Chapter 26(3)

Lin Xi was also Qin Jingrun’s assistant, although he does not know the exact relationship between Jiang Mian and Qin Jingrun but he could shallowly guess the relationship between the two.

“Don’t worry, I will never tell anyone.”

She held up her hand and swore that she signed a confidentiality agreement and would pay a large breach of contract it she went out and messed up the news about Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian: “What do you think our relationship is?”

Tang Anan’s head turned around then lowered her voice.

“Are you in a relationship with Brother Qin?”

She couldn’t really imagine anything other than romantic relationship.

Jiang Mian: “….”

She was a little depressed.

“Why would you think that?”

She looks quite similar to her film emperor father.

Tang Anan’s voice was filled with excitement.

“You and Brother Qin look alike, and when you’re standing together you two especially are well-matched. The typical husband and wife ah.”

Jiang Mian: “???”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

Same face husband and wife?

She stared at Tang Anan making Tang Anan scared.

“We look alike, so can’t you think of other reasons?”

Jiang Mian tried to guide her.

Tang Anan racked her brain to think of other reason and finally shook her head as if denying her inner thoughts.

Jiang Mian was about to say something when her phone rang, and the phone call was from her film emperor father.


In the elevator it was hard to talk but now that she was in the room and in her private space she naturally would not pretend anymore.

Tang Anan saw Jiang Mian on the phone with her father so she pulled her suitcase to the side and find something for herself to suppress the excitement within her heart.

–She felt excited to get a big secret and was partial to not being able to get this secret out.

She took out her phone quietly sent a message to her cousin Lin Xin.

[Brother, I already know the relationship between Mian Mian and Brother Qin, they really are sweet. This underground work is also very good so don’t worry I will never say anything!]

Lin Xin: “???”

Why does this sound a little off?



“Baby, did you get hurt?”

Qin Jingrun said.

“What’s your room number?”

“No, don’t worry dad.”

Jiang Mian then provided her room number.

“I’ll come over later.”

Jiang Mian just wanted to say no, there were too many people in the hotel and if her film emperor father come and find her…

But her film emperor father had already hung up the phone.

Within a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.

“It must be Brother Xie.”

Tang Anan said while going to open the door, once opened she saw Qin Jingrun’s perfect face.

She quickly reacted, like a qualified assistant of creating a safe dating conditions for her boss.

But the next second she hear—


Jiang Mian pulled Qin Jingrun into room.

“An An close the door quickly.”

Tang Anan closed the door in daze.

Oh yes, it is normal to call dad among couples.

“Let dad take a look.”

Qin Jingrun’s heart aches at the thought of his baby daughter being squeezed in the corner in a pitiful manner. Even though Jiang Mian just said on the phone that there was nothing wrong he still pulled Jiang Mian carefully to check and make sure she was okay before he put his heart down.

When he first came out he was hit many times even with many security guards and bodyguards what more his baby daughter.

“If I had known that you were staying at this hotel too, dad would have arranged it in advance.”

Qin Jingrun frowned.

Jiang Mian took his arms not wanting to worry her father again and smartly changed the subject.

“Dad why are you here?”

“I’m here to see a director.”

Qin Jingrun said.

“Do you know director Zhang Xingzhi?”

If Zhang Zhixin was the big man in the directing industry, Zhang Xingzhi was godfather.

Jiang Mian blankly shook her head, Qin Jingrun adored his daughter’s cute appearance and lightly touch the tip of his daughter’s nose.

“Director Zhang’s play is not bad, when Daddy go see him later you follow daddy.”

Since his baby girl wants to rely on herself then he would take this opportunity to pull resources for his baby daughter and then let her fight for herself.



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