Chapter 53

Fu Shiyuan smiled and didn’t expect that she could really be so attentive, this person in front of him cut all her beautiful nails in order to practice the piano and right now she held up her bare hand and complained to him.

If Jayce knows about this he would definitely be touched since Jayce was a kid with heart.

Jian Ruixi on the other hand did not forget to report to her boss since this was also part of a noble’s wife responsibility, but of course she didn’t forget to show that she was a little distressed.

Right now she was so poor that she only has money and nothing else, and since Even did not accept her money and was helping as a friend, which she view as favor. Although she was embarrassed to admit, it’s better to ask help than embarrassed herself later.

Jian Ruixi blushed and asked.

“Will it embarrass you?”

Fu Shiyuan was in a good mood, with a smile under his eyes he looked at her. Jian Ruixi always felt that his smile has with deep meaning or perhaps he was joking with her though she don’t know exactly what he found funny while looking at her.

But it doesn’t matter if it makes Fu Shiyuan smile as long as it could solved the problem. Jian Ruixi was a little upset so she downplayed.

“Oh I heard that Even has been frequent contact with Royal Orchestra recently. I think he wants to have a collaboration with them, he will also go to London and other cities as part of his tour.”

“When the time comes, I’ll have someone introduce Even. Collaboration will not be a problem.”

The British Royal Orchestra sounded very high. Jian Ruixi looked at President Fu, he then said.

“Cooperation is no problem.”

His tone was as calm as if the Royal Orchestra was run by their family and he had the right to decide—Jian Ruixi almost asked but she soon remembered that although the British Royal Orchestra was not run by the Fu family it doesn’t mean they don’t have good relationship with the royal family.

According to the setting in the novel, these families that could be called rich families have some relations abroad. The families with the same strength of the protagonist were the “dominating party”.

For example, the Xi family have connections in the United States. And according to what Jian Ruixi heard, it was said that the Xi family secretly supports the two major political parties in short they were fishing on two lakes.

Several other families were not far behind, the influence of the male protagonist the Ye family in France cannot be underestimated so Ye Shao’s unique romance made him almost succeed in digging the corner of Xi Zong.

If he hadn’t take the initiative to retire naturally, Xi Zong and Madam Xi’s marriage would not be as smooth as it was now.

There were also their Fu family who look low-key in China who looked like they were only doing business and participating in politics. However it was rumored on the internet that the Fu family has a close relationship with the British royal family.

And that President Fu Shiyuan and Prince George’s sister were close friends, this was a fact. Two years ago Prince George’s sister Princess Mia got married, the Fu family were not only invited but Jayce even served as a flower boy.

However because Jayce’s information has not been released, domestics melon eating netizens did not know.

The relationship between President Fu and the royal family what else could she say?

Jian Ruixi could only be immersed in the happiness of being rich and willful. Conveniently President Fu would always let this trivial matter go as if he hold everything in the palm of his hands.

If she wanted to cheat she would have been found out in a minute (╯3╰)╭



When she went to pick up her son from her rich mother-in-law on Friday Jian Ruixi asked Old Madam Fu for a copy of Jayce’s audio and video files.

The actual purpose of her surprise was to keep it absolutely confidential so that the little one who would receive her gift would be especially surprise.

In entire Fu family she was most assured only at President Fu, he was worthy of trust.

Second when she first crossed over, she first mixed with President Fu for several days and then returned to Hong King City after getting familiar with and adapting to the environment.

Therefore she has a little “bond” with President Fu which was embodied in by subconsciously asking President Fu for help as soon as something happens.

Finally, President Fu was always a golden leg. If she had a chance to hold it she would hold it if has no chance to create opportunities.

And this time she had been very successful.

To sum up she was very comfortable with Fu Shiyuan to tell the whole the story of her plans, compare to her rich parent-in-law who were not obliged to keep it secret for her.

So when Old Madam Fu asked for the reason she had to say vaguely.

“Isn’t it Jayce’s birthday? I want to see if I can use these for a gift.”

Although there were still some time before the child’s birthday, it’s not surprising that Jian Ruixi wants to prepare in advance when she has the best relationship with him recently.

Old Madam Fu thought that Jian Ruixi wanted to edit it into slides as a birthday surprise. The creativity was not very original and there was an element of opportunism however it was better to have this idea than no intention at all.

She nodded her head with approval and told Sister Ying.

“Let someone prepare it, wait a minute.”

The last sentence was intended for Jian Ruixi.

Jian Ruixi was not in a hurry, she just contacted Even this afternoon and said he has time today so Jayce must be practicing piano upstairs again.

She has been practicing piano diligently these days, and feels that she was still good. For a moment she said.

“Take your time, don’t worry I’ll go up and practice piano with Jayce.”

Madam Fu wanted to tell her not to go up and make trouble, since the teacher was already teaching Jayce well but glancing at Jian Ruixi’s clean nails like a primary school students compared with the colorful manicures before, Old Madam Fu paused and waved her hand helplessly motioning her to go.

When Jane Ruixi arrived at the piano room, Jayce was sitting in front of the piano and listening to the teacher’s summary carefully, which also meant that today’s course was coming to an end.

Jane Ruixi wasn’t so polite and knocked on the door excitedly.

“Don’t hurry to finish class. I’m so serious about practicing the piano these days and also want to play a song with Jayce. Even, listen and tell who did well.”

Playing the piano against a six-year-old child, Jane Ruixi was not guilty at all. Who let the boy inherit his father’s IQ and learn everything at will?

If she cheated with her age, then he was cheating his IQ.

Anyway, Jane Ruixi justifiably sat next to Jayce not caring at all about the child’s confused face – only a week without seeing his mommy and she was secretly practicing piano, but also wanted to compare with him. What was going on?

Even couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth, but also vaguely understand Jian Ruixi’s intention and that was to practice with Jayce in a way that the child would not be too suspicious about.

As a partner in crime, he should still cooperate. Even looked at his student’s rare stunned little face and nodded in a serious manner,

“Okay, since I was away for two days visiting the capital let’s see the results of your piano practice.”

Jayce was really a perceptive child, as soon as he heard the teacher’s words, he caught the point and looked at Mommy,

“Mommy is also practicing piano with the teacher recently?”

“That’s right.”

Jian Ruixi adjusted her sitting position and replied casually,

“Is it strange?”

Jayce really felt that it was a bit strange. He was young and understood the truth that “there must be a demon when things go wrong”1.

If it had been in the past, he might have think carefully about, but now he has such good relationship with his mommy, and he also developed the habit of speaking up when he has doubts.

“I just feel it’s a little sudden.”

Jayce wouldn’t have thought that this has something to do with his birthday present. Even pursed his lips and wanted to help Jiane Ruixi turn redirect topic off.

But before he could say anything he heard Jian Ruixi say.

“What’s sudden? Mommy used to like the piano, but she’s lazy and doesn’t like practicing in the past two years. Recently, seeing you learn so seriously reminds me of the happiness of learning the piano before, and I want to practice playing piano with you again and with teacher Even.”

“Thank you mommy.”

Jayce’s delicate little face slowly revealed a joyful look, so Mommy was there to keep him company.

“This is what mommy should do.”

Jian Ruixi shamelessly accepted the children’s thanks and touched, and then began to fool around.

“Once I went to teacher Even’s company and found there are many brothers and sisters, they are not only beautiful, but also multi-talented. Playing with them is so interesting so Mommy now goes there to practice, and sometimes learn violin and flute with them, I will also take you there to play when you have time! Okay?”

Well, not only did she answer the question perfectly, but she was also able to take the birthday boy to their company openly, Madam Fu was much more powerful than he thought.

Even saw that the student had agreed with some anticipation and interrupted with a slight smile.

“Are you all ready? Let’s begin.”


“there must be a demon when things go wrong”1-it means that if there is something abnormal there must be something wrong, just like no matter how good a person was or no matter how smooth the wind is one must be careful not to get overwhelmed


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