ECM 50


Chapter 50

Officially becoming the chairwoman of Chenxing, Xu Zhaixing felt that she could no longer be as casual as before. She would only verbally mention two words and push everything to Xu Yan.

She need to start paying action!

The first decision she made was to go to the set to visit Zhao Jinjin!

When Xu Yan learned that: “…in fact you want to go to play, right?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Seeing through without telling is a person’s greatest accomplishment…”

She was now an adult, but Mother Xu treated her the same especially the nagging. She always urged her to pay attention to safety, not to fool around and coming out as the chairwoman of the board she should have the stability to maintain her status!

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

This title was too unpleasant to hear, it’s like calling her little old man. Ah, how she missed the days when she was called eldest young miss how cool that name was.

When she arrived at film city near noon, Zhao Jinjin’s assistant picked her up at the airport. They first took her to have a meal, put away her luggage and then took her to the set.

Building a Mountain River was invested by Chenxing that was to say the investor, Xu Zhaixing who was now the boss came to visit them. However a few people know that, only Zhao Jinjin knows that the eldest miss was now promoted as Chairwoman Xu.

When they arrived at the set, the male and female protagonist were shooting an outside scene. Xiao Xiao asked Xu Zhaixing if she wanted to go, she shook her head repeatedly. It was so hot outside, its better stay indoors with air conditioning.

Because it was ancient costume conspiracy play, the indoor scene were built very formally trying to restore the real ancient times without the bright colors of red and purple showing a thick and simple sense of history.

Just looking at the scene, Xu Zhaixing knew that the play would not be bad.

It was her first time on set, and saw the filming for the first time. She looked like a country bumpkin seeing everything for the first time. Xiao Xiao had to sort out the costumes and props of Zhao Jinjin’s next scene, so she didn’t follow Xu Zhaixing and let her explore by herself!

The chief director was outside filming the hero and heroine’s scene so of course the staff could not be idle, the assistant director also has to shoot the supporting cast scene. Xu Zhaixing rubbed pass a group of young and beautiful women stood in a room similar to the lobby, in front of her was a man in disorderly clothes mending his makeup and while some were preparing to start the camera.

Xu Zhaixing was excitedly waiting to see the shooting when she heard the assistant director dissatisfied voice.

“Why are we missing one beauty?”

The assistant next to him said.

“One of the extra who plays one of the beauty didn’t show up today because of fever so there’s only one person missing, does it matter?”

The assistant director said angrily.

“Chen Wang’s 19 gold hairpins are famous all over the world, if you say 19 you have to have 19. None of them can be less! Not 18 people. When the audience finds out are you going to let them scold me for not learning math well?!”

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t help but appreciate.

“Beautiful! I like this kind of detail-oriented director!”

Just right after giving this comment, the assistant’s director’s eyes swept over and raised his hand to point out.

“You! That’s right you! Costume staff dress her up quickly, you have ten minutes!”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

Then Xu Zhaixing was racked away by the two costume staff.

Xu Zhaixing panicked.

“Eh no, I’m not an actor! I just came to look around, I can’t act! Hey you guys don’t…”

The assistant director was even more aggressive than the director, the two costume staff dare not listen to her and while dragging, persuaded her instead.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, this scene does not require acting skills just looking good is already good enough. This is a big production so it’s good to be on camera! You’ll be paid with lunch boxed later! Don’t go when you’re done I’ll give you chicken legs.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Forget it, if she could save the performance fee by investing herself on her own production then so be it.

When Xu Zhaixing changed into a palace costume the people around her lit up and said.

“This little girl is so pretty! Where is she come from? Do any of you know her?”

Taking off the school uniform, put down the ponytail then tie up the ancient bun and put on a cinnabar in the center of the eyebrow. The little girl has bright eyes and white teeth, looking radiant and was a like the beauty collected all over the world by Wang Chen who was addicted to beauty.

The assistant director was so satisfied that he pointed to the middle and said.

“Go, go and stand there, have you ever acted?”

Xu Zhaixing was at loss for words: “No.”

The assistant director waved his hand,

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve never acted before! Come, listen to me in a moment you just need to kneel, his sword will be on your neck then. If someone wants to kill you, you’ll be afraid right? Just looked scared and tremble!”

Just after the assistant director finished speaking another beauty next to him shouted.

“No director! Didn’t we just agree that I would play the beauty who was killed?”

The assistant director gave her a disgruntled look.

“What are you yelling about, are you someone good looking? Wang Chen killed the most beautiful beauty among the 19 gold hairpins, are you?”

The beauty of crowds: “…..”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

What am I still stealing the show now?

She smiled apologetically at the beauty who snorted and turned away. The assistant director called the male actor playing Wang Chen over and asked him to hold his sword around her neck, how many degrees her head should be twisted, where her eyes should look and what expression should be on her face all of which spoon feed to her.

The good thing was that this role has no lines so Xu Zhaixng barely managed.

With the word “Action”, 19 beauties trembled and knelt in front of the hall. The crazy looking Wang Chen dragged his sword and the tip of the sword slipped across the ground making a screeching sound.

Xu Zhaixing couldn’t stand the sound, and couldn’t help feeling sour and shivered her teeth. This detail was captured by the assistant and felt that her performance was spot on!

Then they all heared Wang Chen laughing madly.

“Let me take a good look which beauty is lucky enough to accompany me to the Yellow Springs?”

He raised his sword and put it on Xu Zhaixing’s neck.

Xu Zhaixing continued to shiver as she listened to him talk in a gloomy voice.

“Raised your head.”

She slowly raised her head according to the movement taught to her by the director thinking in her heart that this was her own play, her own play! She mustn’t destroy the play because of her! Or she’ll lose money! But surprisingly her situation right was on point, the fear of being killed looked very much in place.

Wang Chen patted her miserable little face with his sword.

“Very good, very good…”

Then yanked her by her hair and dragged her all the way to the steps.

The assistant director said,

“Cut! Nice, one more time.”

A total of three shots, Xu Zhaixing was dragged by the hair three times.

When it was finally over, Xu Zhaixing couldn’t feel her head. Rubbing her scalp she got up from the ground. The actor who acted as Wang Chen hurried to help her and said with concern.

“Are you okay?”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly said.

“I’m okay, I’m okay, you acted really well!”

The actor smiled blushingly after hearing her praise. He showed the desperation of the king, and incisively at that not to mention vividly brought her into the role otherwise she wouldn’t be in zone with the role so soon.

When the scene was over, there was nothing for the group of beauties to do. It was also almost lunch time so the staff sent the lunch boxes. She don’t know who pulled her as she just hear her say.

“Let’s go and have lunch.”

Then she dazedly sat on the steps still in her costume and ate the lunch box with the group of actors.

Everyone around her could see how young and beautiful she was, and understand why the assistant director liked her at a glance. Maybe she would have great prospects in the future, with this thinking everyone did not hesitate to hold her thigh.

One said.

“I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I’m very accurate in reading people, you will definitely be popular!”

Another one said,

“Yes, yes, yes, this crew is out of question although it’s a big production it has high requirements for acting skills. You go the crew next door, and the director only look at the appearance. Maybe he’ll like you when he sees you!”

He also said,

“When you become popular in the future, don’t forget to promote us! We have eaten together lunch box together, comrade!”

Holding the lunch box, Xu Zhaixing was filled with emotions but she still seriously explained to them.

“You misunderstood, I am not an actor and will not be in the future. Today is just a coincidence.”

As soon as she said that, someone behind her mocked.

“Yo, look at this. Not an actor she say but didn’t you steal someone’s scene today ah? What kind of morality is this?”

Xu Zhaixing turned her head to look, it turned out to be the beauty that she had just stolen the scene.

Originally since her part was stolen by Xu Zhaixing, the latter was very sorry deep inside and didn’t intend to quarrel with her. She just smiled and didn’t talk.

But instead the beauty thought she was bullying her, she had been in the industry for several years and knew many people. Seeing Xu Zhaixing was like looking at an intruder, someone immediately saw the looked in her eyes and kicked Xu Zhaixing in the elbow with her toes.

Xu Zhaixing was still holding the lunched box and didn’t notice the kicked, the lunch box flew and was smashed in front of the row of group of actors playing guards.

The guard stood up with a swish and turned around as he said angrily.

“Who the hell hit me with the lunch box?”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

She dusted the rice on the back of her hand and turned around to looked several people behind her. She asked coldly.

“Who kicked me just now?”

These people looked at each other and thought that since she was alone, and a little girl at that who was easy to bully no one would speak for her, flaunting one said.

“I kicked you so what…”

Before she could finished her words, Xu Zhaixing run up and kicked her in the same way.

The extra who admitted she was the one who kicked Xu Zhaixing fought back as she screamed, people next them rushed up to help and for a moment lunch boxes were flying around.

The field stuff rushed over to stop them.

“Stop it! What are you doing?”

Xu Zhaixing had already leapt behind the pillar and the extra she kicked was in tears.

“She’s bullying people! The assistant director like to bully us little actors.”

Xu Zhaixing: “Oh, you know how to turn personal grievance to class conflicts? Your politics is quite good ah. What school did you go to? Let me see what kind of school can teach you such white lotus move that can gang up to confused black and white and bully the weak?”

Field staff: “…..”

Group of actors: “…..”

Xu Zhaixing: “Sorry I went ahead.”

The extra finally reacted, relying on their large number of people and since they have been together for so long, they would surely support her so she immediately cried.

“Listen, what a sharp tongue she has! We are not famous, we have no status, we are just ordinary group of extras but we also have dignity, you can’t just insult us like this!”

Xu Zhaixing: “What kind of disrespect? Aren’t you just angry that I stole the scene from you? So…”

She paused on purpose.

Everyone waited for her to follow.

Xu Zhaixing continued, she smiled and said.

“I’ll let the director delete your scenes in the play, not only in this play but also the previous ones. Are you happy?”

Extra: “….”

The good sister of the group act immediately and said angrily.

“What big thing to say, who do you think…”

Before she could finished the voice of Zhao Jinjin the heroine of the play came not far away.

“Where’s the young miss?”

Xiao Xiao searched around.

“That’s her, that’s should be her. Found her, I found her. Miss is there.”

Zhao Jinjin was still in her costume as she run over to see Xu Zhaixing, she scoff.

“Miss, what are you wearing ah?”

Xu Zhaixing said sadly.

“It’s a long story”

The field staff looked at Xu Zhaixing in shock and then at Zhao Jinjin, surprised.

“Jinjin, this is….”

Zhao Jinjin: “Oh, brother Xuan don’t you know yet? This the young miss of Chenxing.”

She patted her forehead and said,

“No, it’s Chairwoman Xu now.”

Xu Zhaixing: “If you say that again, you and Xu Yan will be fired together!”

Zhao Jinjin: “Oh.”

The field staff immediately was dripping with cold sweat.

The group of actor were not much of a difference either, all their faces were ashen.

Xu Zhaixing turned her head and asked the field staff with a smile.

“Whether it’s the main actor or the group actors, attitude is important right?”

Field staff: “Yes, yes.”

She pointed down to the group of actors who had just collaborated in bullying her.

“Don’t leave any of them behind.”

“Got it, Chairwoman Xu!”

Like a villain, Xu Zhaixing walked away with Zhao Jinjin on her arm. Zhao Jinjin took a few steps before reacting and asked angrily.

“Miss did those people bully you?”

Xu Zhaixing said in a low voice: “That’s not true, I just think…”

Zhao Jinjin: “You just think…”

Xu Zhaixing: “It’s good to be Chairwoman Xu.”



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