Chapter 58

After Jiang Liangchan sent the letter out, and observed for several days but did not see Hua Shan finding Chen Fang.

As for Chen Fang, he has recently been busy training Jiang Yungting so he did not go to her…bar.

She didn’t notice during the day but she don’t know at night.

But it also feels unlikely.

Jiang Liangchan was holding her cheeks while squatting as she watched Jiang Yunting’s training.

What a bad luck.

This year’s male lead and his white moonlight’s attitude towards their happy ending were relatively slacking.

But she was supposed to survive in danger against the odds so she guess it’s normal to have this kind of encounter.

She really has bad luck, right now all she could was make more effort so that she would have chance to survive.

It’s okay, hold on me we can still win.

If one letter does not work, then two letters but if two letter still does not work then three letters.

Tomorrow she would write another letter and have it sent to Hua Shan.

She needs to learn to be strong.

Jiang Liangchan’s heart that lose hope was now enlightened.

However after this matter was solved another matter came to mind.

She also needs to worry about that.

First of all, here’s what happened.

During this period of time, Jiang Liangchan went to several gatherings in the capital’s noblewomen circle.

This kind of things, with her nerdy personality she herself would not want to go after all most of the people inside were people she did not know and also afraid to interact with in case she may reveal her secrets.

But there were some she just couldn’t push off or ignore.

So Jiang Liangchan had no choice but to brace herself,  fortunately on public occasions such as what she was right now every must show their business like smiles and politely greet each other.

Those who have good relationship were closer, Jiang Liangchan who knows everyone for the first time focuses on eating.

After attending three parties she brought back a total of five recipes, and the Jiang House kitchen has successfully tried out four of them and renovated three new ones.

Two of them won the unanimous praise of the three masters of the Jiang Family and became one of the reserved recipes on the menu of the Jiang House this season.

These were not important. The only things that makes Jiang Liangchan suffers with was that every time the she attended the party she needs to add a little gimmick.

Previously it was ice cuju but recently the day was getting colder and colder, and the noble girls were getting less and less active so it was changed from martial arts test to literary test.

Comparing to piano, chess, poetry, time and time again Jiang Liangchan wisely chose the way of vegetarian chickens who looked more confused than her and smoothly went through it.

As a salted fish, she was satisfied with herself.

But the problem was even if she was satisfied someone always wants to find something that could make her unhappy.

Jiang Liangchan was originally arrogant and brutal not to mention she was also an idiot even though she was beautiful and high profile many people disliked her.

There were those who feel that they looked more beautiful than her and want to compete for the title of the most beautiful lady in the capital.

There were those who feel they have more talent than her.

That even when they simply look at her they would get annoyed.

In short each one of them wants to overpower her.

After winning these people began to turn in front of her, intentionally or unintentionally and unfurl their victory feathers at her.

Including Song Xinrui.

Jiang Liangchan found that Song Xinrui’s mentality was really mystical.

She kept thinking about the day she met Jiang Liangchan in front of the garden and always felt she had lost face that day and wanted to get back at her.

But she was afraid that Jiang Liangchan would expose the events that day in the public if she blatantly targeting Jiang Liangchan.

She was both jealous and envious of her, she wanted to overpower her and earn back her face for that day.

So even though she feared her for what happened that day, the resentment and depression she experience overpowers her.

So hidden under the amiable smile there were many calculations she had devised.

This makes Jiang Liangchan feel a little annoyed.

She has compared all of them, these noble women were in reality were hardly mentioned in the plot.

Everyone was an 18 line supporting actor without a part to play so there was nothing to fight for.

There was not even a paragraph written about them in the story, and even if they fight now it would not be included in the main act so why bother to argue?

Although Jiang Lianchan shouldn’t worry about it after all she really didn’t want to see a circle of peacocks showing their victory feathers to her after every competition.

However there was a new party tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

And it was to compare paintings.

Jiang Liangchan sighed heavily.

Jiang Yunting who had just made a wrong move heard this sigh, his face stiffened and he carefully glanced at her.

Because he was distracted he didn’t escape Chen Fang’s next move.

Immediately afterwards his arm felt burst of pain and the long stick in his hand flew straight out and smashed into Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Yunting’s eyes widened followed by a quick dash towards Jiang Liangchan.

But he couldn’t catch up fast enough.

The long stick was just about to hit Jiang Liangchan when another long stick was thrown over diagonally smashing that one down.

The long sticks overlapped and fell in front of Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Yunting was relieved and ran towards Jiang Liangchan.

“Sister are you hurt? Sorry, it’s all my fault.”

This accident startled everyone in the courtyard, especially Jiang Liangchan’s servant girls who panicked and surrounded her quickly.

Chen Fang stood outside the crowd.

That long stick just now that knocked the other long stick, except for him no one hare has such a fast reaction speed and accuracy.

It’s just…

He looked down at his hands.

It was so baffling.

Just now when the stick was about to hit Jiang Liangchan she looked frightened but she sat still and didn’t move, he saw it.

Her little shoulders scrunched up in fear.

In that instant his heart felt a sudden pang of discomfort.

By the time Chen Fang came over, he hear Jiang Liangchan shouting in the crowd with a loud voice.

“Work injury! I am now suffering from work injury. I solemnly declare that I won’t go to tomorrow’s party.”

Jiang Yunting had already stood up after checking for any injuries and was sure she was not hurt at all.

“Where are you hurt? You are still flinging that arm around nimbly.”

Jiang Liangchan was unfazed.

“The killing energy of the stick swept me and I couldn’t draw.”

Jiang Yunting: “…..”

Jiang Liangchan was still not backing donw: “I’m still in shock.”

Jiang Yunting: “….”

Jiang Liangchan perked up. “The muse of my soul has retreated.”

Jiang Yunting: “….”

Jiang Liangchan continues her statement.

“The source of my wisdom has been cut off.”

Jiang Yunting: “….”

Jiang Yunting began to reflect seriously.

Why did that stick not hit her jus now?

Is it too late for me to pick it up and throw it again?

Just as Liangchan’s voice grew louder and louder a faint voice sounded and interrupted her.

Chen Fang stood not far away holding his arms while looking at her, asking.

“What painting?”



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