Chapter 169

Most of the scenes that needs to be shot for “White Castle” were outdoor scenes, only the castle and the seven doors were filmed inside.

Just in time for the rain these days, Fu Zhen stopped the outdoor shooting and switched to indoor shooting.

He looked at Gao Tian in the camera and sighed silently, Gao Tian was really good-looking. She was wearing a white gauze fishtail cheongsam with exquisite makeup on her face.

Her blond curls hung from her temple and her green eyes with beautiful pupils looked like gemstones.

It’s the acting that’s really killing her, she knows her shortcomings so now she doesn’t just pout on the camera while she was acting but the whole person was now instead looked wooden.

They only need take five better photos but the person looked like a robot while on the camera that it was impossible for him to watch her continue.

After two shots, Fu Zhen looked Zhou Wenliang sitting next to him.

“Mr. Zhou you help her.”

Zhou Wenliang originally also has this intention, Fu Zhen told him and He Ming before that several new actors in the crew had no experience and might need their help to teach them.

Chen Meng had been led by the He Ming before and now it was his turn, Zhou Wenliang asked Fu Zhen.

“Do I have double salary for this?”

Fu Zhen readily replied.

“Double, I will also invite you to a dinner.”

If he can teach Gao Tian, three times will do.

Zhou Wenliang walked towards Gao Tian, in the past when Gao Tian was filming the director almost gave her an ok as long as it was passable however it was different here, if she didn’t shoot well she need to take the scene again and again.

“Look at me, look at me.”

Zhou Wenliang pointed at himself and said to Gao Tian.

He lay down on the chaise longue, folded his legs together and his right elbow was propped up on the pillow while his left hand holding a white feather fan gently fanning as he looked the direction of the door and his eyes flowing with seduction yet with innocence.

Although Zhou Wenliang was a big man but at this moment his performance could make people forget his gender.

Fu Zhen smiled, Zhou Wenliang was worthy of being a Ph.D. He heard that his teachers wanted him to stay in school to teach, but he refused the teacher’s invitation in order to pursue his dream.

Zhou Wenliang got up from the chaise longue and said to Gao Tian.

“You do it.”

Gao Tian just observed it very carefully, she was now lying on the chaise longue and her actions was the same as what Zhou Wenliang just did.

But she was still a little stiff, she copied Zhou Wenliang without the charm as the whole person was still slightly stiff.

“Relax a little bit, feel the feeling you had when you got up in the morning. Lower your left hand, raised your chin a little bit more.”

Zhou Wenliang instructed Gao Tian on the sidelines until her posture was exactly as he wanted.

“Now don’t move your hear, look at this direction with your eyes. Imagine there are two cats playing here.”

The corner of Gao Tian’s mouth couldn’t help but turn upward a bit.

“Yes, yes, that’s the state. Make sure to keep it good.”

Zhou Wenliang turned his head to Fu Zhen and smiled, signaling that he could start shooting.



“You have to behave seductively, have you seen director Xu’s Green Snake?”

Gao Tian nodded, Zhou Wenliang then directly fell on the ground. He supported his whole body with his elbow and slowly crawled forward, his movement were enchanting and surprisingly there was a feeling of softness and boundlessness.

The whole crew was immersed in laughter, Fu Zhen said quietly to the photographer on the side.

“Take this part down.”

The photographer made an OK gesture.

With the help of Zhou Wenliang, Gao Tian’s scene today was finally a successful shot.

After it was over, Fu Zhen gave a thumbs up to Zhou Wenliang.

“It’s a waste of talent for you not to be a teacher.”

Zhou Wenliang shook his head.

“I still prefer filming than being a teacher.”

Fu Zhen smiled and said to Zhou Wenliang that he would definitely take more and more plays in the future.

Zhou Wenliang nodded.

“I believe it too.”

“Director Fu ah, how did you and Mr. Jiang meet?”

When Fu Zhen was about to leave the set, Gao Tian curiously came over to inquire.

“We, ah, we once moved bricks together in the construction site, considered a workmate.”

This was said like a joke but it was also the truth.

Gao Tian did not believe this, who was Jiang Hengshu? How could he go to the construction site to move bricks?

Gao Tian smiled and said.

“Director Fu, you really can joke ah.”

Fu Zhen also did not explain, so she thought it was really a joke. And it was no big deal for her too if Fu Zhen refused to tell the truth.

Jiang Hengshu today as usual was in the car outside the set waiting for Fu Zhen out, to come and pick him up and go home.

Gao Tiang came out to sneak a look, these days she found that Jianng Hengshu and Fu Zhen’s relationship was a little better than she thought.

She thought she had the opportunity to see Jiang Hengshu bringing Mrs. Jiang and see what kind of beauty Mrs. Jiang was. Unfortunately Mrs. Jiang never appeared in the crew.

Jiang Hengshu protects his wife really well.

Gao Tian shook her head and sighed gently, it really had nothing to do with her and just let the idea pass.

She instead thought of her performance in the crew today, she couldn’t help but feeling a little more fulfilled. She began to believe that she would be very good-looking in Fu Zhen’s lens.



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