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Chapter 26.1

The energy of the zombie suddenly skyrocketed and the two gradually began to struggle again.

In the end there was still a disparity in numbers, even if those zombies do not have abilities nor do they were sane and do not know how to exploit an attack but they do not back down and all their strength was used attacking them.

As a result the situation and destructive power of the siege of hundreds of zombies were very overwhelming.

And on their side, there were only two of them.

Tang Tang frown hasn’t stretched out since she woke up and it was even more furrowed. She stared at those crazy zombies in front of her, she was really worried that they would directly break through the star belt like ability and squeeze in.

Now, someone must be manipulating these zombies in real time. As soon as they seemed to cope better they immediately changed their tactics which not consumed their strength but even put psychological pressure on them.

That guy must be around here, she wished she could find him!

Tang Tang was wielding a knife against the zombies while quickly searching around.

But just then, a few red lights flashed obliquely in front. Tang Tang was highly focused at this time, she found these strange and fast red lines for the first time. She turned her eyes and found that the red line was aligned in the direction of Jiang Zhu who was just facing her back.

What a bad luck, it’s a secret plan!

Was the first reaction popped in Tang Tang’s head.

“Watch out!”

She shouted at Jiang Zhu.

At the same time, she also hurriedly ran behind Jiang Zhu. She stared at the red line in front of her, this ability, could it be Zheng Xue?

He is really everywhere, why is he so annoying!

But if it really was Zheng Xue then using her knife to cut the line would definitely not work.

Tang Tang thought as she looked at the approaching lines, slightly bent down and clenched the handle of the knife and prepared to turn the knife quickly and greatly when the lines came near so as to make the line warp around the knife’s body as much as possible and prevent their plot.

Hoping it would work.

Hearing Tang Tang’s voice, Jiang Zhu quickly killed the zombies who was about to rush in and immediately turned around. As soon as Tang Tang was behind him to block the other zombies she looked she was injured so he immediately raised his hand to use the star belt to wrap her to the safer side.

Those lines almost blocked his retreat, it was almost impossible to avoid them completely. Moreover he don’t know whether these lines would also blocked him midair, and if he ran too far he was afraid he would hurt Tang Tang or Yan Zhen.

And there were zombies around so they couldn’t run far at all, he was afraid that the circle surrounded by the star belt would be dangerous with such delay.

Enemies were both in front and back.

It was only possible to avoid the fatal point.

Jiang Zhu quickly analyzed and the star belt was immediately released towards Tang Tang and wrapped her.

But at that moment, the star belt which could have been wrapped around her body smoothly was suddenly bounced back.

Jiang Zhu was surprised to find that a large circle had sprung up on Tang Tang’s body.

That large circle slowly became solid as his star belt was bounced away with pure white sparkling light flowing above and the volume seems to be getting larger and larger.

Jiang Zhu took a step back as the volume of the big circle became larger.

Tang Tang also noticed the large circle, subconsciously also flabbergasted.

Then she reacted to the fact that the situation was not urgent and not for her to froth.

The thin line has arrived in front of her and she was about to wave a knife to wrap it when winding the thin thread the big circle suddenly appeared but the white wave light above suddenly lit up. Closely followed all the thin lines that had come quickly were blocked outside the big circle.

Tang Tang was really frozen this time.

What happened?

What’s with this circle?

Is this new ability of Jiang Zhu?

She turned back towards Jiang Zhu behind her.

“This circle, is it your ability?”

Jiang Zhu shook his head.


“That’s strange.”

Tang Tang said to herself,

If not his, could it be hers?

She has not experienced the feeling awakening.

Could it be that Yan Zhen has woken up?

The two thought of the same and glanced in the direction of Yan Zhen at the same time but found that he was still in the stage of awakening his ability, then the circle should also not be his.

The anticipation in Tang Tang’s heart gradually surged up, could it be that this was really her own ability?

She, too, was a person with psychic ability?

As soon as the owner of the thin thread saw that the plot did not succeed, he immediately controlled the thin thread to turn a corner. He has to bypass the big circle and attack Jiang Zhu behind Tang Tang but the latter immediately turned around.

Where the line runs, she runs. She now has the ability, as long as she could block a large part of the line Jiang Zhu could stop the others by himself.

The two worked quite well together and after mastering the rhythm Jiang Zhu calculates the different energy and then uses most of the powers to maintain the star belt around the circle and using only a small portion to block the small portion of the line that was stabbing towards him.

Surprisingly the situation was stabilized again.

The scene made the two people hiding in the shadows upset again.

Zheng Xue stared at the two people who were cooperating tacitly on the first floor with a gloomy face, and surprisingly there were still remaining ability left to them

Damn it!

Next to him was a boy squatting, at the moment a large number of beads of sweat collected on his face and his clothes was almost wet due to the sweat. With weakened voice he said,

“Zheng Xue, should we evacuate first ah? I’m about to run out of energy.”

“Hang in there, I don’t believe I can’t get them today!”

Zhang Xue said fiercely.

At the same time, the thin line he released gradually ignited fire and the fire grew bigger and bigger but when it was about to attack Jiang Zhu it quickly made a sharp turn and wrapped towards Yan Zhen who was still awakening his ability on the other side.

The two men who were waiting for the thin line to attack noticed this and quickly reacted to the fact that this was a ploy by the other side. Tang Tang turned her feet and quickly blocked towards Yan Zhen on the side again.

It was too tiring to go on like this, she’s been spinning around so even if she was not hurt but her head was getting dizzy!

Jiang Zhu also quickly rushed towards Yan Zhen’s side and the two of them, one by one once again blocked all the attacks again.

Zheng Xue was so angry that he was about to increase his firepower but he saw Jiang Zhu below. He suddenly raised his hand and pulled one of the thin thread burning with flame.

Jiang Zhu pulled hard and almost pulled Zheng Xue out of the corridor post on the second floor. He quickly knelt on his legs, only then did his stabilize and not expose himself.

Only when he wanted to retrieve the thin thread but couldn’t pull it back.

For some reason there was a sudden surge of intense unease in his heart.

Tang Tang looked at Jiang Zhu’s paled hands, at the moment those he touched the thin thredn he was burned by the fire and took of a large layer of his skin. When the flesh and blood were blurred she seemed to smell the of burning meat.

How painful must it be!

Tang Tang thought.

Although she don’t know what he’s going to do next, she understood that it’s probably going to be a counterattack.

Zheng Xue this sicko is really annoying!

Tag Tang guessed it right, Jiang Zhu was indeed going to counterattack.

He pulled the thin thread with one hand and gathered a large number of small light spots with the other hand then when the light of the small light spots shone brightly he directly put those small light spots on the thin thread and then controlled them to quickly attach the owner of the thin thread at the other end of the thin thread.

Zheng Xue panicked for a moment.

One disadvantage about his ability was that once thin thread was released it would be connected to his palm unless it was put away. Even he himself could not cut the thin thread.

If the corrosive power of the small pots wrapped up along the line then his own hands which used for his abilities would be completely destroyed!

He was so flustered that this hand and feet began to chill, that’s when the boy next to him spoke up.

“What to do? They seemed to have found where we are!”

Zheng Xue just wanted to return with.

‘You ask me, how would I know.’

When he suddenly came up with an idea.

He allowed himself to calm down first then said.

“What to do? Come over here a bit and I’ll tell you what to do.”

The boy was really not as smart as Zheng Xue’s, at this time he really couldn’t think of anything. His ability to control zombies but the consumption of energy was very taxing not to mention so many zombies he couldn’t support it for a long time.

Originally after they came out of the supermarket, they decided to separate and looked around for food. According to Zheng Xue it was more dangerous outside the school than inside the school, so Jiang Jiang Chi took the four of them outside school. It was much safer inside the school so he gave them two.

He has no objections to this decision.

Listening to Zheng Xue’s words the two of them came all the way to the stadium, although he don’t know why they didn’t go the dormitory building to search again and come here instead. Zheng Xue has always been the brain of the six of them, he asked a question why choose this path and other party just replied him with they were less people checking this area first so he didn’t ask anymore.

He just didn’t expect to come and find out that there were was no one else in the gym but Jiang Zhu.

On the spot, he wanted to back off.

Jiang Zhu’s incomprehensible ability really made him lose confidence. He wanted to persuade Zheng Xue to go to the dormitory but at this time Zheng Xue was unwilling to quit.

Zheng Xue insisted that there was only one person here now, Jiang Zhu as the other one was sleeping and the other was on the process of awakening. They were two against one, they would definitely succeed and with the strength of Jiang Zhu they must have hidden a lot of food, as long as they solve Jiang Zhu then they could solve the problem of hunger.

And Zheng Xue also said that his ability to summon zombie to attack would be a great use at such a time, when their side has the numerical advantage there was no need to put Jiang Zhu in the eye.

He as torn for a long time but was still convinced.

Although a little resistant to this feeling of killing each other, but he also want food to live!

He just didn’t expect that in the end it was their side that was being restrained and now he has consumed a lot of his energy and was afraid that he couldn’t even run.

Now he could only rely on Zheng Xue and let him think of another way.

The leaned over.

But he didn’t expect that in the next second, Zheng Xue suddenly grabbed him by the collar followed by pressing him hard on the thin thread that was pulled by Jiang Zhu.

But this time, the little spot light had come close and the boy’s mouth opened wide in surprise.


With a burst of piercing scream, Zheng Xue was relieved to see that all the small light spots had attacked the boy but the light spots did not stop and soon poured into the boy’s body.

Zheng Xue took a look and hurriedly flung him to the side.

The boy was thrown to the entrance of the stair and rolled down.



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