Chapter 25.3

Jiang Zhu’s ability was further consumed, Tang Tang noticed that although the starry belt wrapped around them was still full light the small light spots he released gradually weakened the originally glittering yellow light becomes weaker. Accordingly when touching the zombie the damage to the zombie also weakened.

If it goes like this there was nothing they could about the zombies!

Tang Tang lying on the edge of the star belt said.

“Put me down I can cut with a knife.”

When she first bought her half-meter large knife she took her strength into account and bought it especially light and thin to carry around more easily. But unfortunately there was no sheath so she had to wrap the knife in layer after layer of quilts and carry it on her back while making sure she wouldn’t hurt herself.

This was what she did when she came to the gym and took out the only gap that she had between falling asleep. Now that she think about it, it’s great.

After all there may still be hidden enemies in this vicinity and if at this time a large knife suddenly emerges from her hand then the matter of hidden space could not be hidden anymore.

The number of zombies was not decreasing and the enemy in the shadows could not be traced so it would be better to let her go and fight the zombies together with him.

Her half meter like knife was still quite sharp she may not be able to cut Zheng Xue’s thin thread but it could still use to deal with zombies.

Jiang Zhu just surrounded the head of a zombie with a small light spot and killed it, he was about to turn back and looked at Tang Tang but was attacked by another zombie who was able to squeezed by.

He could only say without looking back.

“It’s too dangerous.”

Tang Tang took a deep breath.

“It’s more dangerous if I don’t follow and help! There are only three of us, your ability is wrapping around me and I consumed large part of your power not to mention Yan Zhen, your stamina is not endless. Since I’m awake now there’s no need to waste them on me!”

Jiang Zhu frowned probably considering her words.

Indeed two people would be good rather than one.

But in case she gets caught by a zombie.

Jiang Zhu hurriedly stopped what he was thinking, he was not strong enough to fall into this dilemma.

Tang Tang was eventually released.

She took off the knife tied behind her and then plucked away the quilts layer by layer and finally the half meter large knife appeared again.

“Attack the zombie’s head.”

Jiang Zhu reminded aside.

“Try to stay away too far from me.”


Tang Tang nodded and responded.

Although she had dealt with zombies before she used to stab them at that time and now Jiang Zhu blew them away. This would be the first time she would facing them this many in an open field with the big knife and attack directly.

She has to be honest, she was nervous.

Even more than ever, her hands began to shake.

Tang Tang took a deep breath and told herself to be steady, steady!

With a huff—she raised her half-meter blade with both hands and swung it hard and fast at the closest zombie.

Without falling short, the zombie fell to the ground with a thud.


Tang Tang exhaled a long breath feeling that in just a few seconds her clothes were wet with sweat.

Jiang Zhu has been taking time to pay attention and saw Tang Tang successfully knocked down a zombie although her hand was still shaking badly and her forehead was sweating a lot but her eyes were very determined and he could tell what she was feeling.

Then realized that he, for one, doesn’t know her well enough.

After that due to the cooperation of two people, one was responsible for half while the other was for close range and finally the zombies forced eased a little. Jiang Zhu’s power consumption has also slowed down a lot and should probably have a longer time.

Perhaps they could carry it until Qin Zhang returns.

The best to do was for the three of them to help themselves.

But in this situation they don’t know whether they could persevere or not.

After her first success Tang Tang did not rest and quickly went to attack the next zombie, her initially trembling hand gradually eased as she waved her knife again and again just like stabbing zombies again and again by the bedroom window she gradually began to find a way suitable for her.

Jiang Zhu’s abilities began to increase as the star belt was withdraw from Tang Tang. He first tied several zombies together with a start belt followed by a small light spot and went to the zombie. When those zombies were dead he tied them directly and threw them into the zombie pile.

Instantly they brought down a large area.

There was hope.

Jiang Zhu and Tang Tang thought at the same time.

But at that moment the zombie swarm whose attack had eased with them spraying perfume suddenly became manic again. It was even more frantic than before.

Even the star belt encircling the trio used by Jiang Zhu to surround them showed signs of being torn apart.

Tang Tang and Jiang Zhu turned back at the same time while glancing at each other due to the situation was now more dangerous they turned their heads back at the same time.

Tang Tang sadi.

“Someone is messing with us.”

Jiang Zhu nodded.

“Well, can you hold on?”

Tang Tang swung down her knife: “Of course.”



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