Chapter 60

Xu Yanwen said.

“Today is your first day of work, celebrate.”

Xue Jiayue raised her eyes to look at him, thinking that he still remember this thing. Since the two of them quarreled a few days ago he did not say a word to her and every day he was busy with work.

He would leave early in the morning and arrive late at night, the two did not see each other so she did know if he really was busy with work or not. Because she feel like he was deliberately avoiding her and not wanting to see her!

But now he says it was specially to celebrate her first day at work, he even specially ordered takeout and it was all her favorite dishes.

This made her wonder what to say.

“How did you feel on your first day at work?”

Fortunately Xu Yanwen did not give her a hard time and automatically changed the topic asking about her first day at work.

“It was okay.”

“Do you get along with your colleagues?”

Xu Yanwen asked again.

Xue Jiayue wanted to say that she get along with them but then remembered Lu Xiaoyu and couldn’t help but frown a little.

Xu Yanwen also saw the change in her expression and asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Xue Jiayue took a look at Xu Yanwen and that incident came to mind. That incident was actually a little related to Xu Yanwen, she hesitated before she shook her head and said.

“It’s okay, just met three or four colleagues today. The others I haven’t meet them yet, I need to know them more before I could know.”

This reason was indeed plausible, it was her first day of work so it was not possible to recognized all colleagues and have good impressions.

It was necessary to have more contact to know what the other person’s character and attitude was. Xu Yanwen didn’t think much about it when he saw Xue Jiayue didn’t say anything else, he just said.

“If you don’t like your work, remember to come to me and say it.”

Xue Jiayue smiled.

“I’m all grown up, yet you still see me as a child. I can handle the work.”

Xu Yanwen said frankly,

“You’re so honest that you don’t know if you’ve been bullied.”

Xue Jiayue pouted as she said in defiance.

“No, I’m not!”


Xu Yanwen wanted to say ‘you easily trust people’ but then remembered the day when he as very worried that he would be cheated. His tone was little heavy and did not take into account her feelings of doing good deeds but also criticized her so she felt aggrieved and the result the two of them quarreled over it.

Later he had someone to investigate and today the news came over, confirming that the girl was not a liar and was really very poor, and her father was really a scum. He knew that he was thinking too much.

He did not handle it well at that time, if the tone of his voice was a little softer and had a different approach of telling her they would not have ended with the unpleasant quarrel.

“I what?”

Xue Jiayue heard him speak halfway and couldn’t help but asked him.

Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said lightly.

“Nothing more, eat.”

Xue Jiayue felt hat he had something to hide from her but he did not say, she could not force him to say it so she just picked up her chopsticks and ate.


Linda took the subway to her uncle’s house after work.

Her uncle was Professor Han of the University of H, he was also Xu Yanwen’s college professor.

She graduated from college and was able to apply for a job at the Xu Group and was assigned to work as a secretary next to Xu Yanwen was because of Professor Han’s big help.

In this world, there were great difference between people just like how many different kind of rice feeds thousands if not millions of people. Even if they were close brothers with different experience the final development may not be the same.

More than twenty years ago, Uncle Professor Han was able to study with good grades was because the Han family gave all their efforts to support him in high school, college and finally stayed in the university as a lecturer.

With his skills he was promoted to associate professor to professor then married the principal’s daughter. He had leap to many levels, out of the identity of a farmer he became the famous H University Professor Han with variety of subsidies, living in a garden house and living a rich man’s life.

Linda’s father who couldn’t study when he was young went out to work early. First he became an apprentice in the factory and later he married his master’s daughter.

Although they were hardworking and won the certificate of excellent worker they didn’t earn much money. Up to now, the combined monthly salary of the two people was only more than 10000 which was not enough for a father to buy his daughter a bag.

Two blood brothers, but the gap was so big. One reads well and becomes successful while the other works as a worker all his life but was still poor.

Linda’s heart was jealous especially when she saw Professor Han’s daughter Han Yahui. The huge gap made her heart extremely jealous.

She often thought that so what if she was a professor’s daughter, she was still stupid and not as good as her in school she was not even as good-looking as her!

But this cousin of hers still has a professor father who could buy famous brand bags, study abroad have rich boyfriends, go wherever she wants, buy whatever she wants and live a rich life she wants every day!

And what about her? From childhood to adulthood she could only chase her cousin with envious eyes—envious to her beautiful dress, envious to her designer bags, envious to her rich boyfriend, envious to her ability to live the life she wanted.

But she won’t be envious all the time!

She must also let herself live the life she wants and chase her dreams, there’s nothing wrong with that!

When she finally arrived at Professor Han’s garden house she rang the doorbell at the door and the maid, Xiao Mei came over to open the door.

Linda glance over and asked Xiao Mei.

“Is uncle at home?”

Xiao Mei raised her finger and pointed to the study on the second floor.

“Professor Han is in the study.”

Linda then said.

“Then I’ll go to the study and find uncle.”

“Linda’s here, huh?”

Linda had just walked into the house when her aunt Jiang Bihua came down from upstairs.

Jiang Bihua, her eyes inevitably reveal a faint disgust. Even if she had hidden it on the surface it always shows on her face on how she disliked Linda.

After all she was from a poor family who only went to her house to mix with them.

Linda also knows Jiang Bihua’s feelings toward her, but she doesn’t care after all she was nothing but just someone she called “aunt”. Jiang Bihua walked upstairs and said.

“I’ll go upstairs to find your uncle.”

Jiang Bihua glanced at Linda’s figure as she went upstairs and an even disgusted look could be seen in her eyes. She pursed her lips as she said.

“I wonder what she came to beg Old Han for again? She’s annoying as fly, I can’t shake her off!”

Linda did come to ask Professor Han for help, she was about to finish her probation and whether she could stay in Xu Group and work beside Xu Yanwen, everything was still unknown.

She thinks she has done a good job but there were some things she couldn’t succeed just by doing well, she doesn’t want to sit on her hands so she came here today to ask help from Professor Han.

After all Professor Han was Xu Yanwen’s college teacher, as long as he was willing to open his mouth to Xu Yanwen, Xu Yanwen would not refused him just like how she applied for a job in Xu Group.

In the study Linda saw Professor Han and said pitifully.

“Uncle, my probation period is coming to an end. As you know the assessment of Xu’s employment is very strict and the competition is very fierce. It has something to do with my fellow employees, no matter how well I do I’m not as good as others. I’m afraid I’ll be squeezed by them, can you tell President Xu and keep me?”

Professor Han always remember that when he was studying, his family has no money to support him so it was his brother, that was Linda’s father who went to work to earn money for his tuition.

He always liked Linda, his niece, she was intelligent and well behaved not to mention more obedient than his daughter Han Yahui. So when Linda needs anything, as long as he could help he was willing to help.

Now Linda came to him to beg and ask to tell Xu Yanwen to accommodate and keep her working at Xu’s.

Professor Han thought for a while, this favor was not hard nor easy to fulfill after all it all depends on Xu Yanwen’s attitude as long as Xu Yanwen was willing to sell his face as a teacher a nod of a word would be done.

“I can go talk to him about it.”

Professor Han agreed.

Linda’s heart glowed with joy.

“Thank you Uncle.”

Professor Han looked at her and said.

“Bu there is one thing I want to emphasize, I’ll be the same as them but the most important thing is you’re practical and capable. If you do well others will look at you and won’t ignore your achievements.”

Linda was busy nodding her head with a serious look.

“I know uncle, I will do a good job.”

“Then I’ll make an appointment in the next two days, and invite him out for a dinner to ask him about this matter in person.”

Professor Han paused for a moment after he finished saying this he then added to Linda.

“You come along then.”

Linda couldn’t wait for that to happen and hurriedly said.

“Yes, Uncle.”

After talking things over with Professor Han, Linda got up to say goodbye but Professor Han stopped her.

“Have dinner before you go.”

Linda declined and said.

“No, I’m not eating. I have an appointment with a colleague maybe next time.”

Professor Hand then said yes and got up to see her out.

Linda walked downstairs and ran into her aunt, Jiang Bihua and her cousin Han Yahui again.

Seeing that Professor Han was also there, Jiang Bihua said with a smile.

“You stay and eat before you leave.”

Linda then said what she said to Professor Han again.

“No, Auntie, I have an appointment with a colleague so I’ll leave first.”

Jiang Bihua then did not stay any longer and watched Professor Han send Linda out.

Han Yahui pulled Jiang Bihua’s sleeve and said disgustedly.

“What is she doing in our house again?”

Jiang Bihua glanced towards the door.

“I don’t know, you’ll ask your father later.”

Han Yahui understood.

“I’ll go ask dad later!”

“Good girl!”

Jiang Bihua reached out and touched Han Yuhui’s head.

Linda came out of Professor Han’s house, and recalled what Han Yauhui was just wearing. It was from that new Xiangjias style, and couldn’t help but feel envy, jealousy and injustice intertwined in her heart.

She clenched her hand hanging at her side and thought hatefully. They just wait, one day she would make Jiang Bihua and Yan Yuhui embarrassed themselves just to please her!



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