Chapter 170

After coming out from the set, Fu Zhen followed Jiang Hengshu to Jiang’s mansion to see Cocoa. However he did not expect to see Fu Jiangchen in Jiang’s mansion.

Although Fu Jiangchen came to the Jiang family to see Jiang Fu but what he wanted to see more was Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen was the child he raised, he was only twenty-three years old this year yet he was still so small. Fu Jianchen always thought he was a child, but this child now has a child of his own.

When he came to see Jiang Fu at the Jiang’s, he would always remember of Fu Zhen when he was still a baby babbling in his arms, at that time his everything would always melt on the sight of his precious child.

But such a scene would never be seen again.

Fu Zhen froze for a long time, he looked back at Jiang Hengshu. Did they go to the wrong place? But this was in the Jiang family’s mansion.

Fu Jianchen also saw Fu Zhen, he looked at him for a long time before dropping his sight and slowly said.

“I will leave immediately.”

He walked past Fu Zhen paused slightly and glanced sideways at Fu Zhen, finally said nothing and just left the Jiang family.

Fu Zhen turned to looked at Fu Jianchen’s distant back and did not move as his mind was in chaos. Some memories long ago came back in at a certain moment; good, bad, sad and happy—all of them.

Fu Jianchen was a little order than the last time he saw him, Fu Zhen’s lips moved but he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to say until Fu Jianchen disappeared completely from his sight.

“What’s wrong?”

Jiang Hengshu came over and asked him.

He shook his head and turned around,

“It’s nothing.”

Madam Jiang came over and explained.

“Mr. Fu came over today to see Cocoa if you don’t want him to come, we won’t let him come in the future.”

Fu Zhen squeezed out a smile to Madam Jiang, shook his head and said.

“It’s okay.”

After having their dinner in the Jiang family and were ready to leave Elder Jiang was still holding Cocoa and said.

“Cocoa remember to think of grandpa and video with grandpa after you go back….”

After Elder Jiang had spoken for a while, his eyes were actually flooded with tears.

Older people were more lonely as they aged and since their children were not always by their side, grandchildren make their lives a little more vibrant.

And so was Elder Jiang and Fu Jianchen but the child in Fu Jianchen’s heart was still Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen originally intended to take Cocoa today but seeing Elder Jiang’s appearance it was a bit unbearable. After thinking about it he turned to Jiang Hengshu and said.

“Let Cocoa stay here for two more days.”

Jiang Hengshu had no objection to this, they wanted Cocoa to come to the Jiang family for a visit so it was not too much trouble.

“You said it.”

Finally Cocoa continued to live in the Jiang family, and so Grandfather Jiang also did not go out with his old friends for fishing and chess.

He enjoyed his time with hid grandchild at home all day, life was very happy. Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu would also go back to the Jiang mansion for a few days.

The filming of White Castle went very well, and after crossing the big ditch of Gao Tian’s acting skills, the road ahead was smooth and easy to ride.

October 24th was Jiang Hengshu’s birthday, Fu Zhen was busy making movie during this time. His personal work and rest time was watched by Jiang Hengshu so he couldn’t get those creative gifts.

Finally he could only give Jiang Hengshu a Patek Philippe star watch.

This day Fu Zhen gave the crew a day off so he and Jiang Hengshu also went out to have a good time.

While eating outside they were photographed by a paparazzi.

However because that restaurant was not a couple’s restaurant so just like before it did not make too much noise.

Netizens do not know Jiang Hengshu’s birthday since the birthday written on Baidu encyclopedia was different so they couldn’t think that Fu Zhen was actually celebrating Jiang Hengshu’s birthday.

After all what was wrong with people having dinner with their good friends? What was on the paparazzi’s head? It was not like they saw picture of the two people doing something inappropriate!

It’s just that Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen shared the same frame more and more, and CP powder followed the growth. As soon as there were more people it’s difficult to manage them that some would go and blatantly post how cute they were.

Netizens on the other hand blamed them one after another saying if they ever thought about Mrs. Jiangs’ feelings? And have they every thought about Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen’s feelings?

And even accused them of high in drugs and told them to dare and come out!

These individuals CP fans were mobbed by the netizens and soon disappeared under the comments.

Fu Zhen was too busy these days, and doesn’t have time to pay attention to online gossips. When he came out of the bathroom after taking a bath he saw a green cheongsam on their bedroom bed.

Fu Zhen narrowed his eyes and thought for a while.

This man is so greedy ah, more than two million watch is not enough and wanted me to wear cheongsam.

He rubbed his somewhat hot face, took the cheongsam up and measured it on his own body.

It should fit, but where did Jiang Hengshu go?



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  3. “As soon as there were more people it’s difficult to manage them that some would go and blatantly post how cute they were”
    I hate these kinds of people. I mean they are actually together, but you guys don’t think they are. They never take the people’s feelings into consideration and treat them as if they were not people and were characters in a show made for their entertainment and amusement.

    “Netizens on the other hand blamed them one after another saying if they ever thought about Mrs. Jiangs’ feelings? And have they every thought about Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen’s feelings?”
    Good on you guys for having common sense.


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