Mian was Brother Qin’s daughter was even more explosive and powerful than the news that Jiang Mian was Brother Qin’s girlfriend!

“Mian Mian, slow down for me….”

She plopped down on the floor, feeling like the luckiest and happiest assistant in the circle.

Even though she ready to make headlines, Jiang Mian was still surprise by the rapidly rising heat. The first few hot searches on Weibo were all about Qin Jingrun and her.

#Qing Jingrun gentle#

#Qing Jingrun Jiang Mian#

#Jiang Mian Lucky#

The first thing that appears when they clicked into one was a large number of marketing numbers forwarding pictures and small video clips.

At that time Jiang Mian was directly pulled by Qin Jingrun to the side and there were many people and Jiang Mian didn’t have the time to think too much about it. When she saw the video she understood why Tang Anan would say to her that her film emperor father pulled her very charismatically.

He was so handsome.

For the first time, Jiang Mian has empathy with the fans of her film emperor father.

He was indeed handsome and gentle but he was her father—Jiang Mian save a several refined photos of her film emperor father sent by the fans.

She casually click into a comment on a marketing number and all of them were praising Qin Jingrun for his tenderness to his fans and kindness to the younger generation in the same circle.

Yes, fans call the act of Qin Jingrun rescuing Jiang Mian as an act of kindness of the senior in the circle to his junior.

Jiang Mian: “….”


Jiang Mian flipped for a while and finally flipped on a discussion about her.

“Crap, Jiang Mian’s face value of this raw picture is too good.”

There were hundreds of replies below this comment and there were more than 500 likes.

“Finally someone noticed, it’s so pretty even though she was so simple!”

“No, what I notice was that when she and Brother Qin were walking together they looked more alike than in picture.”

“How is she so lucky, not only does she look like Brother Qin but she was also saved by Brother Qin.”

“Why did she appear there, don’t be premeditatedly trying to rub our Brother’s Qin’s hotness.”

“Have you watch the video and trying saying rubbing heat? Jiang Mian was blocked in the corner by Qin’s fans. Brother Qin didn’t help out until he sees her, Jiang Mian didn’t do anything. A few sour words are enough but if you even have to scold I wish you will never be helped when you encounter difficulties outside!”

Jiang Mian looked at this reply and then looked at the ID. The ID was called [little baby]—it looks familiar, in the comments of several marketing number she sees this [baby] defending her every time.

Clicking into [baby]’s home page she found that this was only registered a few months ago and there were not many posts yet, several of them were about Jiang Mian with an attachment: this girls is as beautiful as a fairy.

Does she have a loyal fan too?

Jiang Mian silently wrote down this ID.

Jiang Mian doesn’t need to do anything as she watched the number of her weibo fans rise. Last time her weibo rose more than 300000 overnight because of the forwarding event of her film emperor father. Today as soon as this thing comes out her fans were about to break 40000.

Previously she was busy filming and the signal in the mountain was not very good. Except for the official weibo of “Green Onion Love Language” which was just forwarded and several promotional messages her weibo did not send a message about herself.

She was considering whether to send a thank you post when someone had already commented that she didn’t even post a thank you.

But after the comment was sent out, the comments section was polarized. Some thinks she was polite and graceful and some think she was being arrogant because she was now popular.

She hadn’t decided yet when she suddenly received @ from her film emperor father who updated his weibo.

[Received a thank you gift from Junior Jiang Mian.]

The accompanying picture was a small bear, before her film emperor father left he deliberately took Jiang Mian’s luggage and took something—so his original purpose was this.

The meaning of Qin Jingrun’s weibo was obvious, indicating that Jiang Mian had already thanked him privately turning the spotlight on him once again.

Jiang Mian doesn’t need to post anymore, so no one would think she’s rude and no one would think she’s rubbing his heat. Her film emperor father perfectly solved the strife she might have faced.

It’s good to have a dad to cover up for her!

Jiang Mian cheerfully took a few selfies of herself with her phone and posted them on her weibo in one breath and captioned them.

[Keep working~]

“Mian Mian you should have fixed the photo before you sent it.”

Tang Anan was distressed.

“Look at this one, your face is all mushed up!”

Jiang Mian touched her face.

“It doesn’t matter, it looks good, it looks good no matter how you shoot.”

Tang Anan was silent.

Jiang Mian thought there would be no comments on her post, at least not very quickly but she didn’t expect that the post have dozens of comments within minutes after being sent out.

“The mushed up photos can’t resist your beauty.”

“I’m looking forward to the scene you’re shooting.”

“Just for the fact that you did not rub the heat of Brother Qin is admirable.”

“How come your skin is so good, how do you usually take care of your skin?”

“At first glance you look like a gentle young lady, hope your future will be on fire oh.”



Jiang Mian smiled looking at the comments, she was also a person with little angels.

In the evening, director Zhang arrived at the hotel and called the actors for a meeting. After the meeting he left Jiang Mian behind, the first sentence he said.

“Today’s news about you is breaking the headlines, some first-tier stars in the circle may not be as big as you.”

Even he, who does not care much about online news knows that Jiang Mian was still a freshman at the film school and has not yet officially signed a company to debut.

Jiang Mian smiled innocently.

“Director Zhang I didn’t do anything.”

She really didn’t do anything, it was all because of her film emperor father.

Director Zhang also did not bother to pry into the relationship between Jiang Mian and Qing Jingrun, he took a sip of water and said.

“The reason for keeping you is because I have two news for you, one good new and one bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Jiang Mian: “Bad news.”



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