Chapter 171

He took a deep breath and went to the bathroom to put on the cheongsam, the cheongsam was tightly wrapped around him.

Fu Zhen looked at himself in the mirror and always felt a bit strange and a sense of incongruity, it would be better if he were given a wig and put on some makeup.

Fu Zhen remembered that the wig he bought this summer should still be in the cabinet, after washing his face he went out from the bathroom to put on the wig.

As a result, he failed to do so as Jiang Hengshu was already back and was sitting on the bed.

He looked at Fu Zhen standing at the door of the bathroom and asked Fu Zhen in particularly innocent tone.

“Why did you put on the dress?”


Fu Zhen looked back at Jiang Hengshu, with the latter’s kind of behavior does he now belong to selling well after getting a bargain?

“I saw this was on the bed and thought that you wanted to see it on me. I misunderstood.”

Fu Zhen said and turned back to the bathroom.

“I’ll go back and change this dress.”

When Jiang Hengshu heard this, he hurriedly stood up from the bed and came over to take Fu Zhen’s hand.

Fu Zhen looked back at Jiang Hengshu as he grinned and wrapped his arms around his neck and asked him softly.

“Does it look nice on me?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded and picked Fu Zhen up.

Fu Zhen lay on the bed looking at Jiang Hengshu, he raised his hand to poke his stomach and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I seem to have gained some weight recently.”

Jiang Hengshu shook his head and held his hand as he said to him.

“Not fat ah, good looking. A little more fat will look better.”



After Jiang Hengshu’s birthday Fu Zhen continued to devote himself into intense shooting, and was not disturbed with outside issues. His crew was the most stable crew in the whole shooting base.

They worked eight hours a day without break, that he even think of requesting Chen Meng come to the crew last night to complete the scene but was worried about her rest and studies.

But he found out that she has enough time to film every day and the rest time was enough for her to study.

Gao Tian who finished filming her scene before she left the set, came over and said to Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, do you have a weibo? Let’s follow each other for a wave.”

Fu Zhen blinked, his old official weibo before was blocked. The remaining two were the official blog of Shazou Chronicle which was now paid attention to by the people in the studio and his other was his Jian Wen account.

“Wait a minute.”

After Fu Zhen said this to Gao Tian took out his phone and boarded the weibo to changed Jian Wen to Fu Zhen.

But the weibo prompts up that the username already existed.

Fu Zhen exhaled, he thought for a while and then changed the name of the weibo to “Jian Wen-Fu Zhen”.

Anyway his vest has already fallen off1 and this Weibo would be his verified account in the future. After this period of work he would also change the name of the studio to “Jianwen Studio” and everything would be logical.

Gao Tian was shocked when he saw Fu Zhen’s weibo name and immediately shouted.

“Wow so you’re teacher Jian Wen, director!”

This matter had been popular in a certain range before, at that time Gao Tian traveled abroad and didn’t know the big revelations the fan guess and miss the big news.

Fu Zhen nodded while Gao Tian almost wanted to scream. Fortunately she covered her mouth in advance and didn’t make a sound.

In fact, it could be seen from the drawings Fu Zhen posted—it was drawn well just like the original artist but Gao Tian never think of associating the two as one.

Gao Tian now regrets a lot, she kept complaining on Fu Zhen.

“I knew I should have made an appointment with you for more than a dozen pictures of my colleagues. Do you still accept draft now director Fu?”

“No more.”

Fu Zhen shook his head and looked Gao Tian’s disappointed expression. He then said,

“But I can draw one for you, who do you want?”

Gao Tian chuckled and whispered to Fu Zhen.

“Yellow, the more yellow the better.”2

Fu Zhen: “…”

After Gao Tian left the set, she then quickly sent a post.

[@jianwen-fu real thanks for the love bento, I’m going home for New Year!]

When netizens saw this weibo post, and Gao Tian’s joyful mood. They don’t how to start a stomach of spiteful words but finally could only like her post.

But wasn’t Gao Tian the female lead? How long has she been shooting? Sure enough it’s a rotten film!

Fu Zhen doesn’t pay too much attention to these public opinion on the internet. The merit of the film could be judge only when it really appears in front of the audience.

And since Fu Zhen’s left leg was also doing various rehabilitation training during this period he had not time to think of what the people thing about his film.

At the beginning of his rehab was painful and made Jiang Hengshu distressed.

Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting had secretly seen him in the hospital several times also, Fu Zhen didn’t know at first but later learned about in an accidental conversation with the nurse.

He paid attention to it when he was recovering and sure enough, he found Fu Jianchen and them. After hesitating for a long time Fu Zhen at the end didn’t say anything and pretended not to notice them.


vest has already fallen off1- A sock puppet or sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception.

“Yellow, the more yellow the better.”2- pornographic or sexy image (RATED-18)


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