Chapter 59

Chen Fang stood not far away holding his arms while looking at her, asking.

“What painting?”

Jiang Liangchan did not expect that the exact person who accurately drew the key point was Chen Fang.

She brought Jiang Yunting to her study, took out the paintings she had carefully painted in recent days and first explained.

“This is the twelfth one I painted, I’m going to attend a party at Hou Ye’s house tomorrow. It has been written in advance post, tomorrow is a painting exhibition and everyone should bring a painting.”

As she spoke she slowly unfolded the scroll.

Jiang Yunting and Chen Fang looked down at the painting, the scene was very quiet for a while.

Half a minute later, Jiang Yunting opened his mouth first.

“Sister why don’t you pick one of the other eleven pairs and take it?”

Jiang Liangchan was silent as she took out eleven scrolls from behind her and unfolded them one by one.

The large table was lined with twelve diagrams of what appeared to be clearly the same subject matter.

After browsing from the first one to the twelfth one, finally the last one they could vaguely see that should be twelve pictures of chickens pecking at rice.

A chick who appears to half of its size.

And a few grains of rice that was not smaller that the chick’s heads were scattered around its body.

There was also seems to be a suspected hut in the back.

It was a kind of hut that may collapsed after painting.

There was a walking misty river next to it too.

For such painting it should be considered finished if an insciption was written in paragraph and had a stamped on it then it would look like it was treated with solemnity.

Jiang Yuting felt that he had been nurtured by a bunch of ignorant dandies for many years which also impacted his soul.

Jiang Liangcha was a little embarrassed, but after thinking about it she still spoke.

“That…..I want you guys to do me a favor.”

Chen Fang reacted quickly and pulled his legs towards the door of the study.

But it was already too late, Jiang Liangchan’s request had already been heard by his ears.

“Do you know any famous literati or painter? I’d like to ask him to write me an inscription.”

From his own sister Jiang Yunting realized for the first time what an arrogant and ignorant teenager he once was.

He sincerely asked.

“Sister what’s the difference between letting a famous poet write inscription on your painting and me once I became a great general?”

Jiang Liangchan was mercilessly rejected by Chen Fang and Jiang Yunting.

A very ruthless, very cold and very unsympathetic kind of rejection.

It makes people very helpless.

Jiang Liangchan rolled the scroll while sulking.

She could write a little with her brush but she really was not good with traditional Chinese painting.

When she was in elementary she drew two strokes of shrimp and cabbage in art class and was stuck.

Who knew it could be useful to her now.

Jian Yunting was still mocking her mercilessly from the side.

“Sister where on earth did you get the confidence to still think that your painting is worthy of an inscription?”

Jiang Liangchan looked with him with a pale look on her face and said.

“Do you think I want to? It’s because every time we met with those girls they would always laugh at me. And Song Xinrui , it’s obvious that she’s the one who’s in the wrong, but she still wants to overpower me every time before she’s willing. I don’t want to see them show off like peacocks in front of me for half a day every time they win, okay?”

She thought about tomorrow and couldn’t help sighing again.

“Tomorrow I’m going to be ridiculed again, so tiring..”

Chen Fang who had been silent at the side suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“Can you find a famous artist to give you inscriptions and not be ridiculed?”

Jiang Liangchan powerlessly nodded.

“I don’t know but every competition requires outside assistance. In the last competition the daughter of Zhang Shilang’s family couldn’t play well, I don’t know who she invited but she was able to play well and even if she was not that good others did not laugh at her.”

“The last poetry contest someone invited someone who was said to be a disciple of Li Hongru, not to mention not being ridiculed the whole audience hailed her, praising her for being able to invite even Li Hongru’s disciples, boasting endlessly and in the end she came out on top—just as if the inscription was her own making.”

Chen Fang’s eyebrows moved, but Jiang Liangchan did not notice.

She was still down in the dumps.

“I also know that my painting is poor so I thought if I could ask a famous person to inscribe an inscription I might be able to muddle through.”

She rolled up the scroll, holding it go to the cabinet and said in a funereal voice.

“Okay, I recognized myself too. You guys go on practicing I’ll go paint for a while.”

Her hands was empty and the scroll was suddenly away.

It was Chen Fang.

Jiang Liangchan looked at him in surprise.

Chen Fang: “It seems that my current status is still your male companion and attendant. If the master was ridiculed it seems that the attendant is also a bit responsible.”

Wah… then that means…

Jiang Liangchan’s eyes widened in surprise.

Chen Fang meet her round eyes and saw the surprise that overflowed inside and gave soft chuckle.

“Keep up, Brother Pao will lead you to win.”



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