ECM 49



Chapter 49

Smart phone haven’t been popularized yet, Cen Feng still uses the old keypad phone. The pixel was too low to shoot video so he borrowed the DV in the training room and uploaded it to the computer with the memory card after shooting and then transmitted it to the weibo.

The process was a little troublesome but since it was a graduation gift there was no reason to be perfunctory.

He hasn’t danced this seriously for a long time but the practice time of his two lives and the stage performance experience from his debut of his debut for years had made him able to complete the perfect performance easily.

Xu Zhaixing licks the screen crazily at the boy wearing a black T-shirt and hat in the video.

Still the original has really the feel!!! Exactly the same style!!! Even the little habitual movement were the same! That’s the performance! This was power! That little group in the middle of the day should take a good look at how her idol turned the practice room into a solo stage!

After watching the video over and over again for more than 20 times, Xu Zhaixing finally withdraw with satisfaction and was ready to leave her first comment.

The result was that when she open it, the comments were already several hundred?

–Crap, Zhongtia is still hiding such precious trainee?

–I declare that I am hi fan from today! What else are you chasing F-Fly? Isn’t it good to chase immortals?

–When is the debut? When will you start? When will you official show up?!

–Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what the hell is that his dancing? Is this the original version?

–@Zhongtian entertainment, hurry up and make his handsome boy debut!! I want to spend money!! I want to chase stars!!

–@Zhongtian Entertainment are you blind that you didn’t choose such amazing person into the group?

–If F-fly have such outstanding member, they would not be as bad as it is now.

–Upstairs it’s too much ah, if you want to praise people then just praise. Why step on my group?

–What do you mean stepping? Can’t you just tell the truth? Also, it’s not just your group, it’s my group too and they’re half dead, I’m worried for them!

–I never thought I would be charmed by a trainee who hasn’t even debuted yet. I’m back to catch up with the inner entertainment.

–Upstairs, let’s chase for internal entertainment! It’s too hard to catch up with Korean entertainment. Cen Feng, get out! We and our wallets are waiting for you!



Xu Zhaixing: “…..I can’t hide my baby anymore.”

The trainees of Zhongtain were basically related to each other, the nine members of F-Fly also pay attention to the trainees of the same the generation and so was their fan, who which followed the trail and of course discover Cen Feng. Some people after seeing his handsome avatar casually followed him.

Now the video was forwarded by few fans who were following him and all the other fans who were chasing the group saw it and flocked on it.

Xu Zhaixing flipped through the comments and saw that they were all compliments and was so proud of him that she excitedly joined the army of comments.

[Today was also a day of being charmed by the gods!]

As soon as she finished commenting, Xu Zhaixing’s phone rang. It was Cheng You who called, immediately after the call connected she heard Cheng You’s wild scream.

“My god, my idol so handsome! I totally understand you! I understand you! I totally understand you! I’m also willing to raise him! In the future we will be sister in arms who loves the same idol!!!”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”


It was clearly a graduation gift given to her by her idol but why does it feel that people all over the world have seen it,

Suddenly…she felt a little sour…

But thinking again, how could such beautiful video be enjoyed alone? Immortals should be praised by everyone! He was born to stand on the stage and be looked up to by everyone!

After Xu Zhaixing figured out the unsettling feeling she was become a lot more comfortable. She clicked on the video again and continued licking his face, as soon as she opened the video the phone vibrated once again. This time it was a message sent by her idol.

[Has the video been saved?]

Xu Zhaixing froze for a moment, although she didn’t know why her idol asked her this question she hurriedly saved the video and returned to him.


Then after refreshing the page again, the video was gone.

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Her idol deleted the video!!!

Was it because he was too shy with the all the comments being forwarded??? Heavens he was so cute!!! What arrogant, cold and lovely child was this!!!

Xu Zhaixing looked at the video she saved and showed a satisfied aunt smile.

Cen Feng did delete the video because of too many comments but not because of shyness.

He didn’t pay much attention about this after all almost all his fans were zombie fans bought by the company and usually don’t use his account. He didn’t expect that a video would attract so much heat and also @ the Zhongtian Entertainment.

It was against his original intention so naturally he deleted the matter.

Poor Zhongtian Entertainment official site received hundreds of @, they opened it with interest and found nothing.

As soon as he deleted the video the home page was empty again. The netizens who was stolen by him had no option to leave a comments so they had to send private message one after another to ask him why he deleted his video and when would make his debut.

Cen Feng took a casual glance before closing weibo.

The netizens who were star struck with the performance haven’t save the video and could only watch the video disappear and told a tale to their fellow sisters what they missed to see.

[Really! Really handsome! Trust me!]

[Sister: No picture! No JB!]1

Xu Zhaixing was the only one who had the immortal’s video and became the ultimate winner in life.

After the college entrance examination, she could finally enjoy the summer vacation that she didn’t enjoy in the past. At the end of the month the college entrance examination results came out, Xu Zhaixing went to the long line with more than 600 high score and the whole family was jubilant.

In a few days would be her birthday, after this birthday she would be 18 years old girl.

Father Xu and Mother Xu gave her a coming-of-age party at home and invited a lot of her classmates and friends. Xu Yan also came and brought Zhao Jinjin who should have been filming in the drama.

An eighteen year old who doesn’t have to carry the weight anymore.

She finally has a bright future to look forward to.

The birthday song was sung, the birthday cake was cut and the wish of turning eighteen as an adult was made.

She hope all was well with her loved ones.

She hope all was well with those who love her.

The party lasted until early hours of the morning, Xu Zhaixing let the driver send Cheng You home safely and the others one by one. As for Zhou Mingyu and his minions, as she still adhere to the identity of the owner she also sent them one by one outside the community.

Zhao Jinjin has to shoot a movie the next day and left plane overnight, Xu Yan sent her to the airport.

When she returned home, her nanny and Mother Xu were already tidying up the living room while Father Xu was standing by the stairs on the second floor watcher her enter and waving at her with a smile.

“Zhaixing, come to the study.”

Xu Zhaixing ran upstairs with cheerful little steps and when she entered the study, Father Xu was sitting in front of the computer looking at the screen with a pleased face.

She walked over and looked at the computer screen which showed news related to Chenxing.

Xu Zhaixing said curiously.

“Dad, what are you looking at?”

Father Xu looked at her slowly and said.

“Look at my daughter’s achievements.”


Xu Zhaixing was startled.

Father Xu looked at her expression and chuckled as he shook his head.

“Xu Yan told me, Chenxing is the result of your joint efforts with him. Alas, unexpectedly I Xu Zhiyong have been ordinary all my life but gave birth to such a powerful daughter.”

Xu Zhaixing contradicted.

“Dad, what are you talking about? How are you ordinary? If you call yourself ordinary, how can you let ordinary people live? People should be satisfied! Do you know how to be content with what you have?”

Father Xu was educated by her again and made him laugh. After laughing he took the document out of the drawer and handed it to her, he said mysteriously.

“Yes, by the way here daddy prepared an adult gift for you see if you like it.”

Xu Zhaixing curiously took the document, turned it over and froze in place.

It was the share transfer contract of Chenxing.

Father Xu transferred 51% of his shared in Chenxing to Xu Zhaixing. In other words Xu Zhaixing was no the boss of Chenxing and the chairman holding the highest share than Xu Yan.

No wonder everyone gave her gifts but her dad didn’t say anything, so he was waiting here!

Xu Zhaixing was in complicated mood for a while surging on myriad of emotions, it took her a while before she could talk.

Father Xu sighed as he stroke her head.

“Xu Yan said you have a dream of creating an entertainment empire, daddy is stupid and can only build houses and engage in media. The dream you want, you have to build it yourself, daddy can only send you here.”

As soon as the voice fell, his baby daughter burst into tears as she flung into his arms sobbing.

Father Xu couldn’t help but have red eyes for a moment, patting her back unable to say anything.

After a while he hear Xu Zhaixing said while choking,

“Dad you can only build a house and engage in media, just say it in front of him but don’t say it outside. The housed you built now has a five-fold increase in land and the media you started is now number one video platform in the country in terms of traffic.”

Father Xu: “….”

Xu Zhaixing rubber her tears on her father’s shoulder, smelling the reassuring familiar smell of her father. The image of her father lying on the bed floating inside her head has gradually blurred.

She hugged father Xu’s face and gave him a peck on his rough cheek.

“Dad, you’re so nice. I love you.”

Chinese parents were always unaccustomed to this straightforward expression of affection and intimacy, with disgusted face he pulled Xu Zhaixing away.

“Hey, this girl, she can talk sweet words. Well go back to bed, I’ll hand over the rest with Xu Yan. You’re going to college in City B, it’s also convenient to take care of the company there. go and dad will always be you backing.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded happily and went back to her room with the document in her arms. While lying on her bed reading the contract, Xu Yan called. As soon as he got through a hint of happiness could be heard as he said.

“Chairwoman. Xu have you got the share transfer document?”

Xu Zhaixing was still embarrassed.

“Got it, eh brother don’t call me like that I’m not used to it.”

Xu Yan: “If you hear it all time you’ll get used to it.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Xu Yan was in a good mood after teasing her, and asked with a smile.

“When you are coming to B city?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“Wait until the notice arrives.”

She applied in Media University at B City, with her score she should have no problem. Although she loves designing, after all, she has already studied it for four years in her last life so of course she should try a different profession this time. And in the future, it was more appropriate to manage Chenxing and learn some professional knowledge.

Xu Yan asked.

“When the time comes, will you live on campus or outside? If you live outside I will find a house for you in advance.”

Xu Zhaixing thought about what she would be doing in the next few years, and estimated that she would often outside the campus so she immediately said.

“Find me a house, it should be close to the company and school.”

Xu Yan paused before he answered with a smile.

“Chairwoman Xu I look forward to building an entertainment empire with you.”

Xu Zhaixing: “If you keep calling me that, I’ll fire you!”

Xu Yan: “Heh…”


[Sister: No picture! No JB!]1


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