Chapter 54

Weekend, Jian Ruixi brought Jayce to Even’s company and what she said before was not a big lie, recently she did learn some musical instruments at Even’s company.

In the past, this was almost impossible.

Jian Ruixi still remembers being forced by her mother to practice piano when she was a child, and being assigned various courses by the company at the beginning of her career suffering from the fear of being dominated by learning.

At that time she gritted her teeth and secretly thought when she successfully married into a wealthy family she would not touch these things again.

If she became rich, though she would still care about social responsibility and self-worth but she would also do whatever she wanted—a rich woman who only knows to eat and have fun!

But who would have thought that she would be rich and live the rich life she aspires to but instead she feels more and more bored with life and even buying couldn’t save her from boredom.

It could only be said that from frugality to luxury she quickly adapted to the life of rich and noble women in a short time. Buying famous brands began to become common and normal in her eyes.

Then shopping itself could only bring her limited happiness.

Jian Ruixi also tried to have fun for herself with Madam Fu’s noblewoman friends by drinking tea and playing cards and chat.

But what do the noblewomen talk about together?

She knows that everyone doesn’t have work so they don’t talk about their career, and since everyone has a capable mother-in-law they don’t need to worry about the management and public relation.

The social injustice and the people’s opinion on their livelihood were far away from them so they could only show of their wealth and show their superiority. Sometimes they scold the shameless little demons outside or talk about the little wolf dog.

But now Jian Ruixi could only watch and not eradiate this little wolf dog, listening to them talk about it would only get her more and more depressed so she has less and less contact with the previous circle.

Then her life circle became smaller and smaller, it seemed that she had nothing to do except to circle around her son and contact her rich husband every three of five times.

In fact at the moment Jian Ruixi was not tired of this state, and she even enjoys it after all her son was cute ah! But one day as if sitting up from a dying illness Jian Ruixi suddenly realized she become a yellow faced woman with only her husband and children in life?

It’s scary to think about it, Jian Ruixi decided to change and meet new friend, Even was her first step. Recently she has been so involved in preparing the birthday surprise for her child.

In addition to she really wants to completely introduce her child, it was also because she hasn’t done anything serious for a long time so right now her enthusiasm was exploding.

Then as she said to Jayce when she was practicing piano at Even’s company she met young people entertaining themselves especially a lady who was usually quiet and low key standing there in a long skirt playing the violin.

Her literary temperament makes her look radiant and full of charm made Jian Ruixi instantly shocked and wanted to learn the violin with the last on the spot as she imagined her posture as elegant as hers even if she sounds like sawing wood.

Jian Ruixi feels very beautiful and was getting more and more addicted to it as if she has found a new direction in life as full of motivation.

But Even’s company was full of multi-talented young people and there was more than the violin that interest her. Jian Ruixi watched them play all the instrument she wanted to try so she learned more and more things and completely became the exact opposite of what she wanted.

Jian Ruixi was embarrassed to admit that her face was almost swollen, when she talked to President Fu about this topic she became stiff lipped and pretended that her ideological consciousness had always been high.

“Hey, just like Ethan you used to be busy, you also learned a lot of musical instruments, painting and calligraphy. If there is no conflict, learning itself is also one of the ways to relax. I enjoy it now.”

Fu Shiyuan actually does not care about what hobbies his wife has recently changed, even if she buys brand-name as her daily life and even increases her spending he could afford it.

Ten more Madam Fu won’t let him go bankrupt, generally speaking President Fu’s attitude was “just be happy.” (T/N how I wish I have someone like this.. where can I find you??)

But as a man with emotional intelligence and gentlemanly manner he would not say the words so perfunctory after all his wife was very excited to share it with him.

Fu Shiyuan gave high praise, obviously just a hobby of his mouth praising Jian Ruixin in passing.

Jian Ruixi was not much of a modest person she was already excited to be encouraged by President Fu and feel even more remarkable so she expanded to pull Jayce to their “base camp” and share good things together.

The first day Jayce went to his teacher’s company with his mommy he was lucky to catch up with the most handsome girl in the company who was playing drum.

Jian Ruixi excitedly pulled him over the crowd while emotionally asking.

“People who play the drums are very handsome ah, isn’t it Jayce?”

The little guy looked at his mommy with a yearning look, nodded his head with uncertainty and then saw his mommy looking at him expectantly.

“Our Jayce is going to learn this and will definitely be more handsome than all of them, right?”

At his age, Jayce could be hardly calm in the face of his mother’s praise or expectation even if he couldn’t understand the significance of handsome he still lost in his mommy’s eyes.

So he went to through one more course and began his forced career of going to class with his mommy on weekends.

For a long time, Jayce was stunned when he learned that such handsome drum teacher was actually his sister. (T/N:  I think sister here is not blood related sister)

But that’s all for later.

Jian Ruixi’s seemed to have returned to a busy and fulfilling state as in her previous life but of course the focus was still on the preparation of the birthday surprise but Jayce’s birthday has yet to arrive and the summer holiday has arrived as expected.

Jayce attends an international private kindergarten which was commonly known as noble kindergarten. The tuition was very expensive but it’s worth it.

Usually Jayce often organized activities to enrich the children’s live and teach for fun, now at the end of the school year the school has launched a final ceremony with great fanfare.

In the morning teachers and students celebrate together and in the afternoon there were children’s performances. At that time many parents would attend the ceremony.

In the past this kind of activity has nothing to do with Madam Fu, after all she was an invincible dragon. But this the teachers directly contacted Madam Fu who they saw sent her child to the kindergarten once in a while, Jian Ruixi occasionally picked up her son this semester so she was able to meet the head teacher several times.

She not only spoke but also joined the parent group at the invitation of the head teacher so there was more contact, this time the teacher invited Jian Ruixi.

After she happily accepted the school quickly sent the exquisite invitation which was like attending any grand event which made Jian Ruixi look forward to.

After receiving the invitation she couldn’t help showing off to President Fu in which the latter admit defeat.

“Time flies, Jayce is going to have the summer vacation, when is the final ceremony? I’ll see if I can make time to go back.”


Jian Ruixi pretended to be halfway tragically interrupted, her mood was a little stifled and blurted out,

“But the school invited me ah.”

President Fu without changing his expression said.

“So I can’t go?”

Just kidding.

President Fu was a famous rich man, especially in Hong Kong City almost everyone knows him. He could go wherever he wants, what’s more he also a parent even without invitation how many people could stop him at the entrance of the school?

Even if she was the rightful Madam Fu, she was not capable of this.

The knowledgeable Jian Ruixi had to take the initiative.

“For the sake of you sincerely begging me, I’ll take you reluctantly.”

President Fu was very polite.

“Then thank you very much.”

“You ought to be.”

Jian Ruixi was a bit stifled, regretting for the first time that she has nothing to show off blindly.

But on the second thought, President Fu came back to attend the final ceremony of the child was not bad for her. It’s not that Jayce couldn’t be good to her if she’s good with his father so what’s she’s tangled with?



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