Chapter 41

Every moment he wanted to directly take Ye Xun away from her and cut of all contacts with this woman.

If it was not her ID card to open the live broadcast, it was impossible for the child to successfully register on the platform and have the live broadcast qualification.

No matter how well she talks in front of the camera it’s all a show and whatever ways she abets her child to make money in front of the camera makes her unbearable and disgusting.

Such a woman was even worse than the investigation report!

Li Yu held back his anger and waited for Liu Zhen to follow up in the study before the storm in his dark eyes completely exploded in a mountainous manner.

“Close the door!”

Liu Zhen shuddered.

Li Yun set the “Beautiful Girl” live room as a concern before he suppressed and spoke,

“Modify the rules of this room so that everyone is not allowed to enter.”

With that, he tossed his phone onto the table.

“Room, only open my access permission.”

Liu Zhen opened his mouth, but immediately nodded his head.


Downstairs, Ye Susu blinked uncertainly as she raised her watery eyes to the second floor.

Catnip is having a bad mood today?

He even ignored her?

He was so courageous!

She didn’t even sniff him, didn’t rub him and he threw a tantrum?

Hey, then she should ignore him too!

Ye Susu lightly grunted and looked down at her cub then bitterly put on her slippers.

“Child, come on let’s go do our homework.”


Back to the new home, the comfortable environment finally let Ye Xun breathe a sigh of relief.

The absence of any strange looks or mocking taunts made him much more comfortable.

But soon, he had a new anxiety.

Taking advantage of Ye Susu’s inattention, he slipped to the bathroom first as soon as he returned to their room pretending to wash his hands and preparing to reopen his live feed.

He stepped out of the kindergarten’s wifi range and should have dropped the line.

Aunties and uncle, are they all gone?

He bit his little lip, a little worried but a little reassured.

He doesn’t have a dad and doesn’t have his uncle and aunts online to know about it.

He’s a special kid.

He….wanted to hide it.

But Ye Xun lowered his head and soon found that he seemed to have more rewards on his live stream today.

A closer look reveals that today’s reward surprisingly exceeds 61, 990 gold coins.

The background shows that his current withdrawable figure was 1,239 yuan.


Ye Xun opened his small mouth in surprise.

When he came out of the kindergarten just now, he was a little worried and didn’t look at the live broadcast room carefully.

Could it be that his aunt and uncle in particular like to see him in the kindergarten painting class?

“Child, did you fell into the bowl?”

Ye Susu suddenly shouted from outside the door.

Ye Xun answered in a hurry.

“No… no…”

Panicked, he looked at the screen again.

The live timer seems to have changing, he couldn’t read the clock yet but it seems to mean that it has successfully connected to the network and was live again.

Ye Xun breathed a sigh of relief.

He was about to put the phone in his trouser pocket and planning to hide it in his small schoolbag outside but the next second his eyes widened.

The number in the upper right corner of the screen changes steeply from 794 to 1.

The text that was floating just now was gone.

He reached out his small hand in panic and touched the screen.

What happened?

This number which should be the number of uncles and aunts watching online, he was sure because he copied the picture down and asked Aunt Ningmeng what that represents for.

Earlier there was more than 700 aunts and uncles, how come it has become 1 now?

Ye Xun’s little hands trembled.

Uncles and aunts run away?


Because he was disconnected all the way and didn’t continue the live broadcast?

Or they don’t like him anymore?

The little guy’s face suddenly went white while holding the phone in the bathroom as he was anxiously circling up.

Was the phone broken? He put it in his pants pocket, did it get crushed?

“Child? Are you pooping?”

Another question from Ye Susu.

Ye Xun blushed.

“No….I, I’ll come right away.”

He was busy pressing his little finger, trying to exit the live stream then start the live stream again according to what he usually do…. But the number of people was still 1.

Uncle and Aunts were really gone….

His shoulder slumped and he could only walk out of the bathroom listlessly.

Ye Susu saw him come out, he was obviously not in a hot, his heart thumped and for the first time he touched his little belly.

Ye Xun’s eye were red.

“Stomach ache?”

Ye Susu really regrets that she did not communicate well with those mother cats at that time.

Ye Xun puffed out his cheeks and shook his head.

“So we’ll do our kindergarten homework first?”

Ye Susu looked at the task bar that had been updated after she received the child.

[Task 2: Help the cubs to finish their kindergarten homework and get a grade from the teacher: Good.]

[Good assessment: the teacher give the child a little safflower reward.]

[Task Reward (Cub raising value 1) will be issued after receiving the little safflower.]

[Task limit: 24 hours]

[Countdown begins.]

Her head couldn’t ache more.

Ye Susu now sees the countdown, it instinctively want to blow up.

But in front of the cub, she also has to maintain the elegance of big cats.

So hard oh.

When she thought of her 99th life, she didn’t even know what homework was and her heart was a little freaked out.

Ye Susu immediately was on strict alert.

Seeing her serious face, Ye Xun temporarily put aside the live aunt and uncle.

But remembering today’s homework his little expression quickly fell again.

Still, he made an effort to lift his head and the dull hair on his head cocked.

“I can do it on my own.”

Meaning, without mommy’s help.

Ye Susu grinned as soon as she heard it, this time hearing his answer sounded very pleasant.

She was glad that her cub do his own homework.


“No way.”

“Mommy wants to help.”

Ye Xun was stunned.

Next door, sitting in his study Li Yun who has watching the live broadcast of “beautiful girl” on the big computer screen while holding a signature pen with his slender fingers as it veins were protruding.

Hearing Ye Susu’s words his face was even more ugly.

This woman has no idea what it means to let of education and cultivate the independence of children from early age.

Regardless there were so many things she should interfere in.

This was obviously a deliberate show on her live stream.

Li Yun’s anger burned his heart.

And the next moment, he hear the low lackadaisical and timid voice of the child from the computer.

“The teacher said….today….en…make a toy by yourself and take it to kindergarten to share with everyone.”

Li Yun was stunned.

Hand work?

This was a parent-child game in which parents interact with their children.

He was busy opening the web and searching for “handmade toys.”

Before he saw the search results, Ye Susu’s voice on the computer comes out again.

“Toy, I can do this!”

Li Yun took the mouse to click the video when his gaze moved to the live window.

“Let’s see ah… child…yesterday’s cardboard box, well…if too many children plays together, that one will soon break…”

When Li Yun heard this, he couldn’t help but think of the bizarre action he saw of her as she furiously scratching the cardboard box in the corridor yesterday and immediately frowned.

He couldn’t stand to look at her.

“Ah, this one then! Another decompression artifact….”

Li Yun stared at the black screen as he listened to the unreliable and delicate voice which made him more annoyed.

He couldn’t see what she was going to do but he always had a bad feeling.

With that in mind, he dragged the web page and found a page that has small origami dinosaur and teaches how to make one. He opened the drawer, took out a stack of snow-white A4 paper and studies how to make it.


At dinner time, Li Yun reached up and pressed on his stiff neck. He looked up and finally gathered the 178th little dinosaur that could stand up on the next table neatly.

As if examining the army his face solemnly picked out the most majestic and powerful one from it, he nodded his head and his face finally eased.

Finally he was done.

He got up, meticulously unbuttoned his shirt cufflinks and put on his casual coat on the hanger. He tried to show a kind smile and was ready to knock on the door next door.

However the door opened before he could knock.

Ye Susu happened to walked out with a flushed and smiley face, as if she had just laughed happily.

But when she saw him, Ye Susu’s smile dissipated.

“Mr. Li what can I do for you?”

Just a moment ago he was ignoring her and now he wanted to associate himself with her.


Li Yun also didn’t want to communicate with her, he closed his thin lips before opening his mouth.

“Work related, it so happens that my colleagues gave me a small toy which is for children to play.”

As he spoke, his indifferent eyes pass through her to find the figure of the child in the room.

When he heard a banging sound came right from the inside of the room.

He saw little Ye Xun in the center of the room at a glance, he saw the little guy turn around when he heard the sound. His grape like black eyes were stained with bright stars, his small face powdered and the hair on his forehead was a little wet as if he had just exercised.

“Wow, child you knocked down three bottles. Meow meow sweater bowling, you got one more point than me!”

Ye Susu’s cheer sounded.

Ye Xun’s little face turned red, but a brighter light broke out in his small eyes as he lowered his head and the corner of his small mouth turned up faintly. It was a rare face that could not hide his little pride.

Li Yun looked over and soon saw three empty bottles of mineral water falling on the ground and a wool wrapped around Ye Xun’s finger…..dragging a round woolen ball….

“What is this? A dog?”

After praising the child Ye Susu looked back and saw the paper dinosaur in his hand and commented without hesitation.

“Man, it’s ugly.”

Li Yun: “!!!”

It’s a dinosaur!



Dusk was approaching as the sky was getting darker outside and the night gradually thickens.

There were many pedestrians hurrying on the road, heading for the subway and bus stops.

But there were also some people who were at the crossroads looking at the Meow Private Kitchen whose door was close.

“It’s 6:30 pm and still not open?”

“Ah, where’s is the boss lady living?”

“What’s going on? My overtime blood depends on the boss’s porridge!”

“Hey you guys really aren’t lying to me, is there really a budding girl opening a store? Where’s the girl? Where’s the store? This is not what we agreed!”


The author has something to say: That night a man studied the craft until late at night, until he ran out of A4 paper at home.

The misunderstanding of the ML was still reasonable, this shrimp also do not like to much to rely on the child to make money, if it is so hot small children.

The back, will be slapped in the face. Everyone rest assured that the heroine will not be aggrieved ah owooooo!


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